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Aries Monthly Love Reading


KEYWORDS: I hate u, I love u- Garrett Nash, bottle feelings, Mixed Messages- Big Krit, emotionally all over the place, everything ain’t about you, and The Unseen a 1980’s movie. Google the plot if you can't find the movie.

Before we start off into this monthly love reading check around your home for mold and fungi growing. If the house is older than 20 years it’s a spirit that is trying to get your attention and the house need to be cleared inside out before it festers in something else. And yes, one of y’all houses talk creaking walls, constant faucets running, and door closing. They only do that when the wrong people around and at night, they last spiritual walk through for protection. WTF!

Friction, friction, friction is all your experiencing right now. Either the time is now or it is not. It seems like something is either almost good enough or never good enough. The question you ask yourself when will the time be right. Well, if you wait on the perfect timing nothing will ever go right. You have a heart and solar plexus chakra awakening and it's going to be massive to the point you’ll be picking up on things before they about to go down. Come on intuition who been using they common sense lately. For others it's just time to get focused so you want be out here picking up things that don’t belong you. Like other people's problems, emotions, and beliefs that is why you may be going into hermit mode. Not a dark knight of the soul but time to self-reflect.

This could cause problems in your relationship because somebody maybe thinking the worse when somebody spiritual going through it. Not like a bad thing but elevation of the powers they have. This may have them sleepy, groggy, and uninterested in the moment it will pass. Spirit said you have to give thanks to the lessons you have learned because you wouldn’t have the knowledge you have even if it came with pain. Life funny like that now if this is your partner someone feels really unappreciated at the moment and I heard a hissy fit. It could blow up into something else if somebody thinks this is an argument. I heard don’t get your knickers in a bunch who says this. Its learning how to see things from other people perspectives.

Somebody money been increasing and you been feeling like giving it away if that’s so send a 1000 dollars to my Cash App anonymously. I won’t tell in my Alicia Keys voice sense you feeling financially frisky. If you are in a relationship someone is mad about purchases that has been made on someone else's end without consulting their partner first. Please don’t tell me y’all got a joint bank account. That ain’t my business let me stay on the subject. If you in a relationship with someone who is spiritual, they like to resolve all their problems by using magic. I bet them buckshot's be tearing y’all ass up.

You have to have some form of a cosmic balance going on. For some of y’all it isn't bad it's your partner trying to get you to pray more together, getting tarot card readings, or using divination tools for spying on them. Patience is not a virtue in your house because if it is thought out then it is said out loud and this leads to a lot of arguments. One of y’all got somebody around you that is sneaky ass hell and downright up to no good. It could be a friend, your partners friend, past lover, family, baby mama, or baby daddy. But spirit said don't put nothing past them and I am not saying the zodiac sign on that because you know who they are. Somebody lets argument, conflicts, fights, and disagreements linger for a long time.

What you dating a water sign because that sound like some shit I used to do. Oh, and somebody is pregnant possibly 4-5 weeks or months. It's a boy if somebody was looking for a girl and if your baby hyper active in the womb it might be a girl. It's time for somebody to release old wounds because it makes them miss out on the important things that is happening right now. This could be due to some childhood wounds or emotional blocks that have been put into place ever since they were a teenager. Somebody hasn't grown out of there childish ways because that is what protects them from them. Give it time they’ll open u or you will.

Animals can be used for emotional support system you know they don’t like to be pushed off to the side and picked up when you finally got time away from your friend, boo, bay, or lover. Remember who was there for you when you didn’t comb your hair. That dog, that lizard, cat, parrot, turtle, or zebra. Pay attention to who comes into your life and light a fire for you to be able to see things in a better way. If not treated properly they will move onto the next thing they have fairy like vibes. You know this though this is why you purposely do things to keep them stuck or hooked on you.

And stop responding to your exes knowing damn well you don’t want them if I was in a relationship with you, I'll be confused too. For some of y’all you be bored that’s why you respond on the other days you leave them on read. WTF! If you missing home pick up a photo album and have a walk down memory lane you’ll be surprised what emotions come over you that once made you happy. It might trigger emotions you experienced in your adult years that have the same affect. Your friends want to know are you going on a vacation trip with them yes or no? Because you always ducked of and booed up all the time. If you don’t want to go just send me as the filler, I'm game.

And one of y’all need some friends I don’t know if it’s you or your partner. Someone needs to learn how to accept compliments I mean the real ones, they do have an impact on people life you know.


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