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Aquarius Monthly Reading


KEYWORDS: natural sanctuary is the word I heard, now this could be place you frequent or a person that makes you feels like this, GEMINI, AQUARIUS, SCORPIO, LEO, AND VIRGO!

The spirit of the avenger is all over you now, I don’t if this a person who is out for blood or someone who is obsessed with the marvel world. You could be someone who is into comics or someone who is into science and natural science at that. Like the feel for life, or someone who is looking for answers and things that defy the odds and whoever this is, is meticulous anyway. It kind of comes off like if I can't have this then no one will. It blocks a lot of someone's creatives aspects. The ability to get out of their comfort zone and try something new. If you are doing anything that requires the majority of your focus someone has to learn how to step away and not with the sense of no returning. Like learning how to take a moment to process or taking things in increments. Everything doesn’t have to be done at once pace yourself because that’s how you burn out.

And whoever this is, breeds escapism because they take things in quantity and overload themselves and when they get fed up they quit with the effort of no return. This makes someone seem as if they aren’t efficient enough for the job. You have to remember my strengths are not your strengths when you are working with other people. Everything isn't about you; some people do have a life to live outside of work. I think you might just be coming around to this and whoever this is has an anxious disorder that may lead to hypersexual actions. Like the need to get frustrations out by having sex all of the time. Are on you any drugs at this state and time? Do not answer this, this is for you not me?

Sex, seems to throw someone's life off because it’s like someone is a like a dog in heat. You know when a dog can smell when you on your period, pregnant, or sad it’s like this person can sense that shit. But this is in human form though, someone has some high natural animalistic instincts that they may need to get control of. Because it causes a lot of conflict in your personal relationship because you are around here throwing that thang around and people thinking they are in a commitment with you when it’s the complete opposite. It's like you lead people on with the expectations that they are something to you when in reality they’re nothing to you. Now you may explain it differently but the energy I am picking up on can be read in a totally different way.

But at the same time if you have someone that you like to grown folks play with, wink, wink. Sweetie, they are looking for love and to move forward in life and you are causing a lot of confusion because you don’t come with the commitment it’s just the chase, sorry. Now, some feelings maybe hurt because you may feel like you like this person but jumping down someone's throat just have sex and not showing any signs of emotions and playing games with someone doesn’t mean you like them. You give the little kid who captured a squirrel, and the mama was trying to take it back to the woods and the child damn near endangered the squirrel's life by choking the shit of it. This is what you are doing with the person who you are dating. Now I don’t know if it’s some domestic violence going on if so I'll link it in the blog.

But for others this breeds conflict in the other party's life because they are not your person and you have to get over that. We gone need to get you a tag along friend until you figure out what it is you want to do because this possessiveness has someone acting like a Scorpio and it’s not cute. It's giving fatal attraction, like jumping out of alleys and shit saying hey where you going? Sincerely I would blow my rape whistle and scream stranger danger, okay.

On the flipside doing some womb cleansing and chakra healing can balance out that sexual energy. Your sacral is off, it’s the chi within the body is imbalanced. The energy points within the urinary meridian may be enflamed and causes UTI’s, yeast, and BV! Which can be normal for people who are overly sexually active. But it also follows up with the stomach meridian and liver meridian too. Which can cause other issues with your digestive system. Now, I ain’t no doctor but I'm going on limb here with a spiritual diagnosis from the book of the universe that this maybe a reason you don’t comprehend properly. I am not talking about reading and writing I am talking about the emotional needs of others it gives lack of attention.

Lack of nourishment on a constant basis, it’s like someone has to sit in your face all day. I feel like if you could crawl back into the womb, you would. And that’s not good because the only friends you have are the ones you have sex with and that can be however you take that. This could lead to false commitments and leading someone to be in the 7 of cups energy all of the time. Like being in an altered state when in reality you are in the reality you made. So, it’s like someone is living off of sheer delusion when it comes to life and navigating their relationships. That this breeds discontentment when you find out that others are not happy with you. It's like someone takes everything personally when it’s not about you.

It's like people always have to check in with you when it comes to your head space versus you checking in on other people without them thinking you want or need something. And for the ones that know this, you take from people because you feel like they have already labeled you in a certain way. So why should you change when they don’t want to see you differently? Did you not read what I just wrote and when you read it back say it out loud until it makes sense to you. It's spiteful and you know this but the fact that you are spoiled in certain areas when it comes to your emotions. You feel like you don’t have to change because you know you’re going to get it whether you have bully, lie, manipulate, or be condescending when it comes to your ways.

I'm surprised people done hung around this long because baby, I'm out like an umpire calling a strike. Moral of the story if you keep telling the universe that you want to be babied you cannot get mad when the universe keeps putting you in situations where people treat, talk, or act as overbearing in your life. It's time for someone to grow up even if they are grown ain’t nobody saying you got to go off and create massive debt but holding onto the idea that you want to be a sour patch kid and receive things isn’t going to work. You are only creating a paradigm where people will fear you until they find the courage to leave you. And the cycle of rinse, wash, and repeat will continue until you stop it. Learn how to let other people live without it being about you all of the time.


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