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Cancer Monthly Energy Reading


Now this isn’t the Cancer monthly tarot reading just the overall monthly energy. Now the songs that came across was Neither One of Us by Gladys Knight and the next song was L.O.V.E by Frank Sinatra. That said two things that is time to pack somethings up and send it on its way. No more room for being a big baby and holding onto to the things that no longer serve you. It really is giving big Virgo energy trying to find solutions to problems and being the best at it. Now this doesn’t mean setting unreasonable goals for yourself by being the overachiever but being realistic about what is costing you things. Things like your mental, physical, spiritually, emotionally well being is off. If something feels off, then it probably is and it’s time to get honest about it. While Saturn baldheaded is circling the planet I don’t think she gone be nice to us with our karmic debts that we owe.

Things maybe weighing heavy on you at this time and it best to declutter your mind and life as possible. I know Cancers get a bad rep for being emotionally unstable, but they are not the best at handling emotional situations when they haven’t learned how to manage their 7th house energy. And at this time hydrating will be important, working on your crown chakra, root chakra, and ancestral work. I know it seems like a lot but for those of us who have been around the block when our ancestors call us to do things, we do them. For those girls who just like to practice magic hold on to your heels because you about to go through the ringer. Managing your mental health, learning the value of spiritually, actually doing divination work without asking spirit for things all the time, and learning the value of mix messages.

If you have a crown chakra that is blocked at this moment it is time to find a way to get out of that funky energy and actually face the music. Close the holes, stop the astral projection, stop making pleas with entities, fix the aura leaks, and really do the work to release what doesn’t serve you. For those of you who have people in plants I seen I a few of them knocked over and them actually drying up. I told y’all in that Aquarius post to stop doing all that spell work thinking you wasn’t going to have pay a price. Everything comes with a cost even earth magic it may not seem drastic but ask a healer after they leave season from dealing with a client who is suffering, they are hurt too. They even become tired and need to recuperate even if they are good at their job, they still understand the price it comes with. Some of y’all don’t like to do the spiritual work and you gone find out how it feels to really do the work you don’t want to do.

Y’all gone stop listening to them fake spiritualist who believe everything is about magic and putting roots on everybody. You do know that the energy you put into them spells come from you and not the person. This is why y’all be trying to steal energy because you have nothing to give the spirit realm or even the entities you come in contact with. Enough is enough and sometimes them energy clearing and soul retractions y’all be doing ain’t gone get the job done. Now I am all for the root workers and dark side working but there has to be some damn cosmic balance. So, having everybody addicted to magic like the New Age Christianity thinking that all you have to do is pray and God will provide is not the way. You have to do the work everything isn’t God’s job.

The other half is on us and to keep the faith while doing what it is we are supposed to do to make this life easier. I know I said Gemini season was going to be a spiritually challenging time but this season the work will be required for us to have forward movement. I know when things usually come up for us to work some people think that this is a quick fix solution, and they stop because they have received some kind of a reward, but you have to keep going to clear some karmic debt.

OKAY NOW THAT THE SPIRITUAL PREACHY SHIT IS OUT OF THE WAY LETS GET INTO IT! Why did that feel like a channeled messages and I don’t like it.

This spiritual beef been coming up for awhile and it is annoying. If you have not noticed it, I don’t know where you been it has been flaring up in YouTube streets especially against tarot readers. Bias opinion didn’t nobody tell y’all to hang out with them HOES! Okay! But it’s giving competition vibes and ugly at that. For some of y’all this some church beef that’s going on maybe it has something to with the first lady or a woman disciple. It’s the young versus the old and they family at that somebody being trying to show somebody who’s boss. Somebody been giving counseling to the couples and people are starting to see she is too flirty with the men and not open enough to the women. Rumor has it she be in the arts and trying to cause divorces, separations, and break ups. I think y’all need to read Spiritual Advisory!

She could or would be sleeping with your partner and gets a kick out of this shit because she knows she is the problem. She is immature, unwise, and not loyal. I ain’t gone tell y’all the signs until the end because I feel like I’m giving off Gemini vibes. I’ll let you put two and together. Some of y’all having martial and housing problems and its time for y’all to get on the same page because this energy is affecting the relationships and is causing more havoc than abundance. Some of y’all going to work extremely hard to get over these hurdles but some the fights and arguments y’all having are so tense that one of y’all feel like you can’t breathe or have a moment of relief. Didn’t I say last month in a reading I’m thinking it is Virgo about somebody like to say fucked up shit and they gone turn around and need you. WHEW!

Y’all be too married, too in love, and too I care about somebody to be dogging them out. You don’t want to speak or do so much negative shit to somebody and then be crying when something happens to them hey, I know God and that nigga got a sick ass personality. He got a way of bringing two people together or apart and sometimes we don’t like the circumstances. If you can get it together be honest if you can’t don’t be playing all them games leave somebody alone. Because the way people been moving in these streets its not giving like I want to come outside and play.

BUT GOOD NEWS SOMEBODY IS PREGNANT! CONGRATULATIONS. For those of you who lost a child it is time to a do a balloon ritual or little house ceremony to cut the cord and release the karma that is attached to your womb.

I don’t know how to do that I’m still learning and quite frankly I don’t have the time and peace to do it. Now don’t go off and doing it because I said so ask your guides. This probably would come up because it came out in a reading a week ago about y’all having a diverse spiritual group. Oh, and another thing communication is key, nobody can’t help you until you speak up. Licking your wound is only making of you guys depressed, uneasy, unhappy, and dissatisfied.


This messages so awkward I don’t know if I want to write ciao or not. I feel like them bad kids who say fucked up shit that is true and do a kart wheel off. Smiles like I got it together.



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