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After some energy cleansing, I’m come to realize that some people are in their emotions and it’s limiting them from being able to conquer the problem. In my latest post I wrote does the help actually helps because it can be a troublesome process when someone is causing more problems than solutions. The energy was heavy and had no value to me honestly maybe if I was 21 hot headed and couldn’t tell me nothing but the grown me can take it or leave it. The moon phases rarely bother me I do my rituals and dip on out, so we have no problems. The problems lied in energetically needy people, and instigators. That’s why this was a rough phase and I didn’t utilize my Scorpio moon as I felt I could’ve had.

I know it sucks to have someone constantly antagonizing you and feel you have to be the bigger person because you’re not emotionally evolved. It feels like it leaves room for them to do whatever they want when they want because whatever reaction you have, they will always sympathize with the bully. See bullies are the new energy vampires they come around cause mess only because they know they will not be put down. It sucks being exposed to those attacks and being vulnerable and literally crying out for help amongst people who do nothing. It leaves you weaken and unraveled all at the expense of being emotionally vulnerable. Leaving you to gravitate towards people who coddle you versus teaching you how to fight.

In some cases, its not caused for physical violence and in some cases, you have to hit a person where it hurts. Constantly dragging others into your mess and they won’t do nothing only brings them down and exposes those around you. Some people just sign up to see the shit show not to help you, don’t you recall all those people who watched Jesus get toted to the cross like it was nothing. I understand your hurt but you’re only suffering because you lack the courage to get things done. When you are so emotionally reactive and quick to put your hand on some one you get tested by being put in situations that make think before you react. Chile, I got my own bullies that’s going to get put down real soon by the power of me and my ancestors. So, stirring up my emotions to see how would react is the worst thing to do.

It cuts off my empathy for your situation because not only was it no remorse for me it was all about you wanting me to be sympathetic to your cause. Coming from a selfish place now I know that wasn’t meant but it felt like it. I worked hard on mastering my emotions to the point where you don’t know if you offended me or to smile. Because I vowed to not let anything, or anyone control me who won’t serve me. And when I say serve me, I mean someone who is willing to help without me abusing the help. And I think that is what you are looking for someone to help you understand what is you need to do to get to a better space while at the same time knocking demons down left and right. Without you coming off as mean. I think you have to learn to not give af about what people say because those same people who watch are going to be those same who say bout time. When you finally stand up to your bully.

So, they’ll mock you, talk about you, and shame you because that’s what the viewers are for. Some people actually believe some people/situations are entertainment and you should recognize you can give a show worth they while. Don’t go looking for the applauses from people who doubted you, go looking for the spirit of strength to win a battle that’s been taxing. If you lose, win, or draw it’s all about heart before you step in that fire in the words of Doe B. Strategy will be your best asset and when you take time to understand that winning doesn’t define you, you have let their power they have over you decrease. Sometimes a lioness waits in the safari for her prey for a longtime before it comes vulnerable enough to attack.

It isn’t vicious when your sanity is on the line I believe in respect and integrity. So, you honoring you in the process before the battle keep you prepared for the war. The war may not be with the other person but in you because you have doubted your own strength. The greatest war you can win is the one in your mind.

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