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Aquarius Energy Reading


KEYWORDS: mental gymnastics, lovers quarrel, black magic, magical attacks, arguments over finances, out of sight and out of mind, demonic sigils, dark night of the soul, insomnia, and worry about a closed cycle.


If you have been thinking about relocating do it because the wind is beneath your wings. It’s just, are you going to take the leap? Your comfort zone is robbing you of your peace. It's your time to shine. I didn't say go out and get ignorant but it is time to say goodbye to those old ways and worn out thoughts that seem to be challenging the connections you are making with people. For some of you, you may be feeling like someone is using you and they are! Now that you know what are going to do about it? Cut them off or finally address it and learn how to close your doors properly. You know y’all been having that revolving door theme for people to come in and out of your life like you are the local kiosks in the mall, right . Because I'm hearing it is time to put up or shut up because someone has been in cycle of complaining too damn much.

I’m not saying it is a bad thing but sweetie it’s time to face some fears and get out of there. The only thing you are scared of is you. So what are you going to do about it? Sidenote: these messages from spirit have been a little sassy lately because I haven't been doing my job. But let's get back on topic because I have places to be such as sleeping, eating my potato chips, and complaining about things that nobody cares about so this message will be real quick at least I think.


Who is this all in someone's financial affairs and they nosey ass hell too. Do they pay bills or some because we don't need Mr.Charles, and Ms.CoochMonster in business affairs if they ain’t paying no bills? Because someone has to teach someone boundaries especially in finances because they have been kinda financially ruining somethings. Someone thinks just because you have it they can spend it when it doesn't work like that. These arguments roll over into fights about marriages, family issues, and legal matters too. Because someone's family has strong beliefs about legacy and wealth. I’m not saying they don’t like to spend it but recklessly blowing it to impress people who you are not helping you is kinda insane to me. It kinda gives me bullying vibes just a little bit. Like someone is dating someone who likes to flex the things you do for them in front of others and they don't know this creates a target energy. Where people would want to set them up. Or it starts arguments with people because it comes off as vain to others.

Like we get it but is there more to you other than your material harvest. Is it something going on that you are hiding that you don't want people to know about? Because it's making people be pesky, maybe even emotionally bully you. And these are not the type of friends you would want because they will only turn around and use you for their benefit. #TrueStory! It will come off as if they have your best interest at hand only for them to exploit how they feel about you against you. For others it is time for someone to pull back on spending too much because it’s making you become a miser. Where you would probably be the user in this case because you are leaning on too many people at this point and time. You are asking for things you can’t give back and it doesn't always have to be money. It could be their time, resources, emotions, empathy, or even sympathy. Because the 5 of swords is sitting right here so I know arguments and disagreements are on the table.

Because we have someone who doesn’t know when to quit and this may lead to someone stabbing someone in the back out of spite instead of speaking the fuck up. Someone may have suffered a heart attack due to a heart chakra spell going backwards. When y’all gone learn to stop doing that death magic shit because it’s kinda get out of hand. Because whoever the caster is, they are doing this because they are hateful, power crazed, egomaniacal, and obsessed with someone. You have to let this person faze themselves right on out. There is no reason for giving someone spiritual advice that is so gung ho on going in the opposite direction. Some people have to learn from their own mistakes and even if it results in their own pain. Sweetie, everything isn’t your job to understand why? Or to make someone understand the things they do because it comes off as dominating to other people.

And a know it all, sometimes you have to fall back even if you care. You don’t want to be the helicopter friend or parent all the time. It will create the narrative that people can depend on you more than you can rely on them and it will limit your interactions you have with certain people. It will always have you in the energy of being serious all of the time especially if you want to lighten up or have some form of fun. Because now is the time for someone to let loose and stop being so uptight but with the obligations of other people it is starting to weigh someone down energetically. For others it is time to be open to other means of healing because religion and politics aren't working. It could be as simple as going for a reiki attunement, signing up for therapy, joining a cult or a new religion, hanging out at a park, kicking it with some kids, or getting a divorce. Stop trying to over intellectualize everything and just take a damn leap. Shit, I feel like I'm talking to a brick wall here.

Somebody is always worried about other people and not their damn selves that they are not recognizing that are the only ones that are holding them back. If you want to be happy go be fucking happy. Stop looking around the room and worrying about who is not happy. Because happiness is just as contagious as negativity. In order to be able to feel it and hone in on your own happiness you have to experience for yourself at least once. For others, someone may be having a mental health episode and they need to get out of their comfort zone. Move to another side of the house, slightly switch up your routine, set a longer timer for a goal that you are trying to accomplish,or basically learn patience not with you but the things you are trying to accomplish. Because this is showing up as ADHD and some of you are not diagnosed with this shit. Ima need you to go back and have another mental health check up. Because you may be taking medicine for something that isn’t solving the problem.

I’m not a doctor here but it’s giving me severe depression with psychotic episodes so a mood stabilizer may be needed before you go off gobbling up your monthly dose of adderall. That is why whoever this can’t think or focus because they high as hell off them pills and can’t do what it is they need to do. You can talk to your doctor. You don’t have to take the first prescription they give you. You do know that right? Because it gives overly stimulated but not stimulated at the same time if you don’t carry your ass down there and get this together. Because this may be holding you up especially if you need your medication. For those who are freeballing life just make sure that those recreational hobbies isn’t getting in the way of your day to day affairs. Because once people call you an addict it’s up to hell from there. You’ll ever get your name back out of those people's mouths and boy are they a buzzkill.



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