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Antisocial and Mean Spirited

I was watching a live on Queen Cups Tarot and an individual in the live said this is the year of antisocial and mean-spirited people. I couldn’t catch their name because I would’ve quoted them but when I seen the comment, I said ah ha. I posted a video on healing your inner child on YouTube in a tarot spread and I mentioned about people with inner child issues doesn’t know how to make friends. Well necessarily know how to coexist with other beings. The seek to control or recoil their human experience as well as others. They may be judgey and filled with fear because they see other people mistakes as flaws versus learning tools.

So, they keep people at arms lengths because of certain behavior traits people posses that may or may not mesh with theirs. It’s to know where you stand with this individual they may or may not be a great communicator. They live in the realm of the past and only do enough for their future. So, with that being said let’s get into the break down.

The Mirroring Affect- (Has worn off) This is where they have possibly been exposed to situations and people who didn’t accept who they were, so they changed parts of them to be shunned by people who didn’t deserve the pieces of them they wanted to give away so easily. Naturally over time the mirroring affect has wore off so they feel they have no reason to pretend to be something you would like. They possibly still carry hate and disdain so your happiness or ability to stand and not care about what other people thinks bothers them.

You normal see these traits typically in sociopaths, narcissist, and psychopath. Keep in mind we have some of these traits that make up for our human experience. Some people aren’t just balanced in certain areas so they may seem as if they have these personality traits which they might, but sometimes its just old hurt and recycled actions. This person has tried walking different steps to life they even found them lost to the point that when they needed understanding and support, they didn’t receive it. Either because they did tumultuous things and had to pay unnecessary karma and maybe their lesson was to be alone because they craved outside validation more than their own.

Fear- The Rejection: Overtime this person has become ingrained with negativity that anything positive or indifferent is a problem for them because you maybe like those people of the past. So, trusting you isn’t easy, so they make you fight for their trust only to hurt you. Am I describing a Scorpio (damn)? Because their fear has consumed to the point of, I will trust nothing because trusting at one point put them in a tricky situation. Talk about accountability. Geesh.

Deep down there longing to be understanding but they fear you will reject them because rejection is all they know this why they do it with ease with other people. Possibly it may had landed them in some situations were people took advantage of them sexually, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. Their fear puts them in a defensive energy because they’ve had to protect that chaos they love in their mind. So, you existing with them is basically saying I’ll be your shadow only in the light you’ll see me but when things go dark you will never see me. Naturally, these people aren’t as dependable as they seem. They can be flighty, disloyal, selfish, and victimizers. They know pain comes easy for them, so they have no problem inflicting it on you.

Misunderstood- They say they are, but do they really let you get to know them. It’s like a box inside of a box your constantly opening new portals to see what’s next. Sometimes it can be fascinating and at the same time it can be draining as hell because when they finally get the courage to let you in, they let you but at what cost.

See them being misunderstood gives them a reason to stand out from the pack because they still get the same attention, they wanted from those that never accepted them it’s just in reverse. It’s always negative. They can be mood killers because they don’t enjoy or know themselves intimately. They can be instigators, fight starters, and just downright messy people. Keep in mind they aren’t your typical rom com dark individual dying to be understood. They like where they are and don’t want to change it. It’s takes them a hell of time to finally say enough with the old.

Lack of Vulnerability- Child they won’t let you know that you hurt them they just shrug it off. They have substance abuse problems, eating disorders, mental health issues, or they’re busy bees. They have something that is always in place of you and their emotions no matter what you say or do they won’t let you get to the other side of the fence until the pride makes them fall down. So, if you see them weak and take advantage of it, they will never be weak with you. At least that’s how they see emotional issues, they may cry but you’ll will never penetrate them emotionally the way it should be.

Control Issues- You see this predominantly in mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) they’re adaptable nature sometimes can work against them. If they aren’t accepted from child to adult, they will make everyone, and everything around them become what they need while never being satisfied. It’s like this thirst for life but it’s inside of them the life they’re looking for. The control gives them room to have power over what they see, feel, or deal with because if it consumes them, they are no longer them. This is why a lot of people are lonely and dying emotionally.

Because they crave the outside world while at the same time not giving it room to control the narrative in their life. The have peace in the midst of chaos while rummaging through their pain and existence. Now I’m not specifically talking about these signs so this could be you I was just saying they can accept change easier than any other sign.

Last but least social media is killing of the human experience. I mean why would I book a trip to Dubai when I just seen someone go while I’m in the comfort of my bed. You’ve lived it for me some people live vicariously through others so doing something that is life changing is out of the way. I mean majority of people who we see do the things we want are more financially stable than us. Social media had become the new televised mobile aspect. Social media kills off the human experience by desensitizing us by exposing us to many things.

Things you wouldn’t normally see on a day to day basis some people are animalistic and lack impulse control so the mind can become overwhelmed. Creating false narrative with people, within themselves, and reality. I mean think about it we have our favorite person we watch on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter. Over the time of watching them we feel we have developed some sense of who they are when we don’t know who they are behind the scenes.

Some people are comfortable with that I am not, and I am totally against it because privacy is needed in a time were people feel like they can always have access to you. Its’s like the mind can never rest because it has built false narratives with people and social media outlets. So, taking time away for you is impossible because being with someone else virtually never leaves room for you to connect with the humans on day to day basis. So, I said all this to conclude that being mean isn’t cute and being antisocial purposely isn’t going to make love come knock on your door. I mean I believe in being socially selective.

All I’m saying is frowning up and mugging a random person isn’t going to make me greet you with open arm. I was raised southern, so I nod and smile and keep it pushing. Because I was taught you greet people when you enter a room. Also, I found this topic fascinating and wanted to do a breakdown on it.


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