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Adjusting To Time

Adjusting To Time:

As the seasons change make sure that you are beings realistic about where you are. I know Christmas is around the corner and the holidays spirit doesn’t seems to be hitting like it used too. Maybe it’s the melatonin that’s being sprayed in the air or just the heavy nostalgic feelings that we are yearning for at this time. To make better decisions, to choose a different job, fall in love again, and basically going backwards in time to relive moments that was once pleasing to the soul. And for others it maybe revisiting the saddest moments of your life and how they psychological affected you making you wish it ever a time that existed.

This is national suicide awareness month you can reach out to a friend when you are feeling lonely. You don’t have wait until mania kicks in to reach out and you don't have to have some form of mental illness to need some form of support. Now for my niggas in the group chat that's gone be mad about people not being responsive to you, you also to be aware of what you put into those connections. Did you value them properly? Did you base the connections you have with them off of superficial beliefs? Are these people really your friend? Are you truly a good friend? Are you a confidant? Are you a safe place? Do you always need consoling? Do you listen? Do you take advice? Are you selfish? And are you a good friend?

If you know the answers to these questions then you have probably solved all your issues and didn’t know it. Because when we find ourselves feeling low, we normally reach out and make connections with people who can’t do nothing for us because they don’t know us. Or we take much and give too little and my favorite one is the expectant. The person who always want something for nothing. You know the friend that always call with the problems and bullshit, but you never can get a word in edge wise to the point you dampen your own voice because it seems as if their needs matter more than yours? Or you just typically don’t say anything because you feel as if they don’t even care about you because they are too busy running their mouth.

Keep in mind we are all are human but a simple reading the room can tell you a lot about your needs at the time. Some people can talk about the energy was off but never stop and pay attention to who left, what is present, who was around at the time, or where is there focus. Now if you are dealing with busy people you might have to seek out time from them in a more secluded manner or basically stating what it is you need upfront instead of being bashful about it. Naturally when someone is accustomed to working in a high-volume environment, they are able to access your need, it's just marking out the time. Now for you selfish folks who are energy vampires and running low on friends and trying to find a way to seek companionship take that shit up with Jesus we don’t care. It might be time for you to sit in the mess you have created we tired boss especially these spell casting as hoes.


Now normally most people want to reach out because of the holidays to lighten their spirits due to lack of companionship they have which I am all for it. But without cognizance you can throw off your whole path by fucking with the wrong person. Holidays tend to bring out the worst and the best of us at times. When we always tend to set these outlandish goals that we know we may or may not be ready to accomplish. Sometimes your still in the thought process where you're going back and forth on the idea before you set into that new membership, sign up for palliates, taking a pottery class, and starting to fix things that should've been done. Sometimes we pick up other emotional habits when want to avoid what is going on at the present time.

I mean think about it you have washed clothes sat them in the chair with the goal to fold them but you never get around to it. (mouths me either). Then one day your mom wants you to do something that seems to inconvenience you, you come up with many different ways to fold those clothes. Sometimes we want to get out of an emotional safe space but at the same not wanting to change how we get to our emotional safe place. Sometimes comfort can be our worst enemy because it can breed procrastination, stagnancy, laziness, and a depressing of emotions. So, it’s like happiness seems to find us once or twice in a month when in reality we want to experience it on many occasions without the need of constantly going to parties, drinking to numb pain, smoking to stay alive, and being around friends all the time to avoid being alone.

I just wanted to say what is it that you need? Do you know and are you genuinely interested in changing or you're in paragraph two phase? Where your just accessing things and you like the idea of change but if you meet people who have your old emotional patterning you would gladly throw away wanting to change in a minute. Which is perfectly fine but it also can teach you to be honest about the things you want without having to manipulate, lie, cheat, steal, or avoid things to get what it is that you want.


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