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Black Family Drama

Black Family Drama:

Now before we get started, I just wanted to say that this isn’t designed for one specific race being black is just who I am. Now we can continue as you guys have read or not you know we hit on some key valuable points in the black family dynamic. Hierarchy that goes in family, emotional blackmail, favoritism, women, men, codependent relationships and everything wasn’t directly labeled in that manner.

Specifically, for two reasons because I didn’t won’t people flying off in some tangent thinking I was emotional solidifying your own emotions. It was for you to see things from someone else’s eyes and for you to make your own decision I am just the messenger. You are in control of your own destiny.

Girl now I know COVID-19 has done its thing, it had people mourning over the past and the inability to move freely left some people reopening old doors to old flames. By flames I’m talking about conversation and old wounds. And for of those of you that are in this healing journey you my child probably came around to this point because either some part of you is lost in some childhood dynamic of family. Or you are just at a crossroad when it comes to family?

Chile, aren’t we all? I say that sarcastically with a deep heavy negro sigh because we are looking to be liberated and emotional accepted. This blog is going to be about conflict because like many growing up in big families. We have found ourselves wondering who I am and where do I need to be. Especially when it comes to your emotions.

I mean the competition that goes on in family is downright weird and sometimes disgusting. This part of the blog I think some of y’all aren’t going to like me because it may or may not ring some form of truths.

I mean to think of all of the family drama that has been going on in my life I ask myself all the time why we are doing the things we are doing. It’s not like it is real change its nothing but arguing continuously. I just think people want to be heard because being raised up in culture where emotional expression is talking back. A lot of kids that turned into adults couldn’t wait to get grown to start disrespecting their elders or other people. I mean that’s all we knew.

I mean be honest can your child come talk to you without the fear of being judge about their life. Or is it a need to always be in good grace because mommy or daddy is always looking for them to be their best. Or are you to consumed with worldly things that you never stop to think to check in on how they are doing.

For me that is where I am with the collective energy because like many, we don’t have healed family’s majority of us come from broken families no matter what generation you reincarnated into. You may not be in the gist of it all but deep down the line its some broken pieces that’s lingering and affecting the many of us till this day.

But conflict can be a deal breaker or great change when you hear without judgement and biasness. Because when you truly care to fix or change something you will do what is needed and what is required to bring about change. And conflict sometimes doesn’t need to be created especially when Divines timing at play. That’s the trap that many falls into because when you have emotional dismay going on you tend to take on this concept that other people should take on your pain.

When it’s the complete opposite you should have the support system of those who are like family or blood related to help you navigate through those trying times. But the fact that your parents and their parents didn’t have everything they needed to teach you the things you needed to become the best you is the problem. Because in order to have some form of clarity about the disconnect that goes on with you and those of your family is because it’s a story that is missing.

And in the black community we have this I wear my pain with honor like it is true strength. And enduring a lot of pain is supposed to make us worthy of living a life that is fulfilling. Its related to psychological warfare and slave mindedness. That it cripples those who are.


By being a black person living in the U.S. I have found myself at times with the inability to be able to express myself emotionally. Raised in family dynamic that suppress emotional issues and not addressing the real problems that goes on with self and others. I find majority of these people experiencing these same woes in life.

At a time where we don’t know how to identify ourselves that we end up turning to the world for emotional support. Whether it be hanging with the wrong people, doing the wrong things, and lack of self-appreciation. I say all the time a child that isn’t valued will seek many days of their life trying to find their value in