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Air Signs Weekly Reading


KEYWORDS: Go Crazy by Chris Brown, Feliz Navada, Companionship, Comadre, Focus, Forward Awareness, Dramatized, Ignorant, Fellatio, and Big Things!

AQUARIUS: Ground, ground, ground is the theme of the month. Someone may have been feeling like someone has been taking your kindness for weakness and it is bringing out the worst in someone. Someone has a lasered eyed focused on you and it kinda has some sick obsession that is causing a emotional block for someone. It could be due to an evil eye if we are being honest because of the way this lady is looking on this card child. If looks could kill you would be probably dead. Now, for some this could be someone trying to intervene on your parade and it causing some chaos. Someone is an attention seeker and it is getting on someone's nerves because this person is a bully at that. And if you are the bully someone is trying to take you down all the way down. Because dealing with you has become so emotionally exhausting to deal with everyday. You may have said something to someone to knock them down a peg and whoever said this they did it with intent to hurt your feelings and someone has not let this go. It has something to do with a brother, cousin, and sister. And someone is sick of their ass. Someone needs to go to anger management because the rage someone has for you or may have for them may end up as someone in jail. If you know what I mean because someone likes to pick on the little guy. And they have stepped on the right person's toes, who has time today.

Someone has a crush on someone and they don’t like you talking to their person, being around them, or sucking up their air. It’s like an animal trying to mark its territory before someone comes along and tries to claim you. Cats and Dogs is the terminology and you know my saying cats don’t chase dogs. But why is this cat trying to bite the shit out of them? What type of freaky shit y’all got going on? This could be because you make someone feel vulnerable on the inside, like a little kid again. It’s giving teenage romance for someone that's an adult. This is adults we are talking about. It's just how the message is coming across. Someone is in heat or coming into puberty. Somebody may come forward and tell you how they feel about you so they can save you or remove you from whatever living situations you have going on. Earth signs had that message. So, ima just assume that everybody got smoke with the earth signs this week because this is the third time it has come out. Whoosah, meditate, pray, and say your affirmations because somebody may be trying to test the shit out of you.

GEMINI: Somebody soul tribe is coming and the song that is coming out is you can’t save me from myself. You may have been dealing with someone who has been in a battle with their family and they didn’t see that their family was the problem. They kept trying to keep this person hidden from getting any type of shine at this time. For others you may have some training coming up and some of you think you are going to fail but I'm hearing you passed with flying colors. “Hooray, Shoots confetti, and Screams”! Now let’s get into the real message here: someone has been trying to dopplegang you or someone you know. And they've been telling some big ass lies. Ones that can get you killed, locked up, or just somebody trying to beat they ass behind these lies. Whoever this is didn’t know they got you fucked and you had friends and people that is ready and willing to come out and play with you.

Because someone has been living in fear, scared to come outside, feeling alone, and feeling in isolation because of the things people have been doing to you. And for some your family are the ones that helped them do this to you. Meanwhile your family hasn't been of any support to you or your children at this time. It’s giving just a little bit of a cult vibe and someone may be coming out of one. And when you left everybody left too; because they didn't know that they were being brainwashed into doing certain things against you or certain people. It’s like people where up under some form of mind control and the spell has broke; or Mr. Krabs got his formula back and Plankton can’t control the people any more. For others you may not even remember the things you did too because things may seem as if it was a deja vu. When it really did happen that way it's just are you going to believe it or not. Because some things may seem outlandish but it’s the truth. For someone that is a reader I heard stop doubting your messages because they don’t seem true to you. Because for some they are. Now this doesn't mean to get crazy with them but what you are saying is the truth. It’s just you may need a little bit of encouragement so you can move forward in life. Now, this could be a spiritual gift someone is honing in on and they may doubt themselves because they haven't mastered it as fast as other people.

I’m hearing slow and steady wins the race trying to beat out the competition isn’t going to serve you. Go watch the series Demon Slayer. Some of y’all got something like that going on when the brother had to go to training camp to kill the demons while at the same time prove his sister wasn’t a threat to humankind. Now, I don’t know if you are coming out of prison and someone is trying to prove the reason they can live amongst citizens again. Could be parole maybe a challenge but it’s gone work out somebody just gotta stay prayed up.

LIBRA: Bubble guppies. Is one of y’all nick name bubbles or you know someone name bubbles because this is the third time this shit has come up. Ima go all out here and say it someone may think you are dumb but you are not. This could be with schooling or one of your kids that is not being challenged enough to reach their potential. They keep getting in trouble because of the cool kids. They may be trying to fit in but the school system is more focused on apparel and the parents' business that they have no time to teach the kids. How, sway? This may cause a little bit of ruckus down to the school system too because someone wants to know what is going on with federal funding at this time? Because the school is getting a check but why the kids are in lack. Now, I know y’all girls like to tussle but they are saying you are not hiring teacher friendly people. Now, I am no teacher but in order to get someone to learn you have to make it interesting enough. In order too get someone to be open to learning. You have to get know the people before you go assuming that everybody understands.

Now I know there will be someone coming along saying the parents have a role in this too but if a child spends 40-45 hours a week in school then what it is they are learning. They spend 9 and half months in the school so what is it they are learning? Ima go out on a limb and say books need to be back in school. It's a part of your sensory skills as a book reader who loves to read. Technology has its pros and cons. Now let me get back on the subject. Who is this that hey, Barbara this Shirley someone. You basically told them you like 9-5 i’m the weekend. Child, y’all bold, bold so what happened, girl? Y’all get the tussling or it's a screaming match. For some, someone was left embarrassed because they thought this person was going to choose them. And be mindful because they cool with your folks and they gone squeeze their ass back in your life one way or another. And you are going to be falling out with kinfolks because they think what this person does is cute. They may even go as far to have you meeting with the lady in the lake if you know what I mean. So, I’ll be mindful of who and what I am dating at this time because you got some creatures that ain’t right in the head. The word is possessive as hell. If they can’t have you, no one else will. At this big age we don't have time please run and get the hell on. Watch your sexual nature because this frisky energy is how you can get caught up with this person. So, you may be called to practice some form of semen retention. Good luck with that. No nut November is coming up anyway so take it as a challenge and you’ll probably conquer it. It may even teach you some form of self-mastery.



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