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A Blast From The Past

Earlier I reverted y’all to a video that I posted and thought to myself got to be quicker than that. I deleted that shit so fast because that Gemini wasn’t fina make some shit up off that, come up with your own content. The video was talking about the collective consciousness emotional blindfold they have own right now. How we have been exposed to things that could be harmful to we are. How hanging around the wrong people can be detrimental to our life path. How we stay in stay in toxic situations a little bit longer instead of moving forward in our life. How fear keeps us captive an unable to say that hurts, I’m scared, you hurt me, or your no good for me.

If you read my message, I posted yesterday we talked about the drama bonding queen and kings who go around projecting and pushing their hurt onto other people because they are too scared to face, they own pain. And in the reading, there was a message on how some people were going through karma from the consequences of their actions. The battle was more internal than external. It plagued me how that messaged lined up to the now but it's possible because those messages are timeless. I tell y’all that all the time when you watching tarot videos it may not relate to your now because one it isn't supposed to happen to you or it’s not for you. Other times it maybe but you haven't accumulated enough actions to reach that point. It also talked about how the collective has switched idols that keep them from doing the work.

Say for instance if I was waiting on you to pray for me all the time, light a candle for me, or give me guidance. In some cases that is fine but in the wrong hands you are allowing someone to control or manipulate you to their benefit and true spirituality isn’t about that. It is about the ego and man being able to coexist in the same place. You see this by the teaching some people have and their ability to be fearmonger all the time. Yes, spirituality can be scary because who knows what God, Source, or even the Universe is telling you. It is not my job to fact check your dealings, it is only my job to be responsible for my faith and where I place it. And some people can’t face the music of that because if you believe something is nudging you to be a better person, I will salute to that. I’m not a dream crusher because I don’t reside on that plane with other folks.

It's toxic, vile, and narcissistic something that isn't of this world and something I don’t want to be a part of. The message also highlighted contracts, negations, and financial decisions. How some people upgrade wasn’t going to be so liked because it would expose your true enemies who have been hiding in disguise. The mask was falling baby and some people was so focused on making you fall that they forget their true face was showing. It also highlighted how hard it was to get someone to see the emotional pain they put you through I kept repeating that shit in that reading it was annoying. And if anybody knows me, I hate repeating myself because either you ain’t listening, you don’t want to communicate you don’t understand, or you just don’t care.

I asked myself after that reading what was the point of this which it highlighted ancestral work, inner child, and root chakra work in a very descriptive way which we post over here. But it felt like a person who was unable to describe the pain they have felt so they keep holding onto to what sounds fucked to get the emotional response that they need from people. Cause after three decks the 6 of cups came out every time if that’s not someone stuck in a time loop or caught up on the past, I don’t know what to tell you. Magic came up too as always, the people who use spell work for everything but can't heal, teach, or love. But they sholl know how to make a plea or cast all the time. At this point some people are just looking for a will to live an they’ll do it by any means necessary.

It basically exposed all of your damn enemies' friends, career, and lovers. I said oh wee this is about to be crazy because it was some truths that some of y’all wouldn’t like to accept. I tried to get to the reason of why they do or did what they did but they didn’t care simple jealously, inner child wounding, and money. It may seem like bullshit but in the matrix, you gone learn that its only two things' people care about self and how they look towards other people. It may seem harsh but sometime some people don’t think about the things they do because they are so focused on the end goal which is what they can obtain out of it. Nine times out ten while you're navigating this human experience your bound to learn that some shit don’t even be about you it really about them.

Think about that bully who used to be so mean in school and now they are all humble, married with kid, loving, a preacher, a salesman, or even spiritualist. You’ll be mind blown like what the fuck you used to be an asshole what happen and the first thing they say is man I don’t even know what I was own. For some they do this as a ploy to keep your close for others they just didn’t know no damn better so they had to go off and evolve to be a better person for themselves. Some people do have a conscious you know they just don’t show you what keeps them up at night. Distance really does wonders for you when you're trying to change some people can't change in the same environment. Because those people may be the trigger to breaking their healing. Keeping them to remain the same unable to see life different.

All I can say is I tried to go back and look at some things and see if people were willing to admit or acknowledge their wrongdoing they wasn’t going to. I know it may suck for you on your healing journey but at least you got the truth for now so you can be able to move forward in life. Other things probably will come up along the way for you to address but the time is now to focus on what you can do now. Don't overwhelm yourself what you can’t just acknowledge what you can.


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