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Aquarius Energy Reading


As the season rolls forth, I heard love now for some it may seem cliché because of the fact that Valentine's day is right around the corner, but if you are feeling financially frisky gone buy me that dog. Because it's gone make me happy because baby that’s what love do, it makes you feel good. Love doesn’t have to always be a relationship it could be people showing support and telling people that they matter and showing them, they matter too. Because who needs love child, we all do. I heard that this is the season where your enemies will be ushered out of your life.

The harder they try to stay it will only bring some state of discomfort. So, if you know it’s time to cut some people off gone do it because It's like you're avoiding the evitable. For others this could be implicating some form of boundaries and for those people who like a challenge ask yourself are you emotionally pleased right now? Because I know your miserable as hell right now and it's going to show.

For some it's time to gone get that checkup baby you pregnant and constantly saying I don’t feel good it’s because your pregnant fool. For some you may even say how because it happens so fast well child that’s what happens. And if you sliding up and down with your baby daddy this is time to put a rubber on if you're not trying to make another one. Y'all just got cool so why you gone ruin the relationship. Now is the time to get real because I heard sacral cleansing and not the kind that requires yoni steams and vaginal cleanse. No, it’s time to access that rape trauma, sexual assault, and puberty. You know those emotions that you never wanted to feel where you cry it out have a hug and unlock why you have been blocked in your progress with love life and fertility issues. For some that has been a massive sacral block for you and also causing someone to feel like they are impotent.

I am not a doctor so make sure you check in with them before you go off have cocked saying Marshae said this. A lot of the times sacral chakra blocks can happen outside of trauma being bestowed upon you because you failed to connect with your gender identity. This doesn’t mean you are gender neutral this can be a specific person who has rules when it comes to love based upon the aesthetics of societal beliefs, patriarchal beliefs, and matriarchal beliefs.

And it limited them in their vulnerability and the ability to give and receive love by any means of chance. It could’ve been a comment that said you were never going to be shit, having to parent kids that aren't yours i.e., siblings, not being sexually active at an early age, or not receiving the love that it is you needed as kid to be free to be you. You know how children go through phases in their life where they may seem needy but they are looking for the emotion go from you to go do it. Yes, that can cause sacral blocks in the body and make you feel as if you are emotionally blocked from love, life, support, and magnetism.

Yes, the real stuff that hurts and makes you feel week inside to the point you want to give up and say fuck life and choose a path of drugs, sex, drama, and chaos just to get by. All I have to say is God speed because for some you, you have been plaguing yourself with the idea of why you haven’t gotten the love of your life when its blocks you don’t want to accept and you won't allow anyone else to accept them. It’s kind of hard to love the façade we carry around and say that this our authentic self. But enough of that lets get into the reading itself because that’s something I'll have to come back to just remind me because you know I'll be pushing out another think piece and y’all will be like I know she see us. Meanwhile I'm snacking on potato chips and frolicking in the sun and supposed to be writing.

Semen retention was something that came up and for some this has been hard for you to do because you use sex to weaponize the idea of love. And for some you got a lover coming in and you may ruin it because whoever this is that is hot in the pants and this person may or may not want that. You may even be a cling on and become possessive and this is going to scare or push someone away.

Because for me this energy is intense and radiate teams to much. And as for a person who has dealt with a narc baby it screams love bombs. So, if that isn’t your intentions, I'm going to need you to go back and regroup because emotionally you all over the place and nobody wants that. I don’t want to seem harsh but this person may seem carefree and wild but they scream emotional narcissism and entitlement. So, if you decide to go forward set your boundaries and state what you will and will not deal with.

And make sure that it is a response to that instead of constantly complaining, letting your guard down, and allowing them to emotionally triumph you all of the time. Because they need to grow and you do too I ain’t saying everybody partner ain’t gone be perfect because this is one for the books. If you are looking for a new job gone head and spruce up your resume because where you are screams snooze fest and lack of emotional fulfillment.

It's like a little kid at school looking out of the window and wanting to be somewhere else. You know something is calling you it may be moving, packing it up, and going up state. I heard up north to be exact because down south keep somebody in trouble a lot. Whether it is your friends you keep finding, social circles, and jobs. It's like how do you keep going around in these mess and not see that you can’t ground in these spaces.

Cause that pay you want is definitely out of state and not in the city you live in. For those who have martial problems it seems like the same problem keep arising because someone isn't getting someone's point of view. You how you go and sit down with a mediator and you guys leave the session that shit isn't sticking because your person makes it about them. They act as if you can’t have feelings about things, they feel like you are always supposed to be in-sync all the time. So, the things that bother you don’t bother them so they don’t see how this is an issue to make or break the relationship. And for some it was infidelity that cause this break to happen because somebody doesn’t trust you. Because either you work with this person, live with the person you cheated on them with, or purchased something major with them.

If break up was a person you took this all the way home an now that a situation isn't working out anymore it’s seems like someone is ready to come back because things didn’t go as planned. I mean that’s what it looks like, it may not be what you feel but it is. And to make matters worse some of you pregnant by the person who you cheated on them with. YIKES! So, that person is still going to be around and this is going to be a snooze fest because that is a topic that nobody wants to address. Because whoever this is and that toxic fling you got going on they got to go because somebody is in the energy of choose me or lose me because they not dealing with it. And for some that may not think this is serious you have someone who is going to choose themselves.

Because some of you play too much when it comes down to emotional expression and you are going to be the one who wished you could've worked it out or gave it another chance. And whoever this is baby they don’t got time for that. They felt that you made the best decision that it was for you at this time and whoever this is took this a practical decision that it is you wanted to make and respected that. So, this person may seem cold hearted and callously towards you but they just respected you and your decision even if it came with pain.

Oh, whoever only got friends to party with one of them hoes a snake and they gone snake you out. You think they really cool with the, whole time she be doing little shit to try to make it seems as if you don’t know what you doing. Like she be trying to outdress you, comment on your appearance, and lowkey bully you around other people. I don’t mean being mean but she be passive aggressive around other people and they see it but don’t say nothing.

It could be as simple as wasting alcohol on your dress, it was incident that happened at a hookah bar none major but she showed her true self, and the last time she came over to your house she kept making comments like you didn’t deserve it. Especially if it was some contractor work done, she kept talking about the marble or tile being cheap. CHILE, BYE!



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