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Aquarius, Libra, Gemini

Aquarius, Libra, Gemini Mid Monthly Reading:

Running home to you keeps coming up in my head and I can't find the song for shit. I heard it on a movie once and I can't find it. The point being made you are going towards someone or something looking for closure. This could be someone coming home from off the road and you are missing your lover and the anticipation is what keeps you going. For others this is a sexual fling that keeps you coming back and you don’t know why. Apart of you desires to know this person more but at the same time you don’t want to know because you feel things will change. Maybe the way you see them or how you may feel about them I don’t know that’s only for you to find out. Bobby Womack popped up in the group chat with a song called Across a 110th Street. Now for me this means that you are in a fight or flight position meaning that you have many people trying to obtain what it is that you have or going after.

Now for some of all this is a mentality that someone has and it isolates them from other people because that struggle mentality they have pushes them against other people. It's like trying to be the loudest in the room to be notice or the flashiest to say hey nigga I got money. This isn’t working in your favor because the things you are looking for is peace. If you ever watched Timmy Turner, it's like you are in the episode where everybody is the same but they all are striving to go to the same place. Now this could be your career field you are in its giving corporate America type vibes. Looking for some new young hot talent on the scene to shake up things and take a company in a new direction but the board ain’t having it. They old, outdated, and stale they like what they like but they complain about wanting streams, views, likes, and tapping into a broader audience.

Sorry to say it, it may be time to take your talents elsewhere and start your own business because I sense a little rivalry coming on. It's not like this person is purposely trying to block you when they are its just, they didn’t think of it first and they are trying to find a way to attach to it. Like right after they shit talked it. Hmm. I do feel like this is a repetitive thing between you and someone in your life its good when its good but when it's bad its bad. I think this has played out so many times to the point that you are starting to recognize that this is a reoccurring theme in your life with people, places, and things. Because the message right after that is looking for safety, surety, security, and building a fortress. In the same sense why do I feel like this shit is going to isolate you from people on purpose. This is like being fed up with people so you go into hermit mode and then they take an offense that you need time alone.

It like a catch 22 damn if you do and damn if you don’t here. Someone in your life is always looking for wiggle room even when they are wrong. They just don’t stop and they don’t see how they are insensitive to you or your needs. I feel like at times you really don’t have the emotional capacity to deal with what they have going on but they still are going to trauma dump on you. If it's not one thing possibly it is another. Sometimes you ask yourself why do I even put it up with it and if I asked you, you probably wouldn't even know the answer to that question. We can always come back when you have the answer.

Someone in your life is verbally, mentally, psychically fucking intrusive and it is exhausting now this could be you or the other way around apply the roles where they fit. But it is exhausting having to constantly explain the reasons why you need time alone, why you not answering your phone, why you haven't called them back, and why did you say this, and what does this mean. It’s like do you really ever have time for your fucking self. Like do you have a lot kids or work with kids because this would explain why your energy has been on a 5 and that isn't your normal energy. It's giving I take a pill every now again for a boost of energy because I have to go out and conquer the world. Okay, Batman just burn yourself out playing martyr when these people gone show you, they know how to save themselves. What you got Virgo places or heavy earth placements?

Somebody hasn’t been focused on their priorities, one because someone just had a baby and they are mentally fucking tired. Someone needs to chill out and take a vacation because someone maybe going into sensory overload. And to top this off they are pregnant again, TELL HIM TO STAY OFF YOU SIS! FREE YOUR PUSSY FROM THE CONFINES OF THAT PENIS! GOD LOVES YOU, PLEASE KNOCK THIS NIGGA OUT. When you gone get to have your hot girl summer? When?

Someone has lupus or an autoimmune disease that they have to get a handle on before they go off and trying to conquer the world. Resting, healing, and recharging isn't a form of weakness it is knowing what the body wants. Somebody needs to drink more water and hydrate themselves because they are always dehydrated and always about to pass out. TAKE BETTER CARE OF YOURSELF! If you have a child that's out of state, they may send for you to come back home for a bit, take it. You need this to see your grandkids and take time off or take a break away from them kids. Somebody needs time alone to figure some things out. This vacation or time alone may give you the boost you need to get started on your creative endeavors and get back into doing things you like for once. Somebody fina come ask you for some money say HELL NO!

My condolences to someone who has lost someone this year or month. Someone is still in heavy grief about this person passing because this was someone that was special to them. You call them or they call you my nearest and dearest. Some shocking news maybe hard to swallow at this time brace yourself because your wig is about to snatched off. Someone is on their apology tour saying they changed and is working on changing and this person may come bearing gifts. If this is your baby daddy ask him what he want if y’all ain’t together. Tell him we can be cool but nothing else. Chuckles as you hit him with his own game.

Somebody needs to get a job and they lying about how they lost it, someone is lazy and doesn’t want to work and they see you or someone else as a come up and they got cut off. Mind your business that ain’t nothing to do with you. Y’all gone stop messing with these married men and getting mad when he got to go home bitch, just don’t catch feelings. If you got some good news keep it from somebody because spirit fina drive you away from them anyway because something you didn’t see you are about to see it for the last time. And this time it is going to strike a damn nerve. Good Luck with that. Just make sure your grounded, eating your Wheaties, getting fiber in your body, moving around, practicing yoga, and going on walks. We’ll check back in later in the month.


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