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Cancer Monthly Love Reading


Now ima be honest Cancers I'm not featuring y’all its three Cancers that be keeping up a lot shit and they really been rocking the collective with their emotional misfits. But I know it isn't the collective but boy some bad behavior will make you be like I will skip out on the whole reading. Somebody been holding onto a lot things and it’s bringing them a lot of pain. It's time for them to get the ball rolling and if they don’t, they maybe spiritually pushed. Your solar plexus maybe blocked so check your weight during this time for gaining or increasing weight. For some of y’all somebody is pregnant and don’t want to accept it maybe you don’t like your baby daddy or your baby daddy don’t like you. I'm here to tell you that it be like that sometimes.

Regardless of how you feel that child still needs to be taken care of whether you to on the same page or not. And when I say taken care I'm also talking about emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially, and physically. That’s the goal you to should be on all that fucking, laying up, arguing, and cursing each other out played out. Do right by your kids and get the hell on and if not just gone get the courts involved and call it a day. Now if you know your baby daddy ain’t gone no job, stable, or got his head on swivel child support will do you no justice. And to you get back queens this will only harden the relationship with the child. Don’t beg nobody to take care of they child. Just go get another baby daddy or baby mama to help you. LMMFAO! And to you women who like to throw babies off on niggas knowing it aint theirs we aint talking to you.

I heard something is about to pop, I don’t know if this is someone going into labor, the tension building, or someone been having boils outbreak. Baby your body ain’t been getting rid of toxins the way it is supposed to. Didn’t I just say your solar plexus is blocked that has something to do with your liver, intestines, and kidneys. Go to the doctor I ain’t one. Someone has been having too much sex to substitute the pain they been feeling, whoever this is they soul is tired. I heard they almost this close to calling out to God or whatever you believe in. Either somebody gamble too much, drink too much, smoke too much, and be in them strip clubs too much. Whoever this is they avoiding something and spirit told me to tell you that it ain’t your job to go off and say something.

It's time to put them kids on a schedule so you won’t be so stressed out and feeling like you barely making it in to work in the morning. I keep hearing Eddie Murphy Party All The Time. If you getting old you need to tell your friends I can’t hang like that I got shit to do in the morning. So, you want be so groggy and drinking that coffee like that to function in the morning. You know what needs to be healed internally but you keep avoiding it. This is gone make you a few things either moody, hard to deal with, or depressed. This isn’t healthy at all because it's making you seek solace in the wrong things. Did I say someone is having too much sex and meaningless sex at that, like when do you have time to recoup.

It's time to get focused on the things you want, need, and are. Like affirmations maybe very powerful for you at the moment it’s time to do some criss cross applesauce sitting and have some coming to Jesus moments. For those of y’all that’s new a coming Jesus moment is where you continuously lie to God and the universe saying you want to change when you are not going to. But the good thing about it you said it out loud so one day those thoughts you said out loud may register back one day. Someone thinks someone is downright clingy and needy! Ouch, that’s rude. I heard for some of y’all that you should work on emotional expression because somebody is seeking affection. Are they clingy because you are going through something and they problems don’t interest you at the moment?

If so, communication works perfectly saying not right now and if not right now is always. Then don’t get mad when they find another outlet that isn't you. It takes two to make a relationship work so boundaries, dates, and working on teamwork skills. For other of you this isn't your person or you aren't there's and this is a harsh reality. Somebody gets mad at their partner and likes to talk big shit about them behind their back. The old me would embarrass the shit out of us in front of our friends just to show them how fucked up a person I am. The mature me sees how I just kept proving them right, damn I couldn’t see that shit back then. I was 20 leave me alone.

But this person who talks shit makes you second guess your confidence. For some of y’all this person has shown videos or photos of this person body and just criticized. You do know you can go to jail for shit like that. If you a girl or a dude who thinks this funny and you condone this behavior don’t call me when your life is upside down. Somebody needs a reality check because you got a gossip queen or king on your hands. Page of swords in reversed. Just know stuff like this can turn your partner off when you are always talking about other people when you have your flaws too. Maybe you can change the subject or say I don’t like this be a voice. Don’t be silent one no can change a thousand yeses over time.

Some of y’all need to get out the house and go somewhere what you on house arrest or some. Maybe it’s time for a career change, hobby, or picking up a new trade. The wheel is upright so shoot your shot. Some of y’all got somebody that is always in competition with other people if only they could focus on their plate, then they could see some changes. They want fast result behind everything baby is all I can say. Whoever this you are dealing with is pushing all they friend away because they are mean spirited, full of drama, attention seeker, and a dream killer. Please run and never look back. I'm just playing, hallway through this reading I am still confused because I don’t know what the hell is going on. Smiles, exits stage left, and awkwardly drops the mic back stage because I forget to do it in front of the crowd.



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