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Are y’all gone be mad at Me?

I'm braiding my hair so we gone be out of commission and I know some of y'all like bitch not again. Girl it won't be for long I just got to get out of this hairpression I been sick of this ponytail. I'll drop y'all some daily inspiration on here to hold yalll over because we ain't had good hoe tales on my life in a minute. If you been wondering where I been dodging the drama and shit.

It is nothing new nothing changed but let me tell you I don't know what the planetary alignment got going but ima need them to go get it together. Because child, I need a vacation on a beach or an island saying bartender really loud. I'm so at this point where if I have to tie a branch with a big leaf on it, to a tree and cut a big fan on and pull the rope so I can be on a pretend island or something. Girl the way I been over it you just don't know.

But celebrate wise this week or weekend. Make sure you are going where the drama isn't because it's some people that act like they addicted to it. Avoid them as much as you can and limit all contact with them baby they ain't gone learn until they all alone. And they still gone complain about that. Remember everybody ain't your project not your job to fix. Ask God to do it he ain't doing nothing tell 'em I sent you in the name of the Jesus!!


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