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Air Signs Monthly Readings

Air Signs Monthly Reading:

Sidenote I forgot to tell y’all that the audio is trash on Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius! I’ll do the mid monthly’s on August 10,2021.

LIBRA: The song I heard when I was channeling y’all message was Pienso En Tu Mira by ROSALIA. The message I received from this was a language barrier between you and someone else. The way you communicate is very important especially about issues that bother you or someone else. Every disagreement is not an argument. Everybody isn’t willing to battle if it was love it was feeling a bit lusty but here’s where the reading took a turn because daddy issues came up. Baby you and Virgo had some drama going on. Now I said this could be another female with a man you, or a child and parent dynamic.

Baby that drama and argument that was going on was so long overdue or maybe it’s time to move forward and accept that this is how you or they feel. You were too much in your masculine energy for me, let a nigga love you or a woman love you. If somebody is really who they say they are you don’t have to guard your heart so much. You are the author of your own life and when there is a comfortability with you can’t nobody make you into something you not. Self-awareness, time management, and tact.

The New Age Feminine Energy (

AQUARIUS: Handling emotional matters with a little more kindness. Your energy is to learn how to let go not detach but to let things go. Detaching is easy for an Aquarius because shifting things around in your mind, so you want to have to face them seems pretty easy if you don’t usually revel in your emotions. It may not be for some, but it can be for others. Now on the taking risk it seems like you at a point in your life where you ready to try some thangs. Whether it be a three-way, party, or clubbing baby you just running away from your emotional needs. Please don’t let a crash and burn get you to a place of no return. I felt a little sad energy and giving me a smidge of a middle life crisis. It doesn’t mean that your life is going to shit, you’re just yearning for something more out of life.

That it can push down a path you really don’t want to go to whether this is facing yourself and finally admitting to things that may be detrimental to your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Sometimes tapping into another version of you is finally getting comfortable with person we used to run from. Good luck with that beloved.

GEMINI: Making sure that you or any else isn’t having fun at the expense of other people was the overall message. The song for y’all was my girl like to party all the time if you been partying too much to avoid personal issues now is the time for face to reality. If you have been the friend for everyone else now is the time you be the friend for yourself. If someone hasn’t been the friend, you need then it’s time to ask do I really have a support system in my life. Am I really showing up for people the way they need me to be or are they doing this for me?

Every now and again y’all get these seldom messages where it seems like y’all running away from your emotions instead facing the music. The reality you create with your words and actions seems to frequently cause you a ton of problems. In this Leo Season a little shadow work ain’t gone hurt you because the ego’s are out and that feel good energy been blowing on my leg like it’s trying to get me out of character. Be careful not to show to much that you don’t want people to know.


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