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Ascending Shadows

Since spooky has left the building Scorpio Season is here to stay and let’s just say I’m so ready for it to be over. Chile, I usually be on go mode I don’t know if it’s, the quarantine, or the election? But girl this ain’t the normal toxicity it brings. Like Scorpio season usually highlights the mid-grade of you don’t know if you want to be in relationship, have sex all the time, or ghost everybody. I think I’m feeling number three at it’s best.

But this is still the season to get the work done so when the new year comes around you can have those things set into place. You know those cliché post will be rolling around about people hating on people who is saying new year new me discouraging people from their goals because they decided enough is enough. I think we need to start letting people do what makes them happy even if it hurts, they will learn eventually.

Because that’s actually what the shadow teaches you it shows you how far you are willing to go to be accepted even if you feel you’re not accepted. The shadow usually gets some dark term associated with it because it’s the darker parts of you and the things you keep hidden from others and yourself. It is the beast that is awakened in the time of fear to protect you, it is the lower vibrational things that coddle you in the time of your vulnerability, and it is the fire that burns within you.

It may not seem that way but that’s why the shadow fights to be understood and protected. Shadow work is basically undoing all of those negative and hurtful things you have done to yourself. And when I say you, I mean those people who knew were no good, but you allowed them to overstay their welcome in your life. The choices that left you alone but also gave you wisdom to teach others why they shouldn’t do what you did but also why you did what you did.

Ascending the shadow is more than just sheer recognition it’s also understanding that the darker parts of you have a place in this world too. In the words of me I can’t kill off all of my Scorpionic traits! And I say that because Scorpios gets a bad rep all the time, but at the same time even if I was those things it doesn’t mean I can’t change those things for my benefit. So many time people often get caught up on the wrong they’ve done that the guilt of the things they used to do plague them. Because they finally recognize the damage that has been done.

You know the story a little too late but that’s only when you are moving on mankind’s timing. The shadow is more like the spider’s energy it takes its time spinning this web to catch it prey or to rest. That it never pays attention to the time it puts into hurting someone because it is living in fear for its life. So, it thrives off of survival mode because that’s all it knows. You rarely have seen a colony of spiders because only one can rule the foundation.

But the tricky thing about it is, even though it is feared some are not scared of the spiders role it plays in the insect/animal kingdom. See me I don’t like no bug and don’t go putting one down either. But I am not scared of other people shadows because its just a little child that grew up trying to protect itself. And two my Bob The Builder fixing ass learned my lesson when I seen I was only attracted to someone shadow when I was trying to change.

Boy that got the best of me that’s a whole another gig for another day, not today though. But I wanted to say guilt is good but too much of it will make you off yo s***! I mean that in the nicest way possible because who knew that the damage of you could hurt those around you. I mean that’s the reason why most people are seeking healing to correct the wrongs of their past. I say that’s cool, but you are limiting your experience of self-evolution to a minimal aspect of who you really could be.

Just imagine you being a quirky teenage child that just got to middle school and you see all these different groups of people. And what makes it worse is that you aren’t from the area and you didn’t have siblings attending the school, so you don’t have any resources. So, now what? You rely on your need to get others that are like you, you don’t care if they’re trash or lower vibrational you just don’t want to be alone. Baby that is the shadow itself.

It doesn’t care to know they self because it’s always somewhere hiding in the dark and it is only given life when there is light. So, if the only time I hurt someone and that is when I receive understanding, you are teaching your shadow and self that you have to do this to seek value in a person. Creating the dynamic of hurt people hurt people.

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Also furthermore creating the dynamic of where people can hurt you because you know the pain you give out to others, so you think this is a normal thing to do. Creating a false narrative in relationships with people who abuse you emotionally, mentally, psychically, spiritually, and financially. Even if you are not the same anymore you feel you have to bear the pain of others sorrows because at one point you were just a shadow.

Something that felt it had no importance because when it was dark nobody noticed your presence and when it was light nobody also noticed you always being there. Whether it was for people or yourself your shadow just demanded to be noticed. Whether you acted out because you wanted attention, emotionally suppress your feelings, or make hasty decision because in that moment you thought no one would care.

Yeah that’s the shadow I told yall that the shadow doesn’t care about no one but itself and it also isn’t going to allow other people to hurt you for so long. You know those love, and light people have to go through the darkest of storms to experience what it is like to protect what is important to them. The choice is theirs to stay on the dark side because at any given moment they can use the tools they have to bring them back. But…..

The tricky thing about the shadow is you never lose the knowledge you were given in the worst time of your life, even if nobody gave you none. The experience alone granted you the wisdom and emotional transparency to take on whatever obstacle that comes your way. The dark knight is when you question everything that used to work but don’t work at the moment. It is the survival of the fittest moment and your make it or break moment.

Were you rely on the ascension of the shadow to stay to the course and say I been here I know me and I grow more into knowing me. The goal isn’t to the kill the beast in you it is to awaken your warrior out of the pain, guilt, shame, sorrow, and hurt. TO EXPERIENCE FREEDOM!


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