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Aries Energy Reading


KEYWORDS: groove with you, Joker and Harley Quinn, release, trust, and simplicity.

Why y’all always got to get the spiritual messages and especially the ones about protection, dream work, and astral projection. What the hell y’all be doing over there better yet don’t let me know because I like my sleep and peace. I like it when my body is rejuvenated. When you gone go to a chiropractor? When you gone start meditating and praying more? When are you going to finally have that heart-to-heart talk with your Creator? When are you going to finally learn how to be free? You know you can lead without taking on all the responsibility. Baby if you working to hard then it defeats the purpose of having a team to assist you. Either you ain’t working with the right people or you ain't working right with them.

Now come on job promotion or new position. I heard team lead or just a bonus on the job if so buy me some lunch I want some chicken wings fried hard with extra ranch. Somebody stepping into to elderhood not being old but becoming more wise and growing spiritually. The evolution of self being weighing heavy on your soul some of y’all been ready to release a lot of things that has been holding you back in life. Such as job, kids, car, clothes, and money. You just over there having hissy fits about everything clothes ain’t fitting, people ain’t responding to messages fast enough, feeling like your time is wasted, and trying hard to remove the swords out your back.

Talk about attachments to people places and things huh? Happiness is created over time not always in fast moments of time. Either you or somebody around you don’t care about time, time management, or life quarrels at all. Some of y’all finally got a friend and like it actually for once. I guess that’s the bald-headed hoe shit, get it b****. That block one of you have been feeling energetically could’ve been a time lapse or it was energy you were holding onto for comfort, and it had to find way to be released. Who is that working on a six pack shout out to you because I’m trying to get a lil thin not a lot bit. You know just enough to get a mommy makeover. Somebody spiritual gifts is expanding and they are able to auras around people.

Now don’t get carried away and start calling people demonic or lower vibrational. Sometimes people mood shifts and their aura changes with them some people are cool like that meanwhile others you get what you see. I got two oracles decks out and patience came out twice? Pay attention to your energy level when you are having certain conversations with certain people because either somebody is draining or knows how to tug you in energetically low spaces. Like a cussing match, shouting contest, and fights just in general. Somebody needs to get some rest and give they vocal cords a break. Don’t be weary if you are in moods where you have nothing to say. Nothing is wrong you just learning how to listen and communicate what it is you genuinely need.

Somebody is recuperating from health issues and finally learning to add some herbs in their diet or earthly regimens to your meals. Having a garden may take up some of your interest at this time or taking up some hobby in the form of planting maybe good for you. Its time to get your hands dirty and it help you with being more grounded it’s a tedious aspect, but you need it. Now don’t get carried away and start putting people back there you know how y’all new age spiritualist is. Thinking everybody somebody is supposed to be in there. Child, y’all too much for me. For my divorcees your ex-lover or spouse could be pulling on your energy or trying to play in your energy, nip that in the bud. For some of this is a spirit husband or wife. Didn’t last month you have a marine spirit following you. NOTE TO MARSHAE THIS AIN’T GOT NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU!

Have y’all ever heard of sound bath before? Seriously, you need it like asap that stuff is amazing. For those childhood wounds for whoever this is that used to carry them I see someone having a coming-of-age ceremony in ethers this could be you getting you dipped and reborn again in whatever fashion that means too you. You can’t change everything that somebody don’t like about you, you change so you can be a better you for the world to see you for who you genuinely are at heart. Them family issues ain’t gone change overnight and just know they human and they don’t have too. Somebody is making it hard for someone to believe in them because they all over the place. You have someone who is purposely trying to be mentally confusing in a matter.

Someone is abusing their power and then coming back trying to bear gifts and gaslighting someone out of they feelings. Like how you gone tell me how I feel, is what you said. Somebody over their arguing about an insurance policy again I guess somebody took the money and spent it on something else. Or this could be genuinely trying to remove someone’s child off of it so they can receive some funds for themselves. I heard somebody trying to shortchange a blessing and you petty enough to ask and wait for your penny back. Somebody is into building aircrafts, and they tired of trying to create the blueprint for them. Maybe one of them crashed so maybe building drones will be up to they speed because they won’t have to fly it. Because this person lying about not being able to build it they don’t want to test it out again.

Its like they are the energetic block that’s going on in their mind that’s stopping them from creating. You know trauma does that to the body. Child, we almost three pages in I’m getting tired. Somebody is one of them star seed children so they can read energy off of them satellites so that energy manipulation ain’t working on them.


P.S. If you see any grammatical errors just read it like its none there I’m sleepy and just fina upload it.



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