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Acceptance is a drug that many people fail to take because it falls in the realm of accountability, responsibility, and change. Most people fail to recognize this because they become so focused on the outcome or the action that was taken before the realize what has happened. For many people they think acceptance always fall into the category of being like by people, being noticed, and some sort of shine. But what about when we don’t accept that a chapter of our lives is over that it does not require resuscitation and that is something we all struggle with. It is easy to leave something alone when it no longer has a meaning in your life, but it becomes a problem when it servES us at some point in time.

We go off and repeat toxic cycles in love, life, career, goals, and even hobbies sometimes to our own detriment. Because in order to begin something a new it requires and honesty from a person saying that I can no longer do this. Think about an addict, do you think they wanted to become one? Nope, they just went with the high and what came with that high was life, quarrels, lack of stability, losing focus, and even themselves. But they never stop to accept they were an addict they knew they were addicted to some substance, person, food, or thing but never did they identify with being an addict. Because what comes with acceptance is the problems, they avoid like us workaholics who say we working to provide when really aren’t comfortable with our home, ourselves, or where we are in life. Because these worldly outlets become vices that is used to control or suppress the man. And when I say man, I am talking about he, she, they, them, or we.

See acceptance is getting to the root of the problem to get an actual solution on a situation even the person wants the help or not. We often plague ourselves with solutions after someone has finally moved on or has accepted their fate or consequences to their actions. Whether that person decides to give up or give in to hope and change. It isn’t out job to change or fix someone, but we have too many people calling themselves fixers in situations that they’ve created. As a generational curse breaker, I had to come to acceptance on a lot of things. Like I didn’t get the love I needed as a little girl, I didn’t know much about sex, I didn’t know much about boys, money, goals, how to achieve them, that my family was a mess, I was born in the matrix against my will, and how to change. These were things that plague me and also humankind I also had to know when to wash my hands with people because when I wash my hands Jesus himself can’t change it.

Even if I identify as healer, I still have MY toxic traits too. I don’t pretend to be anything I’m not. I learned over time to voice opinions in a matter and to people who cared and the ones who don’t my shadow taught me to say FORGET THEM! I was fina say ‘FUCK THEM”, but I’m classy today says the two-week-old stale bun that has been on my head. But that isn’t the point I’m trying to make here if I didn’t never come to terms with a lot of things in my life, I never would’ve faced the music. I never would’ve cried when I was hurt, I never would’ve screamed when I was angry or excited, I never would’ve smiled because it was genuine, and I wouldn’t know genuine happiness if I never would’ve come to terms with that, I AM humanly flawed. Perfect is a concept that I don’t aspire to be because it comes with too much pressure. That means I wouldn’t be able to make mistakes not purposely but give myself room to grieve who I was to become who I am now.

The evolving being that is living in a world where a cheeseburger went form a $1.00 to $2.19 ain’t that some shit. I wrote all this to say that change doesn’t come over night nor does acceptance have you ever found yourself arguing with an earth sign or some born in the 1960’s and down. Child, you might as well cue in the depression, sleepiness nights, fatigued, and stress weight or weight loss. You can get started whenever you choose too but don’t get mad when you feel that people are ahead of you. This your life don’t go around envying somebody else’s lifestyle that you probably wouldn’t want or even handle. Shit, I ask myself how the fuck am I clinically sane with all the shit I have to put up with. Just remember you gotta start somewhere whether it be working on your finances, lifestyle choices, eating better, picking better spouses, better friends, or even another religion or belief system.


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