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Aquarius Energy Reading



Either you dealing with someone who likes to show off in public or they always act like they ain’t used to shit. It's like when this person gets around other people, they start to show out for no reason. For some they do it for attention or it could be for money. Someone maybe an actor or they generally don’t know themselves. For others its only for bragging rights it’s like this person likes to sit and constantly talk about everything they have in way to demean others. For others someone feels betrayed because either someone stole somebody money or something valuable of theirs, “an inheritance”. And they are around here flexing like its there's to flaunt. And the police or someone maybe after them because whoever this is has been doing the most when it comes getting things. It could be drugs because I'm hearing the high life is getting best of someone.

And whoever committed this crime did it for petty fucking reasons like to get some shoes, a bag, a purse, drugs, and stuff like this. They do it for the clout nothing more or nothing less and whoever this is be shocking the shit out of people because they be trying to act so innocent. It's like this holier than thou act is a front they use it to get the shit they need by using others. Because whoever this person is ain’t nothing but a hater they always worrying about what somebody got. They lowkey envious as fuck and they got a smile like the grinch if you know what I mean. An argument may break out amongst someone who you know because either you know this person always taking shit or you may find out they always taking your shit. Because I heard somebody ask somebody why you always trying to take my shit and they said it in a whiny but fed-up way.

Someone is saying no not me you got the wrong guys and somebody is about to show you or someone you know why they should never take from someone again. This person been committing credit card fraud in someone's else name, bullying them, sullying they name, character assassination, murder for hire plots, death rituals, and money schemes. Whoever this is, is basically a fraud. It’s going over someone house and being inspired by the things they have accomplished in life and the whole time this person got this by stealing from others. They may try to lure you into this after they have gotten so much money off of you or others. If it is a girl spirit said she gone betray you even her man too. It’s giving femme fatality and she has to save herself and she’ll do this by throwing you under the bus.

And guess what she’ll be off scamming the next nigga like it isn't nothing but that locked up song going off right now in my head. Because someone has a warrant for their arrest or they just know they are going to jail and this person may go out with a bang. It’s like this person has been so busy doing shit that by the time they get locked up people are going to be shocked and say “when did they did do this?” Because whoever this blabber mouth is knows how to keep a secret when it comes their business but not nobody else, they are going to run and tell it when with no care for anyone's feelings. Someone is saying she always doing shit and getting away with it I don’t know if this is the person that’s stealing or the person that’s eyeing other people blessings. It’s giving the hater energy like somebody has marked someone and they feel like they have to take you down by any means necessary.

It's giving a little bit of humiliation, this how this person thrives in life. They feel like everybody is a gimmick so they feel like they have to take people down a peg because they don’t believe in themselves or no one else’s shit. But you or someone you know is about to make them a believer because somebody been getting away with shit like this for too long. Because whoever they ended up hurting was an innocent person and they didn’t deserve the shit they did to them or put them through. It served no purpose and someone maybe coming apologizing to this person because they know they wrong. It’s like this person on some I can’t sleep, eat, or think without you. It may be a lover or you are secretly in love with someone. Wink, wink.

Spirit said your next relationship gone have to be a little quiet I'm not saying that you aren't going to tell this person things but having too people in your mix isn't going to work. This is giving the energy of a work crush and people don’t know you live with this person or sleeping with them. But it won’t be that for long it’s just you got people around you who are nosey for no damn reason. Like they always want to know who each other fucking and what they got going on. It’s giving gossip girls and somebody doesn’t want to share. Because why I feel like these are the type of people who find out who you are dating only to use them. Like this is the type of person who goes out of their way to find out your business or your persons business only to sleep with this person. Or attempt too, only to stop you from being in a relationship with this individual.

It's like these people want you to think that you have no hope outside of them and this is where you are supposed to be in life and that is depressing. It’s like some Scar and the hyenas type shit but they do nothing to put back into the pride land. So, they always end up destroying what someone else has because they never water their seeds long enough to know what it is like to have a blessing. So, they always end up starting over, this is why you thought this person was the real deal. You gotta stop believing everything you see. I’m not saying you have to be a skeptic but listening to your intuition could’ve saved you a long time ago. You know that nervous tick you got when some shit about to pop off and your leg get to bouncing and time feels like it about to slow down. Sweetie, that be the signs right there but you don’t pay attention.

It's time to for someone to clean up they act because it's getting old, you have been here before and I know you lowkey disgusted with how things a