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Aries Energy Reading


As this season comes in I just can’t seem to get my footing in on it. Maybe it’s the entitles that is still trying to stay stuck in the past, the heavy witchery brewing, and the overall waste of my time it is giving energy vampire. Like damn don’t they supposed to be out at night like when the hell did y’all get so many daylight rings ima need that witch to undo that spell and send y’all back to where y’all came from. I mean for real when the messages came across for the season, I said let me pull tarot on this because it seem very negative but it was just the harsh truth. A lot of people don’t seem to like Aries energy when it is telling the truth and trust with a chart full of Mars placement, I know the pain this season is giving.

This is the start of the new year you have those same people who gave up hope on their new year, new me goals going around spreading their toxicity like it is rose gold. It’s giving child like y’all still want to be in Pisces season and let me tell you it was a snooze fest, drama written, exposing, and the heavy reveal of how a nigga really feel. If you didn’t feel the need to see people for who they are because you wanted to keep the rose colored glasses on I’m sorry to tell you this Aries season is going to feel like you lost your friend in the crowd. But have no fear because we all have been here once or twice, and spirit said you got this. Is it me or every time Aries season comes around it seems like heavy protection work needed?

I can see why astrology wise because Pisces season does have this hidden agenda to everything it does it is the quickest way to hide sarcasm in truth. And it glamorizes the ugliest part of ourselves and not in a physical way but more in an internal way. With all the dream manipulation people have been trying to pull off, the occult trying to suck people in, false leaders, and idolatry. Whew, child I can see why I have to repeat myself every damn ARIES season. I’m really starting to feel like those who are spiritually inclined to serve as teachers, healers, shamans, sound healers, reiki specialist, and psychics need to be prepared to go to war when Pisces season comes around.


First message was lowering or you lowering your expectation you have of people, places, things, and idea. Also miscommunication, and mishaps came about. I said if this isn’t the same message into one but some people learn different and that is okay. Everybody has a list of things they are trying to achieve but what if what you are aiming for isn’t aiming for you. See people think when you set out goals you’re supposed to just write it out but if it isn’t detailed enough for you child, you’ll burn yourself out aimlessly shooting for anything in your life. Meaning not paying attention to the red flags before you go off trying to get all of your fruits out of one basket.

Baby things take time and that is something Aries, Leo, Sagittarius are not prone to like to do. So, the energy for the collective could have people rushing off with your gun have halfcocked into situations and not even knowing the potential setbacks. Yeah, everything seems exciting when you don’t have nothing planned but is excitement really worth the emotional stain you’ll have to come back and clean up later. I think TF not. Think first one thing I noticed with Aries energy is that is give the Heyoka Clown spirit and for those of you that don’t know what that is it is a person who learns ass backwards. Now I’m not saying just because you tend to have a lot of Aries placement this makes you one. Do your research this is more prone to Native American culture.

I wouldn’t know what it was if a shaman wouldn’t have called me one and it sent me on a heavy deep spiritual dive into doing divination work to find out about it. And it justified a lot of things in my life. But lets get back on subject throat chakra been coming up a lot so for those of you who abuse your voice it time for you to get serious with you. Access what is hurting you and see if there is a better way to express your anger. There are many outlets you can use to channel that anger such as working out, writing, race car driving, paintball, gun range, drawing, hanging with kids, amusement parks, and meditation. People who tend to talk reckless to people on a day-to-day basis always seem to have some adrenaline rush.

If you don’t go sit your hyperactive tail self-down and use that energy on something productive. Go start a band or something but we don’t need your minor aggressions on a day-to-day basis. And this goes for you passive aggressive patties too, don’t think you slick just because you calm. Sweetie, we feel that vibration that is giving off we don’t need your nitpicking energy. If you don’t like using that energy on yourself why would want us to feel that on a day-to-day basis. “MAKE IT MAKE SENSE”!


Where do you go when you are angered, triggered, annoyed, tired, or depleted? How do you deal with rejection? Is it something that frightens or frees you from the obligations you have in life? REGROUP stands out the most to me because some of you guys need to look around the room and say these are not my friends. Yeah, I said it, it is the truth some of y’all have been holding on to people for dear life who do not choose to grow with you. Why is that you keep running to the same people for emotional support do you fear the unknown with people whom you are trying to know.

And no I’m not talking about people who you hang with some of y’all meet the same people in the same bodies because you never seem sit and reflect on you. Are you comfortable with doing same things because there are people who like repetition, but for the ones that don’t why you won’t change? Is that a question you have yet to ask yourself or no one has ever asked that question in your life?

Because some of us are so busy going off and doing everything to survive in this lifetime that we forget it is okay to live. When take time to sit and focus on the things that is important to us, we really change the world and ourselves as well. People act like it is a problem to be selfish with your time, energy, love, and support. Its not that they don’t matter but you matter more than anything in this world. “THAT’S WHAT HE SAID”! 😉 So remember to keep setting boundaries, challenging yourself, speak your truth, and live like you’re never going to live again. But with some common sense because we don’t need you out here hurting people or someone hurting you. Okay, Jerome.



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