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Cancer Energy Reading


KEYWORDS: Toy Story, You Got A Friend In Me, Saturn in Aquarius, Jupiter in Retrograde, Practice What You Preach by Barry White, Emotional Confusion, Worry Lord, Chaos Magick, and Drama Queen.

Child this seems like this has been the running theme for the past couple of months for you and Leo and let me tell you go back and look at those messages. It seems as if someone is not learning from the past but someone is about to because if you go back further enough. You’ll see where you had someone or something fucked up. Now, who is this you are into with behind a woman, money, purse, and spiritual beliefs? Because it has someone going hard in the paint when it comes to getting your point across only for someone not to even care about what you think. I’m sorry whoever this is, is going to do what the hell they want to do and there is nothing you can do about it. What are you going to do, sit back and just collect their karma or move the hell around. Because I would be getting the hell out and dodge and bathing in some damn holy water so I can get whatever bad juju they got on them off of me.

I don't know who needs to hear this but everybody isn’t your friend and Cancer some of y’all involved in this too. Sorry, beloved some of y’all ain’t exempt from this too. Spirit keeps warning you about the things you’re doing in secret and this hidden competition you have going on with someone. Because it seems as if the issue is one sided not two sided. Spirit said you don’t like to listen to other people's side of the story anyway so why would someone bring you closure. When you are going to do the opposite. It seems as if being hard headed is someone you believe is cute now this could be someone around you and they are going down a sinking ship fast as hell. If you want to keep the misery love company mentality or keep trying to be some ride or die when it is clear safety is on the way that is on you. Everybody can’t save you when you don’t want to be saved. Someone has that aggressive, wounded dog ass energy. You know how those people who find those strays that's this person. And when you help them they push the help away. Yep, that's someone.

And whoever this is that keep sticking they hand out to save them is about to fuck around and find out they bite. For others, someone is about to find their match in a situation where they keep creating chaos because it's going to spiral out of control fast. Because just as if you are toxic, someone else is toxic ass hell too and not in the good way. It’s like the joker meeting Harley Quinn but not knowing someone has been at this longer than you. And for others if you showed someone a lifestyle they may be the one trying to supersede you when they learned their whole playbook from you. How, sway? Someone is doing whatever to keep a man even lying about a pregnancy. Child, whoever this is dangerous ass hell. Someone wants to be out of a connection but this person just sees this person as a light and they want to feed off of.

Whenever someone gets a chance to get the hell away from this person they are going to run like hell and never look back. It gives me the strict kids who is now 18 ruining their life partying all of the time, smoking too much, drinking too much, and having meaningless sex. Just so they can feel anything other than being restricted and told aht, aht all of the time. Because if this was a marriage boy it was ass and for some it was a marriage, a child mothers, or just a mother figure in your life. Someone has to cut off someone who is jealous of them. It’s like someone is playing blind to the fact that this person is trying to outshine you. It doesn't matter whatever field, job, lover, or place in life their goal is to crush you. And I'm hearing they do this to everybody.

This is why they are always having issues with everybody, especially with women. Someone may have some inner child issues that needs to be addressed. Because the fake caring act is about to blow up in somebody's face. Because whoever this is, wasn’t nurtured when they were a kid so they do this fake modeled behavior with other people to come off as if they are genuine. Baby this is the Queen of Wands in the reverse google her. She is just only around other people to see what she can get from other people so she can go off on her merry little way. And don’t let this person do anything for you because she is going to throw that shit up in your face like she was the best damn thing that happened to you. “Yikes!”

And someone is saying she is a pesky little one too. If they teach you anything they are going to throw this shit back up in your face. For some this is modeled behavior they have learned from their mother. This may be someone who was raised by a narcissist and doesn’t even know they are mirroring and projecting that shit on to other people. Like deal with it, this is who I am?! Like ma’am we are going to need you to lay on a couch because you're out here terrorizing people out of spite. In order to break a habit it has to be recognized that it is a habit. #PYA

Side bar who is this who is having a throat chakra awakening and they are telling everybody how it is. It doesn’t give me rude but it’s just a little nudges saying I don’t want this, I don't want to do this, or simply no. And this is breaking someone's spirit, yes to crushing an emotionally bully's dreams.. Inserts meme. Someone may not feel like this is a lot but shit when you have so many people trying to overstep, out talk, all the meanwhile you are being patient with people shit sometimes you have to show another side of you. And it doesn’t have to be nasty, rude, or vile. Come on, now boundaries. Because someone is learning their truth and they don’t care about the fact that you don’t care.

Oh, and before I leave someone needs to find a trauma therapist. Especially when it comes to energy work. Someone who works specifically with psychical wounds and the emotionally wounded. Sound healing might be elite and those guided meditations maybe bussin right now. On that note keep up the good work. Someone may say what work this is ass well if you have been the bully it would ass for you. Because someone has to learn that inorder to receive they have to give but not give in all of the time. Amen.



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