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Aries Monthly Reading


I'm hearing the words final fight and it feels like it’s a battle of the minds, like it is some mental assimilation going. The how versus now but the subconscious is over powering the entire mind but not in a form of sort of psychosis. Somebody mind has an extra power charge in it. The movie you probably should watch is Mega Mind I know it’s a kid's movie but they have some powerful messages in it. I believe children are the closest thing to God. But for the rest of you it's like somebody doesn’t want to let go of the past and they are living there mentally but it's playing out psychically. This could be due to some sort of trauma that has been bestowed upon someone or someone could be having a hissy fit about something. It limits them in their mobility skills its actually kind of selfish.

Because its giving if I'm not over it then you can’t be over it and this could probably lead to some strains in your relationships at this present time. Some of you are waiting for someone to leave or it could be the other way around to do something. This could be emotions like wanting someone else to believe in you, encouragement from someone, or some being able to go forth with a plan. For some you may want something to go off with any hiccups or mishaps and this is blocking you all around. Because it's like the people around you are like when the hell do we go. Is it now or do we continue to wait? For some you may be losing your audience and no I'm not talking about social media if it applies then let it apply. But this is the support of other people around you because they are ready to do something different. I hear someone saying give it a rest. Like you are going stir crazy about something.

Sibling rivalry maybe at play because someone is trying to obtain something before you do or start something they know they can’t keep up. It’s like they come around to throw you off your focus because they know you never pay attention to them. It's like they have this fear that you are going to leave them behind so they have to do something quick fast in a hurry to stop from going forward. Now this could be leaving home, relocating, moving out of state, or going to college. They feel like you left them behind once and you won’t do it again and they don’t care how they are perceived. I don’t know if y’all trauma bond a lot or y’all made some pack to always be there for each other but someone doesn’t want one of the other to grow up. If there is an argument at play it seems as if someone isn't going to reach out until you, do it first.

And someone is sick of this shit because they know when they be in the wrong and so do you. So, it seems as if a cycle isn't closing fast enough or this behavior doesn’t move out the way. Well, I wouldn't neither if you keep condoning this behavior. If you want something to change, be the change and stick to it. Stop going back on plans and stand firm to what you are going to do and you want have to worry about other people doing the same. It’s like someone doesn’t know that the people around them look up to them and do as they have been taught. And you don’t like what you see because you see you in them. Somebody maybe trying to blackmail, extort, or use someone for some state of cash and they go about using sex as means to get it.

It’s like sleeping with an escort and not knowing that you had to pay a fee for the experience of having a night on the town. So, somebody wants to sully your name and call you all types of bad things all because you want give them some money. For those of you in relationships or dating this person you feel as if they are playing to many games when they are because they keep being led by sex. So, this ex-fling, sexual partner, or lover keeps coming back around for sex and threating to out them or embarrass you. When they clearly can just stop fucking the person and go on with, they life. Child, y’all be doing too much. If someone was interested in you, I see them walking away because they don’t have time for this and its going to start in a decline of your sexual offers.

It maybe some hurt feelings behind this but someone feels they have to do what is best for them even if someone feelings are hurt. For some this may even confuse you because someone really wants to give this another try but it comes with too much drama and problems. Someone feels like have to work too hard to obtain things while the other person spends all of their money on cars, clothes, jewelry, drugs, and alcohol. The decisions someone has mad has them feeling like the are laughing stock when they really should seek help from outside sources. Like rehab and therapy. If someone went into business or deal business someone, they hate this shit with a passion because whoever this is a bully and tyrant. How you gone control something that’s not yours. Screams the meme police, police, police as he seems to punch them man.

Someone who is posing to be your friend is not your ally they are working against you every turn you get. They bring some much trouble in your life to the point they have losing real friends and money behind a lot of shit. It's like they are an agent of chaos it's like you build something up and they come knocking it down. It's like they don’t want you or someone you know to move forward at all. It’s giving sad, depressed, and isolated. And you want guess who it is behind this shit only you would know if you sit down and think. Someone has been practicing and studying the occult and not the good kind. The kind that requires offers to devils and blood magic and it is wreaking havoc on whoever life this is. Its messing with their mental health, psychical health, and spiritual wealth. It's like 10 steps forward and 80 backwards.

And I see someone cursing someone out saying why didn’t you just leave this mess alone. Look at you as they help you get your mess together. For some this a ritual someone was trying to pull off to get someone pregnant or a soul swap. And it didn’t work out the way someone wanted it to and someone is still saying a deal is a deal. As if you didn’t damn near die in trying to get the first job done. For some you are going to find a way to get your power back and walk away for good because whoever this is found out some shocking shit when they looked into their future. And they didn’t like the outcome of it and this has this someone spooked whether that is going to jail, a psych ward, or a fatal ending for messing with things they should've messed with in the first place.

Someone could be messing with someone car and they are trying to get it to crash or shut down. For some this is vandalism and theft of property someone has been on one when it comes to raising hell in everybody lives but they own. And when you ask this person why they are doing what they doing they hump they shoulders like they don’t know what they doing like a damn child. I'm hearing cut your losses now before it brings you more problems than wins. For some of y’all this is this friend or ex-lover who is cutting a rug because you cut them off financially. Baby they weren’t saving no money you were giving them and how much was you giving them. Because my cash app is always open if you are feeling financially frisky.

Spirit said that’s just the way the cookie crumbles stop trying to break it up into more pieces. It's giving overkill like you are traumatized or something. The only way to is to get through it, especially if you feel as if you are on the other side of karma sometimes you have to look at your mess you created no matter how much you try to avoid it. Lying and denying it won't make the guilt of something go away. For some of you, you may have to take someone to court for some financially issue and this person will pull out the water works and use their child as a crutch. When this person could give a single less fuck about this child it is crazy what people will do to get out of something. This person is even using this as an excuse to not show up to court. Ducking and dodging bail like it it’s the judge fault or some. When they know they obtained something unlawfully and they don’t want to give back as if it is there's.

Whoever this is, is money hungry than a mother fucker and don’t give a fuck about nobody but spirit said you will see through their bullshit. Because I think some of y’all are at your max capacity when it comes down to being a sucker for a sob story. It wouldn’t surprise me if you weren’t popping pain pills, Vicodin, anxiety meds, nervous pills, or anything to keep you calm. Because this reading is terrible and someone has to go have talk with God, a higher power, the universe, or whatever you believe and just scream from their chest. Because this is a lot for someone to carry on their own, I hope you got a hell of a support system because this maybe the time you need them most.


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