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Air Signs Weekly Message



I don’t know who this is, that is seeking peace but it's staring you right in the face. I heard the song by Erykah Badu, “Put Your Phone Down”! I don’t know, maybe you have been too much into your phone or you may be ingesting content that may not be for you. This could be certain people who are negative or subconscious programming. You know how you can be around someone that you start to talk like them or act like them. Yes, this is the energy that is coming from you or someone around you. This could show up as a common interest that has become someone's personality and it is aggravating you because they are not the person you want them to be or used to be. This doesn't have to be in a malicious intent but more like they are limiting themselves. And someone doesn't know how to incorporate this idea or new perspective to life and it is causing you havoc.

It doesn't seem like a deal breaker but when the elephant in the room isn’t addressed oh baby it can cause a rift in the connection you have with someone in your life. So, it’s time to rip off the band aid and start to have those honest conversations because biting your tongue and swerving around the issue isn’t working. Go check the earth element reading because they had this same thing. It may give you a better perspective on an issue. Oh, and whoever is you need to eat more yogurt or add it in your diet if you are having issues with the digestive system and the solar plexus. I’ll plug a blog about the benefits of yogurt but if you are vegan they have those. But if you wanted to go as far and make it on your own that's cool too.

Remember all messages may or may not apply.

LIBRA: Somebody has been at home watching too much netflix and letting life just roll on by. It’s giving the 2 of wands in the Grunge Deck. And that lady on that card looks as if she is stuck in the past of who she used to be and it is radiating anger. Now, this could show signs of depression or feeling repressed. It’s really giving mid life crisis about how someone has been used and limited in life to the point that they are remembering what it is like to feel. Someone has been pushed to the limit. It’s like finding out the family's juicy secret. It’s like someone has been a ride a die fan of someone and recognizing that you have been played. Whatever you are entertained by it’s really giving a soap opera to where we think we know who the killer is on to find out they are not. Someone has been taking the blame for something too long and they side of the story is coming out. It’s like two aunties sitting down after having a long standing grudge for years that it affected the relationship with family. And now we find out that Auntie Boom Boom stole Aunt Brenda's man and she never let it go. The thing about the argument is so cold because auntie didn’t even like the person she just wanted to control them as if she has done and still do everybody in her life. And the fact they let a beef go on so long is crazy because some of y'all don’t even like certain family members, making friends with certain people, and or attending holidays because of this. I’m hearing don’t regress because someone may use this to get a friend. Your healing is on the line.

AQUARIUS: SATURN RETURN AND JUPITER REWARDS! Give me some money cause I know that's exactly what it is! Nawl, I’m just saying if it is I have a tip jar. Now, let's get back on the subject. Someone has been going through it before the Saturn return and now that it is coming up, somebody is going to pass these lessons with ease. This may have shown up as someone who has signed up for therapy, taking on new therapeutic outlets to make life easier, cutting off friends, jobs, loved ones, and old jobs. This may show up as someone understanding their worth more and more each day. It’s like someone just had a light bulb go off and they just stopped. No, going back, no turning back around, and just walking away. I’m hearing cold turkey on things. Because life has been enough for someone and they have been in trying time. Due to constant psychic attacks, unable to think clearly, and unable to focus. Someone has been playing on someone top and I'm hearing I'll whoop your head boy. So, I don’t know if that energy is going back and showing up as migraines and chronic fatigue. I keep telling y’all you gone stop trying to lie to that spirit realm telling them spirits people your enemy when you are theirs. You gone fuck around have your ancestors over their protecting them and you are going to be calling on them to protect you when they know you are in the wrong. And for some this is the case. Now, for others if you don’t want to share your birth chart with people. Starting watching videos on people talking about the degree points and weekly astrology graphs. Because it’s certain transits that may not show up as a return but those who are experienced will be able to see this and help you navigate things with ease. It’s like sitting down with someone that has a state of self awareness and someone wants to know are they on the right track or not. So, you have to be careful who you are sharing your ancestral information with because this person is jealous as hell is going to be putting blocks in your path. All ima say is your spiritual pathway is opening up so we don’t need you taking stops because of this person's envious ass ways. TAT

GEMINI: The love boat is the theme here. Are you in love, dating, or expecting? Because ready or not it’s coming whether you like it or not. It doesn’t have to be an actual relationship for some it's a platonic connection. So, you and this person may have gone to pound town but I do see someone having a homie, friend, lover vibe. You know the song by Bossie, I Love My Niggas. Where you meet someone in your life and you just know they are going to be around forever. You know who you can call them to come to the baby shower, graduation, and even your wedding? It’s like hey, your free to hang today? Okay ,let's go kick it. But watch out because there is jealousy that comes from an outside source who be evil eyeing down. It could be an ex who hasn’t moved on yet. Child, we are tired. We not cueing no damn violin, accepting no late night booty calls, hearing them vent about life problems, and even accepting the roses they want to give you. And when I say roses I’m talking about someone telling you all you did for them. Like nigga you couldn’t tell me this in the beginning. You wait until I am finally fucking happy for once and come in saying of all this. This could be a sign of someone who needs to learn how to close doors properly. Because they have been doing this to you for a hot minute and this is getting old. I don’t know what to tell you but child, but the choice is always yours. You, can make any decision that you want at this time but remember you are the only one who has to live with the consequences.


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