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Air Sign Weekly Message


KEYWORDS: HR issues, Clerical Issues, Venom, Venom The Movie, Scorpio, Romanticize, Estranged Lover, Odd Request, Shadow Work, Rhythm and Blues.

I don't know who need to hear this indecision is still a decision! ANd someone maybe confused on a choice in love, corntracts, partners, and deals. Somebody needs to take a step back from making moves because a lot of things may be attracted to you or trying to entice you. And some mental confusion comes with this at best and maybe even some drama. Someone may be lying about their zodiac sign so pay attention to that and they have a chemical balance at that. Just know it’s giving office romance down to the movie obsession. I mean all lifetime versions of this movie. You know how the guy ends up being nice to some women and she ends up trying to kill, hurt, or harm your wife. Yes, this is the crazy bessie that is causing problems in your life.

And let me tell you it is easy as hell to get into this drama but it is hard as hell to get out of it. Because you are dealing with someone who likes to throw rocks and hide their hands. This is the analogy of letting sleeping dogs howl at the moon. This means do not go awakening people to the problems who have no intention of solving them. Because this may cause some form of war, chaos, and bring drama starters directly to your door. Because whoever this is like to pick, pick, pick, and pick until you explode and implode. This would the person who would love to see people falling out and having quarrels because they don't have support at this time. So my fellow anxiety lovers and people who are trying to get their life together pick your battles, friends, jobs, and lovers wisely.

Because somebody maybe telling you something but they aren't revealing the full truth. It’s like they are gauging your temperature to see if you are ready to bring it up only to spoon feed you the poison. Now that could be literally or someone trying to play mind games. Because they know that telling you the truth won't hurt you but you not knowing can hurt you as well. Who is this? The riddler or something because they are aggravating at that. Child, let me get into this reading because the message gone be don’t start nothing it won't be nothing. You may think I’m talking about the drama, that too. But no if you were thinking about taking on some burden of another map it out and get your schedule together because you’ll be all out of sorts.

Remember all message may or may nor fit. Glip the roles if they apply. Remember this is the Element of Air which is (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius.)

LIBRA: Who has a Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio moon, rising and ascendant. You need to check your birth chart. I don't know what is going on but it’s something about those houses and not the transits. They doing numbers at this time so it maybe a lot of squares going on at this time especially with Urnaus and you may not be getting along with a lot of people at this time. It’s giving mood killer and you needing a long cigarette break if you know what I mean. Something just a little bit of CBD and THC in it. Mmm hhmm. Light as a feather and stiff as a board is the mood for the week. The spirit of Horton Hears a Who is something that is going! And this is like walking on a mind field and not knowing which one is going to explode. Someone may have to check their intentions because Ma’at is present at this time. What is it that you need to release for good? Is it self hate, envy, jealousy, pride, gluttony, selfish ways, ego, always benign right, or lack of fun? Heavy on the introspection because someone hasn’t been so nice in the eyes of Santa Claus thats all ima say.

Somebody has been keeping secrets and money and lying about it too. This could be someone playing an escape, having an exit plan , or secret trips wink, wink. Right,? This may be someone who has went on down to the free clinic and had an abortion because someone didn't want to have a child only to pop up with one. In the belly or a literal child that is 7 months, 7 years, 7 weeks, or 7 days old. This your story not mines and this is someone that knows you are going to bug leagues. Someone knows there is a check that is coming in and they are doing anything to get it. For others they see you moving on and they have to think fast when it comes to being calculated at this time. And for others I'm hearing they may not even be pregnant or by you! Aww, as the audience said. Virgin River type teas that lady just wanted to give that man hell because he finally found love. And she knew she was a burden too and knowing he would do anything for his kids.

Boy, by the way I’m mad because I want to know if the child is Jacks? Nevermind lets get back on subject. A lien may have been placed on a property of yours because the government has been looking for you i.e, Uncle Sam. Someone obtained a house illegally only to go and get a loan and mortgage out the house. Yikes, and they are saying the property isn’t liveable in it. I see some people with mask and white suits on. Child, good luck with that. I’m gone.

GEMINI: Why I wanted to call you Scorpio but the art of miscommunication is prevalent at this time. So, I’m hearing watch your words because you don't want to say the wrong thing or reveal something to the wrong person. Because Judgement is in the air not the clarity or endings but people who maybe side eyeing the shit out you for the things you are saying out of your mouth. It could be comedic flare but someone is like do you need help like seriously? Because you may joking about some form of abuse and people are like what the hell? That's so not cool. It’s like someone may be numb to their environment that maybe a bit desensitized when it comes down to certain issues. It’s liek someone is joking about domestic violence and not ragging on the victims but more like if your nigga dont put they hands on you they reakky dont love you type teas.

Like ma’am, sir after the age of 25 tussling and getting into scuffles over a lover is so not cute. Only if you have to protect someone but someone thinks that this is funny. Now, keep in mind your relationship is your relationship but don’t have people out here helping you knowing damn well you like the toxic behavior someone exudes. Because of how your mind is set up only to get some form of rewards or fake sympathy. Because this may be what a person is trying to do or has done for money. And some of y’all is going to feel like a damn fool when you recognize this person played you so bad. They made someone out to be an abuser because they wanted money. I said don’t start none because it will be nothing you can gain from this.

AQUARIUS: You have and old message I have to find that is coming up at this time.Ima link it below. I paused to look for it and why that shit not popping up because of distractions I tell you. If I find it I will plug it for you. But it was a message about Hansel and Gretel and someone living in an alternate reality. Someone maybe in the energy of delusion and not the good kind. It is based on the movie Stepford Wives. Where the women are supposed to be perfect but they are robots. I don’t know if someone is sociopathic and they are mirroring your needs. You may think that this person is what you need, but you have a mother figure who sees through this person's charades and they want to expose this woman for who she is. It is like Phineas and Ferb but your mother is Candice and sometimes Candice did go too far in some stances.

But it's like this person has the mental capacity to woo anybody but the glamor, spell work, and vampiristic shit isn’t working on this person. And that is going to be the reason someone comes undone because whoever this is, is sire bonded to this person and baby you are breaking that spell of illusion that was placed on this person. And she is mad as hell because that influence and power she wields isn’t working anymore. She may even want to fight, hurt, or even damage something of yours. Some of y’all you helped thai person make a clear decision and she didn't ask for your help. Ima keep it bean for some this your mother and she mad that you are becoming a man. She was your bully and lover. Not in a incest way but she always came first and you always confided into her so she hasn’t been taking this with ease.

Because I can see clearly now the rain is gone. So, if you want to have peaceful holidays you may have to appease mommy dearest for those that are not in a relationship. And when I say appease, you might have to bite your tongue some days. Because they will bring up the fact that you cut them off and y’all fell out over and over again. It’s to show off in front of people but for some you are taking it personally because it makes you look bad. So a chilled response will help with the situation without acting in spite for spite energy. So, it maybe time to take mom out for lunch and have a heart to heart conversation so you can see what is needed to get her to change her response towards you and honor your emotional needs as well. Or you maybe missing from Thanksgiving and Christmas from now on. Good Luck with that. Keep me updated.


And before you ask, I don’t know nothing about no damn astrology, just the houses, not the degrees, squares, and trines. Sorry, i’m learning though. Wish me luck.


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