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Can I Help You Out?

Can I Help You Out?

I know as the year close, we all have these things we want to accomplish but I think we forget in order to get we have to release and in this next year I want some of y’all to release a lot of shit. I’m not talking about your friends, lovers, cousins, and family baby I'm talking about you. For you to come out of your shell to get comfortable with the uncomfortable and figure out what is your comfort. Like what is your safe space, word, zone, or state of mind? Because sometimes you don’t see how you limit you in your existence. I am not talking about the problems of the world and the friction we experience it is the power of our own mind that can be self-limiting.

Side note: brain fart I might have to do the Aries and Gemini reading over because the audio is ass. Jesus be a fence because y’all might not get it. I’ll rather do a love reading by elements before I have to do that shit again. I just wanted to let you know before y’all be beating down the block looking for two missing readings thinking I forgot when I didn’t.

Now let's get back on subject usually when I find people who are in challenging space and I find that they don’t have the get up and go in the morning that usually find in themselves. I tell them to find 10 they like about themselves that they actually are good at to give them that gentle reminder that they can do it. To the point it because apart of daily mantra or routine. But the way people have been tugging on my energy like a telethon race to stay stuck in the same mental rat race is exhausting. And I am here to tell you everybody don’t got you fucked up, baby you just not growing in you. You may be learning from the challenges you are experiencing but this lack of acceptance that goes on with you is keeping you stuck in the same mind game. And it always leads people to feel like they can take you back to 1999 and live again when you don’t live there anymore.

In the words of me it's time to get honest and rip off that band aid about you and the role you play in a lot of things in your life. I mean how many times have you been casted for a role you didn’t want but you took it just because you were too accustomed to doing it. Like being an enabler, pacifier, people pleaser, the courageous friend, the shit starter, the hopeless romantic, the sex addict, the cold hearted, the fling, the sometimey, the wishy washy, or my favorite the strong one for everybody else but yourself. How did these roles serve you at some point in your life? How far did it get you and when did the happiness run out? When did you decide that you like the role you played in people's lives? Do they know that they don’t support you enough to even fix they lips to ask for anything?

And to my folks that deal with narcissistic individuals don’t answer this question with the intent on trying to change a dynamic that benefits them; baby stand firm in your boundaries and assert yourself with your spine sitting upright. Baby, we don’t give them thangs second chances we let them be where they are. Apologizes don’t work in your favor when it’s always rooted in their favor. But getting back on subject do the people in your life that you call yourself so close to know how they hurt you? Do they know the things they say bother you and I’m not saying that to make you come off as emotionally needy or easily displaced. Because sometimes those sensitive friends can be too much and we actually end up enabling them and turning into babies and sheltering them from the truth. So, we can easily let them get away with a lot of things out of protecting their feelings. When we need that in return ourselves.

See, sometimes we think when we speak up for ourselves, we have to be rude, snide, condescending, or my favorite wait until a fall out happens to get the things, we need to say off our chest. Then turn around and feel bad for it and blame it on a bad day when it was truth that needed to be said but it could've have been delivered in a better way. Because when you are not comfortable speaking your truth and it causes a discord in our emotional affairs that we have with ourselves. Where this rolls back into the roles, we have played in people lives, how we view life, and how others see us that it can have a major impact on who we are when say such things about how we feel. This is why not giving a fuck can be dangerous because it easily can be displayed as not having anything to lose or not caring about what others think or feel about you. And sometimes it can be so freeing when you rob the world of its joy of trying to place you in a box and saying you are x, y, and z. When you are the complete opposite of what they minds cannot handle.

But you’ll get there eventually just don’t force it. So, as the year ends, I need for my people to get a journal and a different one at that because I need some of y’all to get honest. I need some of you to share some of your most intimate thoughts with you first before you share them with others. If it has anything to do with the nouns be honest as you can be. When you finally get to that point, I want you to read them aloud with yourself and try to find the common denominator in these engagements or experiences you have with people. This requires you to be honest and if you struggle with that, seeing things from other people's perspective and you go to therapy share this with them and allow them to see this from your perspective and others as well. Because the goal I'm trying to get you to is seeing the behavioral patterning and response you have in certain situations.

Because in this day and age we have too many people trying to teach people lessons when they have yet been a student and some people didn’t even sign up for the course. So, it seems like we have to many people running around calling themselves healed doing a lot of emotionally and psychological damage to people. And the after affect they have on people's psyche is mind blowing because it’s like these people swapped emotional grieving techniques for a new behavior patterning in an old or new area of, they life. When you get to the point of deciphering your truths, I want you to get honest about the things you want to remove. And also ask yourself do you feel as if you should remove or change anything about you? And if you feel you shouldn’t have to change, adjust, or adapt to anything to keep healthy relationships going in your life then you shouldn’t be mad if they opt out on leaving you alone.

And even if you don’t want to change this will help you in certain areas to know when not to get mad, to know when to leave, and to know when things are going to be a problem for you. I look at it like a 50/50 split but one thing I don’t do is promote half ass relationships because you can go where the love is. I don’t believe in trauma bonded relationships sometimes they can change and grow into something better but without time, trust, and the room to grow they will always be based off of pain. Your evolution is based upon you and not the other person and sometimes this varies depending upon where you are in your life say for instance if you are married, going through a divorce, have kids, or there is a teamwork for a business. But you trying to better yourself to become a better a person for you shouldn’t be a problem for so many people around if they mind, they business.



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