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Air Signs Monthly Reading! Gemini, Libra, Aquarius


Spirit said I think you better leave me alone and get your bags and the hell on. Child, someone doesn’t want your ass or you don’t want them. Take it how it works for you but someone is over it. Somebody keeps trying to make a relationship work where that shit just won't workout. Whoever this is, is stressed the hell out because something or someone is draining as hell. It's like someone doesn’t even get a chance to breathe or think by or for themselves because someone is always in their face. For some of you, you may be on the verge of a nervous breakdown because you haven't had a moment to scream out loud. It gives the energy of someone who wants to run in the wild and just be free with the rain falling in their hair while their friends think they are bat shit crazy. But someone needs that room to be free, it’s like you are in constant space of being limited, second guessing, and focused on the wrong things.

Someone is now into spell work and they are trying to come up with ways to get some money this is someone that maybe in to divination work or alleged taking on a practice for financial gain. I'm hearing the word ruin; I don’t know if they are going to do this to you or they are going to do this to someone. This person is only focused on the money, that’s all they care about money, how they look, and how they appeal to others. It's nothing there but superficial tendencies. This may hurt some people’s feelings but someone needs to hear it. When the money is gone that’s when he/she is going to be gone. Now keep in mind this could apply to someone's Venus too so keep that in mind. Somebody needs to establish a work life balance because mommy life is taking on over someone's whole existence. I am not saying that you have to say fuck them kids but sweetie you are bored as hell. It is leaving you in turmoil in your emotional life. You are connecting with people who serve you no purpose, hanging out with people who don’t get it, and doing what everybody else is doing. And child you are still confused as hell.

That anything you can do I can do better is being brought to a halt because your ancestors or someone ancestors is popping all of someone bubbles because they need to grow up. Now, this could be not getting the job you wanted, working hard for things or the approval of man and feeling nothing, and thinking looking up to par is going to get you the job. Spirit said nope because if it’s not in you then don’t do it because someone is messing up, they own pathway by going off doing things that isn’t cosmically aligned with you. Someone needs to do more cord cutting on a daily basis whether this is through spell work or meditation because someone who keeps trying to have some conversation with you is exhausting. If isn't bringing up the past, no letting things go, constantly trying to stop you, or be a distraction is getting old. This is someone who moves through spell work, portals, and mirror magic all of the time. Like child, let's move around because you know what type of time they are on.

They never like to take accountability when it comes to the things they do, it’s always someone else's fault when it really be them. They like to bring other people into their mess and then get mad when it doesn’t go their way. This is that King of Swords in reversed energy it’s like why do you continue to fall for the okie doke when it comes to this individual. I get it, it could be sex, drugs, money or whatever, but something has to change because it is affecting your health. Could be liver, kidneys, and lungs that are blocked because of heavy spell work, energy harvesting, and projected energy on you all of the time. It could be due to the womb not being fully healed. Like children passing on, endometriosis, or harsh pregnancies someone has had. The trauma someone carries is in their womb this why the relationships they have with men always go sour. Some people would diagnosis this as a solar plexus issue but baby this is sacral. Because you may have self-confidence issues going on because someone can talk you up out them panties, boxers, or briefs really quick. So, you carry a lot of energy in your womb space that’s is why it is always heavy and sex doesn’t serve you like a normal person would. This doesn’t give an sexual arousal disorder, just pure boredom.

Whatever job or creative field someone is stepping into child, you have some haters in the group chat. It could be due to being fresh eyes and bringing a new wave of something and someone is trying to stop that. It could be a business that is about to tank and everybody is trying to place all of the blame, debt, and workload off on you when they knew it was going to fail anyway. And if they want you to take over and restore it someone needs more than a title, they need ownership. Because this person has got themselves into some shady deals, false contracts, and loans out of this world. For others spirit said that someone may try to buy it out from under your feet or you need to buy them out. Because they gone do it again. As soon as you help this person re-establish their business, they gone burn through that money again. Someone has poor investment plans and a poor saving plan. Someone has to think long and hard before they go forward with some offer. If you got time, then do your research, if you think this is going to be a quick fixer upper child you kidding yourself.

