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Aquarius Monthly Reading


Why am sitting in the car like its 2012 and I’m trying to come up with a game plan to get the fuck away from people is your vibe. I feel like a new path way is coming up and you are ready to take it but somehow some way the past has a hold on you maybe it is old routines or just emotional patterning. In order to run you have to walk Bambi. Somebody likes to put the cart before the horse this is why they are always stuck in the past and unable to move forward. Maybe you should check out the Virgos monthly reading because they had that same thing going on in, they reading. Somebody got a dream or goal they haven’t been nourishing but they allow outside people opinions stop them. For some it is the lack of validation you are getting from your environmental factors. I heard you wrong so you maybe you out to prove somebody wrong about something or someone is with you.

Be careful with them pissing contest because a lot of people ain’t got shit to lose no matter how much you think they got. Somebody has confidence issues and it maybe become your problem or theirs if isn't nipped in the bud. It’s a difference when someone calls you when their anxious about doing something that can impact them like in a big way versus always calling when they are going through it. Somebody has to develop some emotional techniques to help them cope with life. Somebody finances off because they always take and never give either somebody likes to penny pinch or flex just a little too much. Spirit said for ones who like to drink and drive stop because emotionally you're going in circles, you don’t your car to do the same thing too. Whoever that is that like to argue every time you get behind the wheel just tell them to drive, they own car.

I don’t care who has the nicer care somebody have to learn how to leave people the hell alone. This make somebody drive fast as hell while they in the car an somebody gone tare somebody shit up because whoever this is, is evil as fuck at heart. They destructive, don’t care about nobody else's shit, and they always like to apologize after shit is done. Somebody temper been rising and they been trying to keep calm about it but the way I keep seeing you or someone in a dark car calling somebody a bitch. Somebody ain’t gone be to many of them because somebody is going to get put out the car or the house. If this is a sneaky link, I just want to say to the collect is the dick or pussy that good that got y’all going out of your rabbit ass mind.

Just go read another post I wrote up I said damn a prayer, holy water, or exorcism is needed. On the real somebody need a chill pill like one from a doctor or a vacation away like for some weeks until somebody get, they mind right. Who keep trying to put love spells on somebody. ‘EWW”! This is blocking someone spiritually I think this person knows it too that’s why they do it. Someone is so focused on someone not leaving them or them not being able to move on to someone else is disgusting. I heard what goes around comes around so I don’t know if this is you doing it or it is happening to you.

There are more things to life than money this what somebody has to understand they are always focused on it that they barely have time to enjoy the seeds they have produced in they life. Somebody got a bad ass house and a nice car but they always trying to obtain more and keep up with the Jones’s. When will enough be enough?

You can't share your blessings with everybody some people aren’t happy for everybody. Somebody got green eyes going on in the midst of a group settings or around someone else's blessings. You have friend or a loved one who is mad that you didn’t come see them in the hospital when they got sick. Somebody might end up going to the hospital because of an altercation that has happened. Somebody got a record and don’t want to go jail because some illegal activities might have been involved. So, this story they are coming up with is one for the books is all I can say. For some of y’all it may be some domestic violence going on and they don’t want to persecute their partner. But someone was bruised and beat up pretty bad, for the others this is shame this person carries because of their pain.

Someone is looking for a cure for this situation because it's boiling over into other things and causing havoc in other people lives. I just keep hearing someone scream at somebody scream why did you do it at the top of their lungs. For some of y’all it's going to cost someone a lot of money to fix these problems they got going on such as lawyers, doctors, physical therapy, and general therapy. I just want to say good luck with that in a British accent. Walks off

Due to this feeling to personal I want add in the zodiac signs.


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