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Air Signs Energy Reading


Somebody true colors are showing and somebody isn’t liking it all because the song that came across was Liar by Leon. This could be some form of emotional expression because someone has been lying about how they feel about someone and everybody knows this but the person they talking about. I don’t know if it’s in a bad way or a good way but if it is love its downright obsession. And the depressing kind of love because someone doesn’t even know how you feel about them. Y'all gone stop trying to play the emotion avoidant when you know how you feel about someone. Life gone pass you by and the lover you thought you wanted gone be gone because you trying to play the long game instead of not playing a game anyway. For some this is heartbreak energy and someone isn’t taking it so kindly its giving emotionally inconsolable.

Like I can’t have what I want so I'm going to cut up seven ways sideways and it is giving emotionally immature. Please check out the earth sign reading because they had that going on and if that’s your thang speed pass this blog, bye. Somebody has a stalker on they hands and the abusive one too and this isn’t so pretty because whoever this is, is reckless ass hell. Especially when they feelings get involved with anyone or anything it seems like harms comes to them so, if you know please stay the hell out of the way. It’s giving possessive, sneaky, and controlling. The kind you don’t see coming it’s the too good to be true and then boom you see the leopard strips and then it’s hard to get out that spider web of lies. Some of y’all still going through this because I heard to be continued. Now, this could be a divorce someone is waiting for it to be filed, processed, signed, sealed, and delivered because I heard come on man. As if someone is waiting on a person so they can go where they need to go.

If someone has any type of baggage, I see someone dropping other people, places, and things like a bad habit and saying good riddance. Enough is enough and someone has just about had it with someone lies and constant need for drama. It's like give it to me straight so I can know how to deal with you accordingly because someone doesn’t have time to waste. It's giving are you in or you out, that wishy washy back in forth is not working for someone. Because someone says one thing and do another so all that playing around and protecting someone feelings it’s off the table for whoever this is. Somebody said you knew what you wanted and now you backing out baby I don’t got time for it. It's pure sass and I like it because I say all the time you ain’t gone play with Fat Mama feelings.

Congratulations on the pregnancy or the new found baby you just had. Sidenote someone has options and they don’t have to choose but if somebody choosing you, they don’t want to deal with no lying and gaslighting all the time. Because love shouldn’t be this damn hard and somebody should know what they want. It's either choose me or lose better yet just leave. It's like someone is somewhere they don’t want to be or too scared to leave and this reveals itself in a manner of codependency. It's someone acting of character and this isn’t norm but it’s also driving other people up a wall. It could be someone not getting the attention they want from you and boy do they know how to garner your attention in some manipulative and narcissistic ways.

It's the old my dog died type crap or my dog ate my homework when the dog is them. I feel like as I type this, this is some psych report that I am jotting down, “WTH”! You may be dealing with someone who has a mental illness or struggles with character development. And they fluctuate between energies like masculine and feminine but they have they on personality type. This may seem like a lot because I'm sitting here like what the hell does this have to do with the reading. I don’t know if you are looking into this to find out about a person or what because this is all over the place for me. But hey a message is a message. Now this message ain’t gone be for everybody but if you been contemplating on getting a divorce and looking for a sign, I just wrote it in this message.

If you have been enquiring about some spell work the side effects is wearing off but it may have someone a bit groggy. So, you may come off as tired and aloof because baby someone has been working your fucking third eye harder than you. You may have to start by doing meditating rituals and it may seem like it’s not working but it takes time to build that up after that shit that was placed on you. Your sensory skills may be throwed off a little bit but you’ll be alright it ain’t nothing you can’t get through. Some of you could be dealing with someone who like to participate in magic because it makes them feels important. Maybe they didn’t get the attention they needed as a kid or felt like they had to become another person they wanted to be. So, they do these typical things that could be damaging to you or other because someone doesn’t want to face the music.

Whether this is being honest about your childhood, not being really liked by people because they don’t like the person who they pretend to be, or just not having support because they never genuinely had it. It was the who can I become so I can get you what I need. They struggle with who they are now versus who they were and those bits of anger cost you because they feel like it's too late to be the old them when that person is still inside of them never really died. If you feel like you need to leave then leave because no one is obligated to put up with this behavior. I don’t want no one to think I am enabling anything this was just the message that came across.



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