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Can I Vent? Pisces Season

Hey Alexa play Vivan Greene Emotional Roller Coaster. Baby in the monthly reading I said Pisces season was gone be on some bulsh**. I think majority to the fact that COVID-19 is still here and all the planet alignments going on in the cosmos we are all feeling the energy. Even though I know this is some Divinely pause for us all to get our sh** together. But why does it seems everything is moving so slow. Is it me that seems like I'm in a battle with time?\

Like things not moving fast enough but its not moving too slow. The feeling to be liberated and free from all restraints and the things that plague you. I know honestly that isn't realistic when it comes to change but where did life go honestly. I mean with me and this elongated stint in this project and breaking ties seems so overdue, but well needed. It's like you signed a contract and later to find out that it stunts your creative levels.

Now your some where looking for you life and the meaning to it and not doing what your called to do. Well that was basically my life and how we got here, but the overly self reflection is kinda getting boring to me. I know healing can have it days but dang I'm human there are other things in life your suppose to enjoy as well. Like what is the fake seriousness with a smidge bit of drama that is boring the collective of us.

Like I'm not a love and light pusher all the time because I know we are human and humans are bound to make mistakes but damn a nigga is annoyed, pressed, fatigued, hungry, sleepy, and cranky. Feeling like a child. Well that's possibly my inner child too. You know your inner child will get sick of your adult self every once in a while. Because children hate to be on schedule and being told what to do especially when they see you not doing it.

Hell we as adults do the same thing to when we want something so bad and when we can't have our way no matter how bad or good it seems for us. That's for you to decide what is and isn't good enough for you not me. But I just wanted to say hang in there while the tide is going and the current is heavy find something stable, but flexible to ground yourself into and don't you dare give up.

Chow! Coming To America review might be coming up next!

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