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Aquarius Energy Reading


Oooo, somebody got a love reading here about time. If you are trying settle down and stay out the way I would slow down sexually because somebody is going to say I’M PREGNANT and wanting to be welcomed with open arms. And expect this relationship to take off extremely fast just imagine quicksand someone is either smothering, draining, or gota hook on you. If this is playing out right now some of you are trying to figure out ways on how to come up with travel plans so you can see your children more. For the rest of you I see exhaustion, needing more sunlight, or communing with people because somebody is depressed. I heard the words “GET OUT”!

Now this could be someone getting put out or you reclaiming your energy back from a succubus energy because someone is definitely draining as hell. Somebody dog keep getting lose or jumping over the gate. This could a Doberman or a Rottweiler breed dog on the flip side this one-sided loyalty that has been placed on a person is being snipped. Someone is sick of somebody’s shit and decided to leave the nest or the pack for good. I see someone with a lone wolf energy that is just ready to experience life on they own. They don’t care about the past, present, or future they just ready to get the hell on down. Spirit says you scared of commitments and things that can actually lead you to your true potential you put on the back burner. I’m just the messenger it’s time to get active with those goals, hobbies, health, and healing work you been putting off.

Somebody been losing a lot of stuff but its really some theft going on and the culprits are either you, around you, or you know them. Somebody jealous of someone’s success and happiness so they find a way to ruin it like breaking expensive things on purpose, being negative all the time, and tempting someone with bad behavior all the time. Only you can be the responsible one for your life nobody else can. Somebody really hating over some money someone getting or going to get. It could be as simple as some one having a bigger fan base, family to support them, healthy kids, or even a roof over your head. Yeah, this is some sick ass energy somebody in and they need a wake-up call. Spirit said they just jealous and they hide it behind backhanded compliments so if you want to see any form of growth in your life with these friends or nouns good luck with that.

Somebody likes to argue all the time what the hell is that, why are they so feisty? It makes someone feel like they are never good enough. On the other hand, someone does this shit to provoke someone then they get a reaction and instantly hates it. if you spend majority of the time repairing what you broke you’ll never enjoy what you have accomplished. Sounds like something Iyanla would say. Some of y’all know something up with somebody and they ain’t communicating you want to cross they boundaries on the flips side you don’t. This could be a mother figure who simply comes over just to make derogatory comments all the time. Either someone is gaining weight and they always accusing this person of being pregnant like damn that’s insensitive.

They might be sober, or they got that happy weight on them you gain in a relationship before you start to notice that you have lost yourself. Something shady going on with a living situation either you have an unwarranted guest, somebody ain’t being paying the rent, or can’t afford it. A passed over loved one is trying to communicate with you about some illegal dealings with some paperwork. This could just be your past haunting you or this could be a spirit guide trying to tell you to say alert. You have someone or you could be the person around who is always in somebody’s business. Someone is spiritually stalking someone, and they have no business doing it and doing it all for money trying to see when someone finances is coming in. Little do they know spirit fina come knock they ass out the way.

When y’all gone stop playing on them railroads tracks because eventually you ‘re going to have to put a body or something off your body in their as an offering. When a spirit is summoned to do a job and its unfilled it will haunt the person until its job is done. And if you know somebody playing games like this an sending it to you, please stop allowing them in your home that’s when everything seem to be out of whack. Lights flickering, microwave pinging you know the good old stuff. Whoever this they about to push everybody away out of they live because they too stubborn to stop all that spell work. Everything ain’t meant for everybody. You got the 8 of cups twice its time to emotional move forward and leave the past alone. You can’t have one foot in the past and your foot in the future, that’s wearing yourself thin.

I don’t know who need to hear but playing with spells that ain’t no joke because somebody is sick right now for playing with fire. Some of y’all loosing guides and protection from doing all types of things. Somebody could be broke again and they fina come back begging again for some money better learn how to say no. For some of y’all it’s hard to break some lease agreement. This person money hungry and like to come fix on things instead of breaking you out of the contracted lease agreement. If you are staying with someone the goal, they are aiming for is to make you dead broke so you can’t leave and I’m hearing somebody say I told you so. And they not saying it in a messed-up way they just seen it coming before you did because somebody said it was too good to be true.

I’m sorry if this message same across so heavy and rude but baby some of y’all ain’t been listening so spirit amping it up. I even feel as I’m typing this that the curse words added in got a sting to it. You know who be trying to tell you something because you never listen to them. And you know who this person is because they rarely curse you out.

KEYWORDS: soul searching, looking for honesty, where I have been, lack of acceptance, time got a way, they gone be mad at you, I feel asleep, I’m tired, what you need me to do, child, and WHATEVER!

ZODICA SIGNS: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Leo, Cancer, Libra, Taurus


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