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Aries Season Reading


Come on Aries season because the way Pisces season has been exposing our enemies, flaws, bad things, and habits you would think we were in a Scorpio season. We need this new fresh air because life ain’t been lifing and them drugs they on making shit worsier than what it is. It's like good riddance baby we ready to step into this new found swift, efficient, and get her done energy. So, let's get into this think piece.

KEYWORDS: love, support, friends, going outside, taking a drive, letting your hair hang down, being free, taking classes, pottery, foreign language, new wardrobe, fashion, clothing line, and saying good bye to making shit work.

The message that came across was action based and for some of you, you may be like girl I'm tired of working. Girl, no I am talking about, just simply removing things from your life that no longer serve you. Out of all of the zodiac signs Aries is the fastest one and a lot of people try to use this energy in a forceful nature, and they end up working against it. Out of the fire signs who is the one that always has to fail forward and learn as they go, Aries. Now baby if you haven’t been understanding anything at this state and time baby life just gone have to drag you on by. Because the way life been handling us as a whole it’s saying I'm tired of your shit, as a nigga on the way to get a square and never come back. That is what the planets have been doing and it's like if you know everything then I'll get out of the way.

And let me tell you something when you are trying to be grown and live on your own you sometimes regret not listening and paying attention to what is being said. So, for my folks who aren’t learning some of y’all gone get mad when some people just up and leave y’all alone for no reason. Because baby some of y’all have people who are energetically draining, and the cord removal process needs to be more physical. Like getting up and walking away and never looking back. It may come off like a mid-life crisis but some of y’all need the freedom you crave so bad. Because some people just aren't getting it. It doesn’t give me sassy, rude, or condescending it's just like telling somebody you can kiss my ass in the nicest way. The arguments they stale, the drama is getting old, and rehashing things is taxing.

It's like when you gone choose you for once as I say this to my damn self. It's about getting your freedom back and life back, this energy has been feeling like incarceration. Because we not gone speed the fact that some people have been spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically limiting us. And for some it gave us growth while on the other hand it suppressed us beyond our years. You may be feeling like you need some reassurance at this time from the universe or people just look for the signs they reveal themselves to you.


For my spiritually gifted people just be prepared to have your mind blown. It's not like you gone see some shit in the spirit realm you ain’t never seen before but you gone see some people for who they are. It's like having your third eye opened to see people for who they are such as; their auras, motives, intentions, and dream state clarity. It's like being on a video game and you seeing niggas stats or some and they ass gone hate you. Because they had you under the guise of thinking you where you supposed to stay in a marginalized space. It’s like working a job and people underestimating the shit out of you and then only come to found out that you are the one that can do something they can’t. And this may spark some change in you because you may realize how undervalued you have been. How people don’t appreciate you or you haven’t been able to be seen for who you are.

If you have been experiencing hardships, it's time to sit back and see what is the issue? Is it because you have been barking up the same tree or not recognizing that something isn't for you? Do you have leaks such as people who talk too much or you telling the wrong people your information? Or is the goal you're striving for isn’t that important such as your livelihood. Like your daily necessities, eating, paying bills, and hydrating. Some people can be so focused on a goal that they forget they have real life bills on their hand. You can set some money to the side or a targeted goal you would like to hit to help you accomplish it instead of trying to hit the ground running with no foundation. The goal is to work smart not hard.

I'm not an astrology reader but somebody needs to look further in that for your own sanity because something about Jupiter in Pisces caused a lot of problems for you. I don’t know if that’s the over promise but under deliver method. Trying your luck when you know it has run its course. Someone could have been expecting something but it didn't plan out because it was a lie. Trying to start business off of fake credit or credit card. It’s like all over the place if I'm being honest it’s really giving stolen identity and not in a good way. Because it’s a little bit of karma attached to that and it’s not nice at all. I'll do a video on it or go live.


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