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Aries Monthly Reading


KEYWORD: Game of Thrones, needy, emotionally waste, ouch, accident prone, inability to focus, all over the place, what you want, stop asking for things and getting mad when the response isn’t what you want, awareness, being aware of how your actions affect other people black magician, astral travel, child support, child care, daycare, cps, police, hostage, grimoire, lying, gossiping, keeping up mess, and quantum psychics.

Why, out of the zodiac signs you get the damn love reading. Jesus get somebody else to do it. Whoever this is, has falling out of love with someone and they don’t give one single fuck, oddly I kind of like it. It doesn’t feel hateful or spiteful but it’s more like I need to go off and do the things I always wanted to do. Like honoring the inner child in them. Like sitting on your favorite park bench and eating ice-cream alone and watching the sea gulls fly over their head. Meanwhile somebody else life is falling apart and the other person doesn’t give one fuck. This is giving the case of the ex, the one that just won’t leave you the hell alone. They feel like they have got something else to say, something for y’all to do, having any reason to keep in contact with you, or my old favorite I left my bowl and I need my mama's favorite dish back and one of you are like okay.

This pisses this person off because they feel like you are supposed to fight for them. Meanwhile this hasn’t been nothing but a short fling and if was a 2 year relationship y’all really don’t even know nothing about each other but pain and sex. Somebody had a near death experience and someone may have reported you as dead and even created an obituary for it. Yikes, this may have been done to get some finances or to get a hidden insurance policy cashed out on you. This person was so happy to get this money it doesn’t make any sense this is why this person was looking like they seen a ghost when they seen you. Because they had said you passed on and your family was involved in this too. For those of you who are doing any altar work your mama or passed on aunt is saying get them off of your altar. I don’t know the reason why. That’s something you may have to ask a medium or if you have those skills divine on it. It may be a simple rejection where the spirit doesn’t want to work with you, or they don’t like being on the altar with other things.

Now, somebody has been doing some form tarot and they have been psychically blocked because someone has been misusing their gifts. They have been doing divination on someone that they shouldn't have been doing in the first place and also giving out bad advice to people. This person didn’t take heed to the warnings the first time, so they started working with lower-level entities to receive some form of message and also started working with false guides. This has lead someone to being paranoid because of their own actions. For others you have someone that is doing this to you, so you want get accepted for a job offer that is open in a field you never have been in before. They say it is friendly work competition when it’s not. It's blatant jealously, bullying, cruelty, and malicious.

This is why nobody wants to work with you on certain things whether it is in your life or about finances. Some people feel like business shouldn’t be this complicated when they are trying to get something done. Either you are moving forward with the applicant or not. Nobody asked you to get all personal in somebody affairs because you got some secret crush or fixation with figuring this person out before you approve their position. This is why the company is going in the direction that it is because you have people who feel like you don’t know what it is that you are doing when it comes to emotional affairs. And that’s bad when you are the boss or an employer when your employees start to act out as if they are kids. There is a difference in being a tyrant, following some orders of a dictatorship, and basically pushing people around because you have money and employ people. ‘

Like where is the excitement to get up and go to work, especially if you just hit a new tax bracket. It seems like someone needs to take a sabbatical and go off and find themselves, so they can be in a good head space because their chaotic energy is throwing everything off. And this may be a challenge because the only thing you do is work anyway. Do you even know your favorite hobbies? Have you checked in with your therapist? Have you done your psychical therapy this week. No, is the answer to all of these questions, this is why people are trying to override your decisions at this time. Because somebody is so focused on business, but they aren't handling their affairs. People have been asking you for the paper work and you have been playing main. You got folks waiting on you, and you just keep making some excuses and people are tired of this.

This is why you keep being dragged down to the courts and constantly having to pay all of these legal fees when this case was supposed to be closed. If you purchased a property people are waiting on you to sign over the deed, waiting on a signature, or to come through with something they need. You really stalling people out, it’s like you don’t want to embrace a change that has nothing to do with you. You kinda acting like a Leo go check out their reading. Leo Monthly Reading (

If you are scared just say that change can be scary but making everybody else suffer because you don’t want to undergo this new season is more of a personal issue you need to resolve with yourself. Everything is about you, so don’t make everything about you and get mad when everyone feels like you are being selfish. It is just that life is still gone life no matter how scary you think things can be sitting in isolation and depriving yourself of life's beauty is only harming you. Eventually you are going to have to jump off of the porch and see if you have wings. If you are having any mental health challenges at this time, please make sure you are at least trying to meet yourself halfway.



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