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Aquarius Monthly Reading

Aquarius Monthly Reading

Overall message Celine Dion It’s All Coming Back To Me Now.

Girl, it took me along time to recognize this is a love song are you just now recognizing you was in love with someone, or you been wasting your time on things that give you nothing in return. Because last week when I channeled y’all message I just kept singing the baby, baby, baby, if I kissed you like this. And I think it was on a Heinz commercial or a Burger King commercial from when I was younger. So, it took me back to a moment of time where them commercials used to be lit h**. I think some of you have finally started to move pass your subconscious programming. Meaning some of y’all have been operating on a certain paradigm that you see it may or may not be beneficial to you or anybody else. This is groundbreaking because some people never seem recognize that in certain cases, they be the problem.

And when I say problem, I mean the things you put up with, the thing you do please other people, and the lack of being intune with your body. For some of y’all it maybe your emotional body because she said I remember when I used to spend all my time on you or with you and now, she doesn’t. This could be a time where some of you could be in deep heavy reflection and reflection like this requires isolation because you going to have people taking everything wrong. Because when you start to utilize your brain all the way the people who can’t manipulate you into doing things they want to do. GOING TO BE PISSY! Whew child they gone cut a rug and take everything personal. They are going to say why you are acting like that, so you to good for us now, nigga done got they heart broke so now they want to settle down, or my favorite sitting at the bar with a group of friends and recognizing this ain’t your fun anymore.

It’s not saying you are becoming a hermit it’s finally having the courage to do something different that may or may not make you happy. And no, I’m not talking about doing a different thing in a certain way to experience the same emotional outcome. I’m talking about doing something and experiencing newness such as; excitement, fear, the unknown, trust, love, and happiness. This is why I think you guys are having a ha moment because somebody been doing the same thing. It’s giving a self-inflicted pain like someone who thinks they aren’t deserving of love, support, time, honesty, being free, and feeling whole. I’m not saying this will be easy to work through but at least you notice it first without someone having to point it out.

Because if they, have you haven’t been listening because you blocked out certain emotions a long time ago that this new batch of feelings have you in a heavy state of remorse. It maybe even grief or depression for those of you who suffer with some mental health challenges. Another song coming out is Ideal- Get Gone. Either you or somebody is going through a breakup, and someone isn’t taking it so nicely. This could be someone reminiscing on the past about old lovers they could have been with. Thinking about how they could’ve handled certain situations better because someone isn’t taking to life right now. Someone could be sick and not telling people or under a whole lot of stress that is keeping them up night whether it be bills, moneys, kids, or life. Someone maybe hospitalized and not telling anyone or not having a way to communicate because I see someone doesn’t have access to a phone.

If you are taking care of someone who is elderly it maybe time to seek out some outside help because whew, I feel the stress through the computer. Somebody has a mind frame of saying I can do this on my own when in reality they can’t, its time to get honest. And to cut off certain friends and people in your life who maybe toxic to your overall wellbeing. Because I see it is a struggle for you to be vulnerable with a group of individuals, but they can be vulnerable with you. Some of you may be feeling like you need to clear your conscious, go talk to a pastor or minister because by law they can’t repeat what was said in private.

If you have any 3rd party drama going on I see you saying goodbye to all of them and trying to focus on getting yourself together. I heard this is the last time ima go through this again didn’t you do this in a past life one time. They know who I’m talking about. How this individual like to have fun at the expense of others and get mad when accountability and emotions kicks in a little too late. Ignoring the red flags and then deciding to do something different after the consequences has settled in. Somebody needs to go the hospital or cardiologist and they taking, they time with that because somebody has suffered a heart attack. That may land in some surgery again or for the last time. It maybe corrective surgery or a stint in a heart. If this is someone who is under a whole lot of grief, I’m sad to say somebody be lying and they conscious eating they ass up.

Some of y’all let your guard down with the wrong person and it is coming back to bite you in your ass. Because somebody trying to plan a baby on somebody that ain’t theirs and this person doesn’t know how to speak up. I see one of you guys saying how can I fix this because everything is piling up to the forefront. And you don’t know who to chose family, a lover, or a friend? Damn. Somebody isn’t taking of their kids and its left up to you or someone else to bare the responsibility. If you got it hire a nanny if you don’t try asking your friends for help. Someone is also recovering from a sexual assault, and they have been isolating themselves from people. Could be due to shame because it has something to do with same sex rape, being promiscuous, or a one-night stand gone wrong. Can’t rob everybody baby.

Make sure you doing your protection work and saying your prayers before you go to bed so you can be protected in your sleep. Stop eating that lady food. Y’all know who I’m talking about. AND KEEP IN MIND THESE MESSAGES COULD BE FOR ANYBODY IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE AQUARIUS ONLY. THEY COULD HAVE YOU FUCKED UP SAY THAT THE CHANNELING JUST CAME IN SO HARD SO I WENT WITH IT.


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