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Everything doesn’t need your approval or input I don’t know how need to hear this but sometimes you have to ask people can I give some advice or pro tips. Unnecessary criticism can lead to a lot of fights and arguments. Just because you feel a certain way doesn't mean I feel the same way about the issue, sometimes some people don’t have the knowledge or perspective you have on certain things. Enlightenment can be simple when it comes from a place of being non bias about an issue. Are you willing to help because of ego or are you trying to do this because you are trying to be snide about something? People have a right to ask a question but does that mean they are going to get the respond they want from you. Hey, if you had a smart-ass grandmama like mines shit it was hard deciphering them cryptic ass messages.

Side bar now that I am older, I think she told me stuff just shut me the hell up and I don’t like that because it is really rude. But getting back on the subject just because your third eye see shit other people can see it doesn’t mean you have to communicate it. Some of y’all third eye be having y’all talking like y’all got vomit at the mouth and I know it because I do it on readings only. I don’t go off opening doors for people energetically because I don’t want to be responsible for someone else's emotions all of the time. You know it’s cool when you just don’t have to give a fuck all of the time because you know you have created the space where the people know you don’t mean no harm. Yes, well some of y’all ain’t got there yet with some people and it comes off as aggravating to other people. And this can cause some havoc in your interpersonal connections. Leaving you to feel like you are right all of the time when you as be wrong as hell.

Nobody likes a know it all or a negative nancy. You may not intend to be that way with certain people but sometimes we forget that people have real life going on in their worlds. Such as having children, family problems, relationships problems, money problems, health issues, or car issues that sometimes don’t nobody wants to hear all of that shit. So, the moment you are trying to be helpful to someone on a bad day they gone feel like why the hell you didn’t do it. And if you do, do it do appreciation comes with it. Because you don’t want to be helping someone that is ungrateful or too focused on their problems that they can’t see the help that you are giving is the support they need. Because this can lead to resentment and the blame game really quick because you don’t know how to step out of your own shoes and say I can see how this affects this person even if it ain’t got shit to do with me. Who y’all talking too, a nigga with some money?

Child, I guess somebody got to know when to speak and when to stay silent but this a battle that someone is learning because everything does need your energetic response all of the time. I ain’t saying shut up but you gone have to limit some of your expectations you have of some people. AND I DONT MEAN THAT IN A NEGATIVE WAY! BOB


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