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Aries Monthly Tarot Reading


Overall Message: Creating boundaries that requires change, communicating what is needed and not what you think people want to hear, and fighting for what you believe in.

Now before we get started the song, I head was Shea Butter by Ari Lennox and I said to myself what kind of sensual shit is this. Are you over there using sexually energy to manifest things in your life well your love life. Cause child as long as I been reading for Aries y’all always call some shit in you want or end up sabotaging it out of fear. You ain’t tired of that yet? Now keep in mind this could be you all the way down to anything or anyone you are connected to in your life. But I do know that you are being called to stand your ground and cut off some people, places, things, or ideas out of your life.

Because you have been running around on fumes just enough to keep you going, but not enough to cause a crash and burn in your life and let me tell you the way the King of Pentacles set in reverse. Baby if you like things a certain way you on the verge of becoming rigid, emotionally close off, and set in your ways. So that manifestation work ain’t gone be looking to hot for you. Some of y’all got a mentor in your life that needs to be cut out. Preferably a woman because she ain’t to fond of you falling in love at this time and she really playing it coy. This could be a mother figure, sister, sibling, or cousin. You pick what role you want to be in this situation not me. I’m just the energy reader.

Some of y’all lying how y’all feel about someone and some of y’all want a commitment whether that is to be married, loved, have kids, or that long term contract in business. And your loved ones from the grave saying why do keep waiting to late on everything in your life. You always seem to miss out on opportunities. You have a person in your life that can be needy as HELL and they block a lot of your blessings they sneaky ass hell too. Because every time you get comfortable this motherfucker come right in with all they negative energy and doubt. They like to ride your coat tail a lot so pay attention to any glamour magic, flattery, people overly stroking your ego, and illusion. Keep in mind this could be YOU! I have to say this for disclaimer purposes because I don’t need the collective saying that is what ARIES be doing?

Argue with the comments and not me! Some of y’all looking for that engagement ring it’s in your closet in box somewhere or an antique somebody gave you that was of value. Could’ve belonged to a loved that has transitioned over. When you get an energy clearing ask the specialist can they identify this person who likes to lay in your energy because they like to use to glamour and illusion magic. It’s a water spirit that’s all I can tell you. Don’t throw away something valuable because you don’t see the beauty in it because you gone wash away, you’re blessings with it. Honor your own intuition spirit said you gone know what I’m talking about! That’s why you need and energy clearing not a chakra alignment okay.

Just because you maybe feeling like your libido may be running low at this moment spirit saying you using to much of your energy. Start connecting with people and let them pour into you genuinely as well as you are pouring into them. Your manifestation is off because you lack passion at the moment, and it may not be time for you go on off running. My dwindle dwarf you don’t have everything you need to get moving. There is an olive branch coming in from someone who don’t have your best interest at heart, but they have an apology. If you’re not in the spirit of accepting apologies and know you gone back slide into who you used to be. Politely say I am not in the space to receive this.

You don’t have to always be in anger, doubt, and emotional dismay. Spirit some of y’all need to get some sleep because your body can’t heal all the way especially if you have been taking medicine. You don’t let your body charge up enough so it can go into self-healing mode. Some of y’all have not been standing up for yourself and it be causing you too feel like shit. Because there are too many people who are asking you for things or that require too much of you. You need to learn how to forgive yourself for the person you used to be because baby if you keep on spiritually attacking people they gone do it back. This could be in reverse because there seem to be spiritual bullies in the group chat sending that heat to see how you cand deal with it.

Are studying to be a shaman, high priestess, reiki specialist, or practitioner? Baby good luck. One of y’all got a long way to go because your fire magic is A-one but your other elements are failing because of your regular life. WELL, LET ME GET OUT OF HERE BECAUSE I GOT 11 MORE TO GO!



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