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Air Sign Weekly Message


KEYWORDS: Busted Phineas Ferb, Think About You Leon. Taxes, Loan Fraud, Deception, Malicious Gossip, Thief In The Room, Distortion, Emotional Manipulation, Getting Away From People Who Mean You No Good.

Greed does nobody good when you are selfish. You could be dealing with someone who doesn't know when to quit. It’s like wanting to roll the dice again when it is your last dime such as the rent money, bill money, shoe money, kids money, and every thing that brings you some stability. Because whoever this is want help you out but will spend your last like no tomorrow and pop back up when the money is good. This maybe a friend and let me tell you I'm not fat shaming your ancestors said she/he is getting is big ass hell. Now for my people who are going through some weight challenges speed past that but whoever this is that is so focussed on themselves is in the spirit of greed that is showing in the form of food.This could be someone who has no soul body has been taking over so the only thing they care about is food. And for my fellow foodies this is a person that will eat you out a house and a home.

This maybe even an addiction for someone and this is all they want to spend their money on and some of you are tired of it. For others you are dealing with someone who is closed minded and don't want to change who they are and it costing you money. And when I say money I'm talking about the ones thousands and thousands of dollars. You may have hired someone for a job and they half ass did it and it came back to but you in the ass. For others this is this a survivalist game going on and someone is withholding funds.

And everybody is suffering because this person wants to keep some money when if they would have split it probably everybody would be be so hard up for cash. Didn't I say the spirit of greed was up in this group. It maybe time to cut your losses and move the hell on because the song that is coming across is fuck a fake friend where your real friends at. And baby they are showing you they ain't loyal to none. Now that we have this out of the way let's get into this message.

Remember the messages may or may not apply. We are in the element of Air which the zodiac signs are (Aquarius, Gemini,Libra)! Also flip the roles please!

AQUARIUS: It's you and Scorpio that is causing a lot of problems when it comes to business. You are delaying contracts, business, and negotiations because you either want more money or you are offering up suggestions when you have nothing to add to the pot. Don't feel bad because you maybe getting called out for it because people have been listening to you to a fault only to find out you are using them for your selfish gain. Yikes.

This is a situation where the friend betrays another friend and wants to act loyal to you after snaking you out. You may have been conflicted with if you wanted to cut this person off or not, but you have your decision because the two of swords is all of the confirmation you need. I'm hearing you have been warned about this person so you can allow them back in your life on some love and light if you want to but this is person isn't your friend. They are enemy disguised chaos.

LIBRA: Who can make the sunrise said the candy man. I keep telling y'all I got a message from the past and every time I set out to look for it it seems likes it playing peek a boo. Now I don't know if someone is holding information from you to play mind games or trying weaponize a truth to get you to go along with something. They don't want you to think because they want you in delusion. I'm hearing drugs in your food and heavy hallucinogenics. This could be someone that is trying to send you out to go along with something when you are good on your on.

You may make money by yourself but you have someone who is trying to get you to join in on an investment that want pay out. For others you are getting out of some long as investigation or legal obligation. And child I don't think you are going to do business with some folks for a long time. Now, I'm not saying you are not going to continue to make money but heavily investigating who you are doing business will do you best. Because believing someone is credible is one thing but them being credible is another. Just because you make your money a certain way doesn't mean they are legitimate.

This easy way out may not be the best route for you at this time. Finding someone or way to do something easier is cool. But the way Saturn is sitting and you skipping out on steps, meals, and plans isn't going to work for you this season and it's saying the next season too. Now I know this may seem like Uranus but it's saying Saturn check your birth chart. You just paid a karmic debt why pay another one when you don't have too? Side note: Barbie Dolls and Barbie Girl! 🧐

GEMINI: Someone need to take caution to who they are talking to because I'm hearing whatever you say maybe used in the court of law. You may be under some form of an indictment and don't even know it. Someone could lied on you and caused them boys to come after you. And someone has been dancing in the rain meanwhile the Feds are like what the hell is it they have going on? All the meanwhile you don't even know you have been under and investigation.

One of your hating ass friends is wanting your money and set you up, period. This could be someone that you think is a friend but sweetie playing with the Feds ain't one of them. Because it is like what is you on? that's some hating evil eye ass shit there. You may be getting back into the swing of things when it comes down to your career and someone doesn't like that.

They have been trying to be a distraction to you for the longest and it is getting on everybody nerves. I see someone yelling out "SHUT UP"! Because you are all this person talks about and it is a day and night fucking theme for this person. And everyone is genuinely concerned for your safety to this person mental well being. Because they are always bringing you up to be the topic of discussion to be humiliated, lied on, played out to be fool, or the last to know.

This person is losing a lot friends, people, places, cars, homes, support, careers, alllies, and even love. Because somebody has to grow the hell up and they don't want too because they feel they have too be the one who is going to bring you down. I don't even think you did anything to this person it's just an ego thing. And you may not like this because you keep asking, praying, and doing divination to figure out why? When they answer is plain as day this person just doesn't like you.

Im sorry you may not want to hear this but child it's okay to get your groove back. Go be you and live out loud.


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