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Aries, Leo, Sagittarius


Said he may not come when you want him but he’ll be there right on time he’s an on-time God yes, he his. Now that we have knocked all of my monthly readings out of the way, we finally can save the best for last. Even though I am not featuring the fire signs right now I just had to throw a little razzle on here to make y’all feel good, yawn. It's a couple hoes who didn't want this blog out but I said ima push on through, that hate ain’t working over here.

If you have any engagements at this time, please make sure that you are staying on top of your stuff because lately you have been focused on the wrong things. Stop taking people word for stuff because somebody isn’t keeping their part of the deal. You may be moving from a place of your inner child making pinky promises and shit while someone is evil smirking like I got this nigga. Somebody is going to get hurt playing these games because they playing with someone feelings and they not being honest about it. This could be due to a relationship, money, civil court, custody battle, and emotional differences. This energy is all over the place and it isn't leading to nowhere it is just chaos dressed in a pretty bow. That is breaking many people hearts.

Financial challenges and changes may be coming up for someone this could be good for the majority but on the other hand it seems pretty bad. I heard the word downsizing if you want them kids to get, they stuff for Christmas please start shopping now. If you know you got other things going on don’t over play your hand if you know you ain’t got it like that. Because you gone be mad as hell trying to be in grind mode crying and shit in the Target line because you waited till the last minute to gone get them kids shit. When you gone recognize that somebody ain’t your friend some of y’all hanging around a bully it could be you. Somebody likes to tug on people heart strings by saying messed up things and thinking people supposed to turn around love them. In what world you live in? Please let me know for research purposes.

Someone has been dabbling in the occult and the toxic kind at that and they have been sending hella death magic out consistently and wondering why it's not working only to look around and it hit someone they know. Sorry for your loss and I send my condolences. Now for others that has been dabbling with the arts I heard someone has been suffering with mean panic attacks, late night crying, lack of sleep, and wondering when will it end. Somebody hearing shit and feeling very paranoid and its off putting to other people to the point they have been pushing people away with their antics. I heard he/she just won’t stop it's like someone is addicted to doing this damn spell work on somebody. They acting like an evil genius saying if I can just do this right then maybe it will work.

Nigga you losing shit in your life right now your sight, peace of mind, sanity, health, and money. It has been problem after problem when the hell you gone stop? Do you not see what the hell spirit been trying to show you? Whoever taught you this knew you was at war with yourself so they used you as a pawn and now you addicted to something that’s going to make you lose some of bit of everything. Yes, I said that right. Baby get your ass out the matrix and walk way while you can. For some of y’all someone has this star pupil energy that wants to be chosen, seen, and heard. When it only comes off as envious and gluttonous and you may end up hurting yourself. The past could be a treat for you and it doesn't look so nice especially if you were the person who wasn’t so nice.

It's time to rip off the band aid and tell this monster GOOD RIDDANCE, I have had enough you. It's like someone has been in a war with themselves and they are scared to address what the real problem is. Are you scared that you are finally going to meet the real, you? And the persona you put on isn't the real you, that the tough exterior you use is to protect you from others. But there are no others to protect you from because they all are leaving one by one. Now this could be a fall out in a group dynamic because someone is a BULLY like I sing and you dance. Don’t move, don’t touch nothing, just watch, and count your breath. Is someone dealing with a thief because if so please cut them off because baby this too much for you to be doing. Trying to keep tabs on somebody they gone run your ass crazy.

Adults are going to be adults no matter how immature or dysfunctional they seem they are going to do what makes them happy. For some of y’all someone is arguing over some money maybe the person that is dead or the one they thought was fina die. Seems like something didn’t go as plan and someone got they money and got the hell out of dodge and said fuck this I'm out. PEACE! And whoever was left in this house were magic has been casted has been experiencing and unruly spirit who is taunting them and making them feel like they aren’t themselves. Whoever this is they have been cloaking their energy so people won't notice them but spirit said that bad luck they got speaks volumes.

Someone may call CPS on somebody saying they be leaving they kids in the house if you do stop telling your friends your business because one of them may report you. And make sure they are of age because you know it's illegal right if they aren't over a certain age. Your neighbors aren’t your friends they be the ones who calling and been nosey about what's going on. Your parents or parent is nosey and they be the ones sending out the calls to the cops. Could be your kin but its someone you have in close proximity who is in the midst of causing all of this shit. They always saying hey girl how you doing when they come through the door a black purse is evident because they wear it all the time. Somebody child's father could be annoying because you won't let him see the baby.

Somebody is saying this nigga is an abuser and they told me girl f u. Whew, that’ll do it that’ll do it. Someone wants somebody to know that they will always love you, this could be a toxic lesbian ex-lover that is bat shit crazy. Somebody could be getting married or is married but they think about you from time to time. And they gone let you know it every time they get the chance too, it's basically sex this person thinks about and I think you know it. This person may use magic to spy on you from time to time well they do it all the time.

When you release this person, your blessings are going to start rolling in such as; getting the help you need, resources, money, downloads, and aspirations just gone pop up. It's like this person doesn’t want to make the choice but they choose to stay hoping a decision will be made for them. Someone is like a little puppy dog that’s scared to go pee by themselves, eat by themselves, and do anything by themselves it's like they scared you gone leave. Someone maybe codependent or in an abusive relationship that has somebody so tweaked out they stay instead of leaving.

If someone has removed themselves from that situation, they are scared to let all of that pain go because they think they are not powerful enough to do so. So being alone and living in fear is the best decision for them because someone is so scared to let themselves down again, they just chose to live in sorrow. I hope you get the healing you need so you can start enjoying life to the fullest.



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