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A Conversation about Privacy in Relationships

Privacy in a relationship is the most unsought after things now and days. I mean its cool to want to show off your boo but to the point I have to keep you updated on whole my love life and career is blatantly asking for too much. I mean after us doing the whole meeting your parents and my friends getting to know you where the fuck does social media come in at. They ain’t put up with no arguments and miscommunications and me wanting to leave the relationship.

I mean that wave of reality tv couples have went through their fair share of troubles and blogs following their relationship closer than their kid’s homework. Speaking of it I need to make sure my child does his extra credit, but I also believe it actual schoolwork. This nigga be lying so much but its neither here nor there.

I was talking to a friend about why I wouldn’t rehash an old fling out with a person because every argument or miscommunication was through the internet. I am not a fan of me and a person dating, and the internet is running our relationship. Now I’m not talking about those socialite couples that are on Tik Tok, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat.

I mean you know the person that you see on online and having a good time and they spouse come along and being the damn fun police. I mean if you had a following on social media and people didn’t know you in real life just know then this, ain’t the motherfucker that you would want to live that out with. This nigga would blatantly get on social media and try to embarrass the person he with and get mad when folks talk about him for dating such trash.

Yes, that’s the type of mother fucker this inidivual is and its quite toxic as hell. Preferably after a certain age that shit should be cut out after the age of 25 that’s just me though. So, for me being all on the net telling you the nigga at I’m choosing on no ma’am. He’s going to have to court me and when I say court I’m talking about where we are just old school getting to know each other and dating.

Now I am far from shy at all and I ain’t of none shame but when you date or court someone who desires to be wooed by social media that is a dangerous game. I mean for years I was in a long-term relationship and people barely knew what we had going on. I’m more of the you wouldn’t know if I was single but if I wasn’t I damn sure wasn’t going to talk to you. Now because this individual likes to rally up the troops and to seek sympathy from the collective of people. Let’s just say moving on ain’t been easy.

I don’t think they know how narcissistic it is. I mean that is emotional blackmail at its finest because if you say I don’t like or want to talk to someone that is your right. You don’t have to be told why you should because your preference is your preference. But for me the thing I couldn’t get over is how someone can lie and say they loved me or loved parts of me and don’t even know my damn love language.

Eww, like just thinking about it the nigga is full of shit and always in somebody else’s business. I mean he is the worst type of nigga to date you can be into it with your mama and this nigga will be trying to make sure your mama straight. I could see if the mom reached out but that don’t mean run your damn mouth. I think most spouses’ problems is because they view people who are old in age as having wisdom. When I beg to differ.

But for me as the conversation was ending, I was talking about how I don’t like it when a man talks about what we have going on outside of the home. Now I’m not talking about frivolous things but serious topics, like telling your home boys what we do for as sex, and how much money we are making. I mean those are that fastest way to keep people in your business. And I like to keep shit lowkey call me FAFSA because you don’t know where the money come from but it’s always available if you need it. That’s how I like my lovers.

But this day and age everybody wants to preach loyalty, family, and friends but when it comes to you and your mental health, emotional, spiritual, physically, and marital well being where all these niggas at. I mean they ain’t nowhere to be found. So, what if you wanted to take that toxic as ex back for 15th time that’s your choice. But sometimes you can get on people nerves when yall constantly arguing and making up to break up.

I mean damn folks get tired of hearing all the bad they want to hear the good too I mean you can’t get mad when your friends start to cut you off. Because if the only time they see or hear from you is when you and your lover are going through it just know they about to cut yo ass off. I mean I would, and I have gotten cut off.

But not to the point of where you have to be commenting on unnecessary ass post and shading each other when you could just pick up the phone and call and I know sometimes that don’t work sometimes you just have to cut some people off. I mean no harm no foul right.

I just want to say be mindful of who you date I mean people be worried about who somebody has had sex with versus was it consensual or are they mouthy. I mean pregnancy aren’t to be announced until they make it past the second trimester so why do people feel the need to put people in their business. You might say well you are telling us your business right now.

Ask yourself do you know their government names, how old they are, what exactly do they look like, where do they work, what’s their social media pages, and how many kids they have. And shut up if you from the other project I’m locked in because if you haven’t seen or talked to him you still don’t know even if he exists right. This could all a figment of my imagination. Nall it ain’t baby that pain I have been through will blow your socks off. If I could do like the wolfs and let you feel all the pain, I have been through you would probably be crying.

But toughen up boys and gals I just wanted to say too many mouths and not enough food can ruin a dinner.

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