Because you have to think about HR, accountant, back taxes, employees, and manuals that need to be created for people. A lot of these people don’t know their place when it comes to the job. They may do a good job but business and personal don’t go to hand and hand when you are trying to create stability. In the words of my grandma scratch your ass and get glad because some changes have to happen if you want to keep your business afloat. Some people may even have to go through a layoff period just so the company be can be restored because some individuals got too accustomed to doing half ass work so they are going to be laying it on thick when it comes down to their bills. That’s what severance packets are for you can leave the option of return on the table but about 3-6 months is how long someone it is going to have to take to get their affairs in order.

All I know is all aboard so take who rocking with you, and dump the rest.

GEMINI: TURN AROUND EVERYNOW AGAIN I GET A LITTLE BIT LONELY. Either someone has to get a better handle on their emotions because every time someone gets alone or feels alone, they turn right back into that same person. This could be you, saying you over it and returning back towards the same behavior when it comes to getting your way emotionally. Someone doesn’t know how to sit with themselves so they seek solace in the arms of other people because they fear what they bring to the table at times. Now this doesn’t have to be malicious it could be going down to coffee shop when you know you have work to do. It could be reaching out to old friends because you are having relationship problems but not saying what is the problem. It could be connecting with old family members when you know y’all just got into last Christmas over somebody being in somebody else's business. This person is too flamboyant and they always cause a lot of mess and someone has to clean up their mess. Like being a business owner and having to come speak on someone else's behalf. Or stopping siblings from getting their karma because you keep being the sacrificial lamb for everybody. It's like when you are going to choose you and stop going after what doesn’t serve you. Moral of the story getting to the root of a problem will serve you best when dealing with individuals who like to put a little razzle dazzle on their conversations.

LIBRA: FOCUS ON ME by HER. Now this could be relationship problems and someone is wondering where your head at. Why you not in the game? Why are you not interested in what they are saying? Why have you been so zoned out lately? Why haven't you been speaking so much as you normally do? It's a lot of questions that are being asked and you aren’t responded like you normally would. I don’t know if they need to rephrase it or you’re just tired of hearing about the same things over and over again. If so, someone may take this personally because they never ask anything about you. It's like staring across from someone and saying you know what I don’t even like you. And someone may even be shocked because you have made it seem as if you did. Well, they assumed this because you entertained them so long, they formed this in their head. Now, this could be friends, loved ones, aunt, sister, brother, cousin, or even kids' hell I don’t even know. But someone is just over it because they have played this role for too long. The confidant, the listening ear, the voice of reason, and being the go-to person all of the time. Now these relationships you have can be restored but it has to have some form of balance. It can’t be take, take, take, all of the time nor can be I did this and I expect this from you. This is where boundaries have to be established between you and other people because you easily bleed into them. This is why it feels like you don’t stand out from the crowd all of the time because these people don’t have big egos. They just talk loudly, do things to get people's attention all of the time, and put on for the gram or any social media site all of the time. This maybe the time where you want to fly below the radar if so, do it. Because they are going to do what they want to do anyway. I'm not saying tit for tat works but standing in your own power is how you get people to see you for who you are. STOP TRYING TO FIT IN WHEN YOU ARE MADE IT STAND OUT!

AQUARIUS: THAT GIRL OR BOY IS POSION! Somebody maybe good for your body but bad for your soul. Could be something you are eating or ingesting all of the time. Someone could be putting something in someone's food and they nasty as hell too. This could be to make someone sick or to do some form of ritual over you, it could be to keep you psychologically throwed off. Whoever this is, is sinister as hell and they think they are being funny when it really is malicious ass hell. This, person can't think right they may be acting like a raging manic at times. Baby, if you don’t call lakeside and let them come on out. Because don’t nobody got time for that because someone is trying to do harm to you and getting mad because they can't have their way. For some of y’all you don’t even offend this person they just sit up and have dark thoughts all of the time. It maybe them spirits they work with all of the time and they be putting it on other people so they can be like them too. They give me the energy of apocalyptic, like someone that is trying to destroy the matrix, people's faith, and just the emotional and social paradigm. This person is possessed if you have watched enough movies, you know how the person who is succumbed by a spirit pretends to be saved only to trick people and the spirit jumps back out that’s them. Now, it doesn’t have to be that far off in the game but it’s the apologizing and doing the same things again. It's like girl fuck you, goodnight. All I am saying is pick your battles wisely because you are going to be in for a treat if you allow this person to come back into your life. In the words of Chingy Lake Side is only one call way. They want to play with Satan let his ass come get them out that asylum.

The song from Pocahontas is coming across, you know the once around the river. It may mean something to someone.


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