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Cancer Energy Reading


Candy girl you are my world, let me find out you featuring somebody like a single on a mix tape. The funny part about it you got some mixed emotions either they move too funny or something ain't right trust your gut. You maybe in a emphatic energy and you got somebody beating down the block saying get in loser. For some this a blast from the past and just as soon as it starts it ends. It's giving the energy of the nerdy girl hanging with the bad boy but you see that you are on two different paths.

And this leaves you at crossroad because how do you move on from someone when you don't want to let go. It may just be the sex or the raw emotions they give you. But they moody tempermental ways is a turn off because somebody be flying off the handle. And this person got a bad case of road rage. Why I see someone pumping on the brakes on the passenger side? Whoever this is baby they can't drive for shit, they be talking on the phone, texting, or focusing on the wrong things. Caught slipping at the red light.

Get yo foot off the pedal and start paying attention to driving. For some this person maybe coming to your house in aggressive state to get something of theirs or trying to fight you. Somebody irate, high out of they mind, and trying justify they behavior but I see them boys just politely pushing somebody head in the car. If you know what I mean. I don't know if this a domestic dispute or a setup that is catching somebody off guard.

For those of you in those domestic disputes you are dealing with a agitator who like to push somebody buttons and call the police to keep you in line. Some of y'all tired you really looking like the girl on ready or not smoking that cigarette after fighting everybody. Because you have either got caught up in some massive drama or a crazy ass family beef. You got folks doing spells by nine, making up at 2, and threating and plotting to kill or harm by 4. Spirit said stay out they drama because you always gone be the bad guy.

This person always gone put family first even though they family ain't shit. I don't see why to hell with those people in my pirate voice. Now for others this a group a friends that is toxic ass hell and if it's dudes they wear they heart on they sleeve like women. They do stuff that's hurtful, harmful, and detrimental to other. And that shit is crazy because the betrayals is massive and you have played a major role in this. Whether you was getting over on them going back gossiping, lying, or stirring up the pot. Now keep in mind it don't have to be you it could anything around you or attached to you.

Somebody is depressed and needs to get some form of help because starting fights and arguments ain't gone cut it all the time. You gone be the one trying to get back cool with people meanwhile they ain't gone be fucking with you. Because they accustomed to their toxic not yours. Your is lethal or the type of person somebody wants to put down and not in a good way. Somebody has a manging dog syndrome. On the flip side somebody has some deep rooted trauma and psychological issues that's really got them on a dark path.

To the point they end up rejecting love or not receiving it all. I really want to be intrusive as fuck right now and ask is sex meaningful to you. Because whoever this is, is a performative lover. I am not saying people or your person isn't pleased but emotionally somebody knows your not all the way there. It's like for one minute after they sex they feel you but after the feelings wear off somebody is back to questioning to what are we? It's like when you take ten steps forward the world be rooting for you but the fact you have this idea of you in your head you find ways to fuck it up. Baby you know how to ruin a good moment.

Now if it's mental health issues void it I repeat avoid it that comment. Someone really need to have a therapy session or too because it's some shit you really want to say. It's like the song Perfect by Simple Plan but you want to say this to certain people. It's like hey, Karen I hate your food, I really don't like you, and you speaking your truth and not caring. I know it's not what you say it's how you say it and you may offend someone you care about. Because you on one and let me tell you it maybe emotionally liberating but you got somebody on the sideline watching.

You know how little kids look up to someone and they find out their parent is doing something bad or isn't as good as a person they say they are. For some you or someone was waiting on they true face to be shown and whoever saying "BOOM" set you up. It's like whoever this is doesn't like you and they sit up and wait on you fail. Like the energy of I stumbled but I don't fall. It's like someone wants someone to fail but they are.

I keep hearing give it a break. I don't know if you are trying to do something better than another person but they pay you no mind. Why you just won't focus on your own stuff and see how it grow? Because you about to lose your damn sanity by trying to keep up with the Jone's, be in competition, and raise kids by nine and put them on a proper sleeping schedule. Girl, you got shit to do than be arguing with a bitch about something.

Moral of the story work on your attitude, get focused, listen to respond, meaning get of the me mode, and cut off them stale relationships you got with people.

KEYWORDS: ME AND MRS. JONES, AQUARIUS, SCORPIO, LIBRA, VIRGO, SAGITTARIUS, AND CAPRICORN! Virgo moon, singular, writing, spellwork, casting, twin flame, and a fake Gemini. Somebody lying about they sun sign!


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