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A Narcissists Paradigm

A Narcissist Paradigm

After a few days of pondering over somethings I said to myself why bother. It’s not like you giving up and giving them power but it’s the fact that they be acting like they really listening and care about your feelings. I mean it’s funny but at the same time it's not because they are going to do what they want to do anyway. It’s all about the show for them long as they can show some form of humility around those who are watching they will forever fool you. Them motherfuckers be so manipulative that it makes no sense. I mean in a world where negativity exist all the time it’s hard to spot the real from the fakes because social media is all about illusions. So, these fuckers are finding it easy to hide in plain sight and push these agendas.

I mean when you are emotionally over it and go no contact, grey rock method, and basically stop reacting to their bullshit that is when you should talk it out. I mean didn’t you talk about it when you cried about it, explained how it emotionally affected you, and how you didn’t like it. But at the same time, they turned around and did it anyway like fuck yo life bitch you don’t matter. Then have the audacity to try to go off and collect people to go along with their agenda like they matter more. I mean I don’t know who's more fucked up in this scenario the people who listen to this shit and don’t see that this fucktard is a selfish piece of shit or the actually narcissist thinking that maybe this time they’ll have some affect. If you don’t want you why the fuck would someone else want you. “I MEAN THAT FOR NARCS, ABUSER, AND ASSHOLES ONLY!”

Now, for you people who believe narcissist can change overnight I would like to say fairytales do exist but just not in the fucking book I'm writing right now especially about a narc. I don’t know why people have glamorized this Beauty and The Beast paradigm as if it is a love story. Now I know in the original story he was an outcast, shunned, and went to go live alone but Beauty did go over there fucking with that nigga. People knew to leave his ass alone but this isn't the case. I have seen so many people victimize people with their own words, actions, and emotions and turn around play as if they have done nothing. If you follow me on YouTube, you know how I feel about them damn reconciliation I can live without them motherfuckers.

I mean at times if you ain’t spiritually grounded and tapped in you’ll think the Divine sent people your way when actual reality you just wanted this person to come back. Or you were lonely and searching for something/someone that could help you emotionally avoid what is going on at the time. The way people been practicing magic, doing divination on other people, and trying to make tarot readings come true baby it’s all a ploy to get you to give up on your faith. Even the Antichrist knows God is real this why they go so far in trying to break your faith. But one thing for sure and two things for show a narcissist isn't going to stop until you call them you. Now calling them out doesn’t always have to be a verbal showdown or a physical fight. It's exposing who they are so they can back the fuck off you.

See they put up this mask and a façade that they don’t want people to know who they truly are when they actually do because they wouldn’t leave a trial of broken hearts. I am not talking about love I am talking about people whom have come in contact with them under the guise of thinking this is my friend, coworker, boss, lover, mom, dad, family, and etc. If you didn’t want people to know then why do you do things in a manner for people to find out. All it takes is the right moment, courage, and truth to break or expose a narcissist. Some people wait years to get their karma back on individuals which I do believe a good grudge is healthy every now and then. Then you have people who do it then and now. Some people you don’t get back at you just let life handle them because you know eventually, they can’t out beat the clock of karma.

It's funny how people don’t believe such a thing is real until they are on the side of what they dished out and did to you. I do believe in most cases that some of y’all be holding people karma up because you fight too hard to stay, not heal, or even get out the way for your justice to come in. And trust I know karma be waiting on the sideline for certain individuals because sometimes she is chaos and what come with chaos is a great storm that is bound to happen. It is like a drug lord, king pin, or evil villain placing a child in front of him to take his wounds because he is too scared to take his dose of the mess he created. I know a thing or two about karma waiting on certain folks and you stopping what's coming to them because I am experiencing that now. I live in the most fucked up situation as we speak with family.

You would think I was murder, a rapist, or abuser the way I get treated and have gotten treated while dealing with these folks. My ex, foes, abusers, and enemies get more love than me because I don’t allow them to run me. It's crazy how I have been vilified for shit I didn’t do like these people where skilled because all the meanwhile their sullying my name. While I'm on the sideline licking the glass window acting an ass and they whole M.O was to get me. To make me feel the pain they feel, to feel as if I don’t deserve love, to be free, to happy, to heal, to love, and just change and control my own narrative. Parents, family, and friends I tell you we can leave without them. This is why I am very fond of meeting new people and exploring what life has to offer because if you sit still long enough, you’ll hear death repeating all the dreams of those that was once killed by doubt.

But it's crazy the entitlement they have by wanting to be seen first, acknowledged first, and forgiven of their wrong doings but never apologize to the ones they hurt. Why y’all be giving these people the attention that it is they need. A narcissist is weak without a victim they cannot survive alone. They aren’t made to do this, this is why the Divine plagues them with guilt, agony, and sorrow because they think they can control and manipulate you. For my people with narc parents what happened the first time you told them no. They just kept insisting for you to do it because they love you because you’re their daughter or son. You know the whole I love you I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you but they continually do everything to hurt you or disregard your feelings. All in the name of being a sorry ass fucking parent.

Like nobody ask them to be a parent, they could've given you up, aborted you, or allowed someone else to adopt you. But that pride be something else when people want to look as if they have it all together for the outside world. Parents I tell you have this whole life shit fucked up that’s why we be fucked up because they fucked up. It's like who's going to challenge the narrative and say enough, I don’t want to be like you, and I don’t like the way being around you has made me feel. I digress because the power of narcissist starts in the mind and the stronghold, they think they have on you is what limits you. This is why we be scared to live, to breath, to be free, and just fucking exist. I could give two shits less about my parents and wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep.

That isn't a trauma response this is my reality because the dangerous, vile shit they have put me and my child through I wouldn’t dare wish that on my bloodline. But you have to recognize sometimes they ain’t family they were just portals that created an entry way for you to get to earth, to exist. I had a lot on my mind and I thought to myself how they be wanting you to repeat yourself and plead your case like you aren’t sovereign ruler over your own life. I mean the shit people do to keep that tittle of being a parent, lover, and friend is quite trashy to me. Do yourself a favor and say this fuck this shit and shake your head because some people are just going to be people. Don’t allow people to create their own story in a book where you are the author. #PHUCKEM! So, you get to decide to what stays in goes, take your power back.


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