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Ancestral Work


This day and age society is ruled by technology one sound of something or the typing of something could either entice a mind or send you down a rabbit hole itching for more information. That it leaves you either with too much information or not enough. It’s crazed how society is equating everything to spirituality and the other to worldly things. It’s like where is the balance that goes on within the mind. In the black family drama that was ancestral work.

But in the minds of those they would say that this is worldly problems Marshae this has nothing to do with my spirituality. Child you’ll be amazed at how the pain we rarely speak on finds it way presented into those we love. Hell, look at gen Z they half crazed and walking around with their hearts on their sleeves because they are the us that craves to be loved, accepted, liberated, honored, and free. I get they can be a bit much only thing that matters is those feelings are true.

Ancestral work is more than casting a circle to invoke spirits. It isn’t putting food on the altar, visiting their graves, and forcing traditions with no literal meaning. It is adhering to what they worked so hard for us to be free. Example, our ancestors being enslaved and succumb to a lifestyle of pain, torture, loss of self and fighting to be free wasn’t for black people to separate they own. And continuing to be acting like niggas who are oppressed in the mind.

The freedom we adhere is to be vocal, create acceptance amongst those that are or not even our own, to give love and to never stop receiving, and it wasn’t to stop channeling the energy to be free. The change we desire is in the depths of our souls. Ancestral work is learning your past, and the past amongst you of others. It isn’t to fight so hard to forget about you that you end perpetuating the cycles of trauma, hardships, and behavioral patterns.

It is to see and dissect the reason of why we do and what we do, how it affects us, and how it changes us and those around us. The divination, invoking of spirits, and channeling for divine assistance is help you so you can help others. It isn’t for one person to obtain so much information to the point that you end up spiritually combusting leaving you doing meaningless soul retractions. Over and over again because you won’t do the work on you so you stay stuck in the 3-D.


1. Start a family tree! Some people are into the whole to know their heritage. Get to know your loved ones that are alive. Don’t be messy, don’t be nosey. Just ask them how they are doing and even you don’t get along with them I promise its some people in your life who definitely remind you of them. I bet you treat them a certain way based them off of your experience of the people who you have been raised by. Projection, escapism, and lack of honesty keeps a lot of people stuck in emotional loops in their life.

2. Now those who are more into the magical side and you don’t know what you doing go see a medium. Please stop summoning spirits and then wondering why bad things happening to you or you feel like stuff energetically following you. Pro tips when you do a casting circle you have to close it the opposite way you opened it. Geesh. If you don’t know who you should go to, go seek a person who you trust when you don’t trust yourself. If not pray about it and be open to seeing the signs from the universe. It may not come when you want it too but it will happen. Always hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

3. Know that when you’re doing ancestral work everybody isn’t going to be ready to do the work and emotional address issues just because you want too. Baby, it is insensitive humans have a way of avoiding the things that bother them. Did you not hear me say that when I read the people who I hung out with on day-to-day basis to filth that they was mad at me. When I was lower vibrational as f*** and got mad at everybody because they weren’t getting their shit together. Child, I was hell and I got tired of carrying their pain with mines. I also didn’t recognize the work I was doing was for me to help others. 2014 was a wild time for me.

4. Let them rest child. Your ancestors deserve a break too, they like to be acknowledged and loved on to they don’t want to be constantly doing things for you. Because you don’t want to weaken the connection with them that you have to seek a medium and they tell you child, they tired. Or they don’t come down to talk and you felt like you wasted your money. Because every spiritual gifted, person don’t have the same gifts. Some of them don’t know you be at the house practicing magic. They only go by what you say. You do know y’all be lying to your guides and people who genuine about they practice. Some people won’t tell you what they see because you won’t be ready for it. There are always cons too. Intuition is always best for any situation.

5. Don’t get mad when you stop consciously that you think its unconsciously. Sometimes you have to put the work to use and not in the use of your kinfolk. Enjoy the relationship you have built with your ancestors they ain’t gone get mad when you start enjoying the things you worked hard to get over. But they also don’t like to be forgotten about, you’ll find the balance in between what you need to do and what not to do. And ancestor work does not violate your spiritual beliefs unless its magic or something.

Have a goodnight!


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