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Ascending Pass The 3-D

Now before we get started which one you heauxes is trying to stop my sugar daddy from coming into my life. Just hating I tell you that man said he want to put some money in my bank account just because I woke up today. God said let that man be great hell it can be a woman, release it in the name of whatever you believe in. Amen, but let me tell you something I don’t care how spiritual you think I am I ain’t to old, healed, processed, or understanding for sugar daddy. OKAY. Now let’s get into this blog.

Ascension, ascension, ascension, is all the girls and guys talk about these days. What is ascension to you? Is to be better than the person who you were before? Is it to be definitive about the things you want out of life? Is it to become more goal oriented? Is it to obtain a state of wealth? Is to elevate the bloodline from the pathology that has existed for lineages? Or is it my favorite I just want to be more spiritual connect with the most high and seek out God’s blessing or calling on my life? What is it, you tell me?

To truly ascend out of the 3-D you have to be able to balance the realm of karma. Yeah, I said it because people think karma is always about what it is that you do, what you should not do, and what you should receive? When really it is understanding that every action has a reaction. Newton’s Third Law of Motion. And also understanding the laws of cause and effect created by Hume. Child, google it because I be forgetting who created what. Now, let get back on track you see how the social divide have people in a state of projecting and conflicting their moral conscious with humanity. When it isn’t humanity jobs to understand your moral conscious it us that is so supposed to understand what we are and aren’t willing to do?

The ascendant master Buddha is at peace with himself, so he seeks out nothing that is outside of him because he knows what it is like to lose himself in the world. It isn’t to be a monk, to be secluded, or shut off from the world. While some people are called to do so but it isn’t everybody’s calling in life to live as such. It is to understand that everything in everyone human experience isn’t about you, sometimes it can seem as such because we have the inner child work, shadow, higher self, and etc. That sometimes those worldly problems we seek to solve or to evolve from keeps us bound by the matrix. Oh my god I sound like a conspiracy theorist shout out to me though. It’s true how powerful the human experience can be especially being tethered with the anatomy of the body. Emotions I tell you can affect and effect the hell out of your spiritual and physical body.

It can cause damages in our bodies, holes in aura, weakens the veil we have that protects us from the evil of the world, or even our own evil. In the words of the Tayannah McQuillar and M. Scott Peck summed up, to know evil is to know your own evil. It’s funny how we see people who have mastered the pain we have experienced and fear that they will never know us. When it’s in fact true because we don’t allow ourselves to be really known in these trying times. As it started to get my ass out the matrix in 2017 a wise 7-year-old who is my High Priestess told me that when you don’t want nothing from people they fear you. When you are good person people fear that because they always want to figure out what is it that you want.

Now keep in mind I was high out my mind at the time munching on edibles and I said to myself she’s making a lot of sense right now. Kids really be knowing things it is just sometimes how they express what they know. Talk about a snooze fest boring. This isn’t about her it’s about you, me, and we right? Right, at least I tell myself this 5 times a day because I love humans, but boy do I hate they ways. I digress you know exactly what I’m talking about. But what a lot of people fail to recognize is that a part of the ascension process is accepting all of the parts of yourself and others who have played a role in your human experience. Then transmuting the pain, hurt, happiness, thoughts, actions, paradigms, and belief systems to finally aligning with what is best for you.

You don’t know how many times someone has gotten all the way to the top and sacrificed it all just to do and become the same person they once complained about. Funny how that star climber card in the, The Archeo Deck hits home in this situation. You see people who are destined to go down paths alone that they sacrifice they own emotions for human companionship just to do the same thing over again. Because what is worse than have to face all the parts of you in the darkness? Doing it alone because the human design is to need people. The spiritual design is to need no one but God, Source, Creator, or Creation. But to evolve pass the social divide you learn how to do the merger that is called within self to balance your needs versus the needs of those who need you.

i.e., such as children, husband, wives, mothers, fathers, careers, and pets. People make things seem way more harder than it should be when everything is easy but it sholl ain’t as hard as it seems. Yes, I wrote that correct it is just how I talk! So, the next time you find yourself leveling up spiritually and it feel like you can’t get a breakthrough just go back and see what you missed. My ancestors were on some you left this behind, you missed this, and hovering. And let me tell you I was they favorite, and they didn’t act s*** like this when they were on earth. I thought the hardships and lessons I was growing through was for nothing. I felt like an outside dog trapped in a cage and never got to go to outside. Boy I didn’t like them niggas.

Child, everybody was around me partying, getting money, falling in love, reaching new career goals, and meanwhile I’m talking to spirits. Every day I just wanted to be like them and let me tell you something in my whole entire life I didn’t ever desire to be like someone so much. That’s how I knew the things I was growing through was bound to make me somebody. I always said I knew who I was, I just didn’t know my damn worth. But, look at me now whole, healed, and unbothered. Free to feel my emotions, free to say I am ok or not, free to say that I don’t like this without making it about them or me, free to accept the things I can or cannot change, and free to just be me.

Child, I just knew in this lifetime God just didn’t want me to be a nigga and you take that statement how you want to. Just think about that the next time you feel like giving up on you and succumbing yourself to what the world told you what to do. TAKE THAT WITH A GRAIN OF SALT. Even though I wrote this in caps I really whispered it.


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