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Brooo, WTF

So, why I’m sitting here minding my business scrolling down the internet looking up squares in the planets and it just blew my mind. So, y’all remember that download I had last year about being more cognizant of who you have sex with, who you hang with, and going off into to spiritual groups around June of 2020. Well, why the hell the Mercury is squaring Pluto. Now I told y’all with Pluto being in Capricorn it was to expose how we crave power basically. Saying what has to go, what has to stay in our life, and basically deal with karma right.

If you remember I said in my download the message was you were going to meet some people who should, stay, go, or ones you need to work with that bring you some challenges. Now, if you go back and watch all those monthly readings I did for the energy reading. This is where we are at that moment, I mean I have seen folks in 2020 do so much stuff they thought they was going to get away with an turn right around and karma tore that ass up this year. For me, I have been saying it’s a reason for this you don’t see how this has been a problem. They tell me girl shut the hell up and keep it moving and I just laugh and keep on looking at them like they are crazy. Every person who I know that is a sex worker has had some challenging times with clients, every spiritualist has been going through it, and a couple of stocks and investors as well. I’m going to plug this blog I found below.

You may be hinting on a bit of excitement in this blog well, somebody just gets it and that it is me. Now if you know me I don’t study astrology, but I do follow astrologist and watch their messages after I have gotten out all of my downloads. To see if we are on the same page because I just like to see if me and certain people are on the same frequency from time to time. But I was mind blown because I have been saying this for almost 2 years how COVID was a divinely pause. And being in the number two years was way more effective than anything and most people said no. Well, look at you know checking your transits and sh**.

I watched people complain about COVID-19 and their life and did nothing to change it but find a way to substitute and transfer pain from area to another. Now I’m not talking about you finally losing weight, cleaning out that storage, getting the kids on a sleeping schedule, monetizing your business, signing up for therapy, and cutting off those toxic people. No, I’m talking about those accountability avoiders, people who run away from the mess they make, and the sleeping wolves in sheep clothing. Yes, them they have been wreaking havoc on the collective and acting they want what’s best for people while at the same time keeping the drama going.

Meanwhile other things in my chart showed me why my ass has been argumentative as hell this year because she been tired of folks complaining and doing the same things. I worked to hard on this growth and folks be out playing like they changed. Meanwhile you have people making minor changes that are very impactful to there over all being and not getting any credit. That’s been pissing me off to the fullest and I will say it again on this platform this year I had the worst batch of clients to deal with when it came to down to their problems. People thought I was over exaggerating but when I seen other people had to deal with the same thing I was dealing with I was like see it ain’t me its them.

` Because this year I was this close to just jumping on the money train and saying I don’t care if they get the messages or not let me push this product and me and my child can get out the way. I know it sounds messed up but baby all my past people who had martial problems, relationship problems, mental health problems, spiritual problems, and issues with their children wasn’t bad. Now, I might have got cussed out from time to time but I understand their pain. It was ever the I’m going to cross your boundaries, pretend to know more than I know, develop relationship with you because I feel you are my enemy so I must take from you, and make my problems yours. Baby they some entitled mother lovers.

Whew I couldn’t be a dictator at this point because I would’ve cued in the black mama who told everybody to shut up and don’t move until I say so. Because child they have been doing too much, if I didn’t learn anything in COVID I learned we had to establish better boundaries. Because they way people have been doing anything and everything because they feel they are grown and fail to recognize that their actions have consequences on universal scale is weird to me. But I’m going to plug the link below its quick read, so you don’t have to read as much for those of y’all that’s not into astrology. I just wanted to share this with y’all really quick. HAVE A GREAT DAY!

Astrolada | Mercury Square Natal Pluto


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