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Aquarius Monthly Reading


The song that came across was You Got Me by The Roots and the title was a message in itself. Yes, someone has done some work on someone or you could be doing this to someone and possibly someone you acclaim to be a lover or friend because the next song is Going in Circles by Friends of Distinction. And for some of y’all they doing this to get your ass out of the way because they only want to be the man bitch on the block. They feel like they are indifferent and the only one who should get the attention so they are going to get it by any means necessary. Whether that is to steal, kill, hurt, rob, setup, and even plagiarize to get what the hell they need. For some of y’all you have meet your match in a situation and you don’t like this because somebody can call your bullshit faster than you call there's. And you have made this person an enemy for no reason and they haven't even offended you at all.

Maybe it was something that you said or maybe they just got a chip on their shoulder and like to pick on people. This could be bullying at play but spirit said you aren’t as a you innocent as you seem to be and this is why the conflict of interest seems to come in. For some of y’all somebody wants to give up and walk away and throw in the white flag but they can’t because somebody keep on doing the same shit to cause arguments and fights. It’s like somebody is in a war mentality that they perceive to be right and be any means necessary they will. I’ll get back to that someone is mad because they didn’t make the cut in something. Now you could be auditioning for something and you keep going up for a specific role, have you asked yourself why do you want this. Is it because it brings you joy or you just generally like the vibe of it all.

Because if that is the case you do know you can do something else to be a part of the team instead of stressing yourself out over something. Someone could be internalizing a lot of things like why they didn’t choose me, why they don’t like me, and so on. That’s not even the case someone is making something personal when it ain’t even about that. Someone just sees something better in another person what you gone do pretend to be them to get this person. If so, please seek help. Somebody is trying to come up with a plan to get out debt but ask yourself are you willingly to stick to what you are trying to do. Because your commitments will be tested if are you in it for the money just know it’s going to be some long days, hard days, and days you want to give up. Hustling could be your greatest downfall at this time because you always end up robbing to Peter to pay Paul. Spirit, says you heard this from a Virgo before.

For some of you, you keep working these jobs and they ain’t giving you what it is you need it’s like you scared to invest and go big in yourself. For some of y’all this in an employer who is a cheapskate and be nigger rigiding contracts and trying to use someone for a come up. They gone take all the money and invest into themselves buying clothes, shoes, hair, nails, and everything else except the shit they need. They’ll be back at square one and this has something to do with you and a Cancer. Y’all different beliefs on how things supposed to get done actually makes y’all go against the grain. But it seems like when moneys on the table you too click like white on rice. Now this could be how you spend or for as budgeting purposes because somebody has a contract coming in and someone is trying to obtain these finances as they own.

And I'm hearing it was and is a huge mistake and someone is emphasizing on the word HUGE. For some of y’all I think it is time you put in for a LOA from the job and go get your mind right whether this is therapy, rehab, hiking, a spiritual hiatus, or a vacation so you can find out if you really want the stress that comes with this job or the role it takes on you. Now sidebar they said this what y’all spent the money on. Someone is your enemy or has been playing one to someone and you are going to find out. They took this competition shit just a little too far even if it was to get someone hurt, killed, damaged, or ruin they reputation. Someone is quick to ask and is slow to give on all parts of the relationships they have in they life. This causes you or them to be alone and to feel isolated from everyone but someone is saying what is done is what's done.

Some of y’all have a girlfriend or baby mama who likes to call or make up allegations on someone just so they can get some money. Even down right lie to the point they’ll say you are a rapist or an abuser all for cash. This is not somebody that is reporting a crime for the great of good no this person is literally trying to blackmail her baby father or boyfriend for some money. And it is quite sickening to be exact because she doesn’t know how to save. She'll do anything to paint anyone out to be the bad guy as long as she has someone paying her bills, she does not give a fuck about nobody as long as the check come through. She could be a black widow and like to uses mean for her good as long you do right by her you have no problems when you do wrong by her you get these problems. Baby run fast ass hell and never look. What you in a cult? No seriously please don’t answer this question for the life of GOD!

Something you did to somebody is coming back to get you but spirit said you to petty to apologize so it's going to eat you up inside until you say it. It could be emotional immaturity and you and this person has this toxic relationship going on. So you feel like they did shit to you so why can’t you do shit to them. But you’re the one that’s getting fucked up about it in the spirit realm, physical realm, and even on an emotional realm. Somebody is too quick to act in haste and this cost them every time. Someone is too judgmental so they end up putting they foot in they mouth all the time. It’s seems like lately you can’t catch a damn break but some of it is your fault or this person we talking about. For some of you, you want out of this damn relationship, marriage, or three way because its toxic and it always leads to someone feelings being hurt.

I t's like someone doesn’t understand polygamy and they are trying to tear up the structures of what someone has built. Now this could a business with multiple people such as a church, business revenue, franchise marketing, and mass media. Someone just won’t act right so why would someone invest that much into you. I’m going to drop the link to the Aries video because they had this shit in their reading and I think you might want to rewatch it because you got somebody who has many suggestions, but they mean you or anyone else no good. Spirit keeps talking about a qualifying candidate for a job and somebody feels like this person doesn’t deserve it. Whether it is the money, a contract, a deal, a sponsor, or a lover. This person feels they are prettier, skinner, got light skin, yes, I know that is petty, they body look better, they can dress better, and so and so on.

Ask them why they ain’t got it then? Whoever this is they are lazy and always worried about what someone else has and they need to find better ways to get what they want. Because this is somebody who is only attracted to things because somebody else has it. As long as your ass ain’t bothering it this motherfucker do not want it. It's giving the attitude of always having to share with your younger sibling because your mom is tired of them whining so now that this person can’t have it, we all have to suffer because of this person. And don’t act like you don’t know what I'm talking about, you know them kids where the parents always give the children shit so they feel like you supposed to give them something. Like baby that’s not my job I work hard for mines so why do I have to share and this could be a thing for you at this time.

It's really breeding chaos and whoever this is, is fake spoiled anyway. (Leo, Gemini, Aquarius, and Cancer.)

Remember to take a breather before you go off addressing shit and stand your ground. If you want change then be the change you seek. If that means you have to go off in a different direction or listen more than you talk then do that. If you want change in a group dynamic you have to adhere to other people needs outside of your own. Everything can’t be about you and the needs of others and you want to be boss? Either you create a friendly work environment that you run or you just keep your boss bitch hat on and let your employees see that you are cool after the work is done. Some people have to really stop playing and short change things when it comes to work. Either you gone get the money or always have the money chasing you. Don’t nobody want to work with somebody who they have to chase down to get a job done that I am paying you for.



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