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Welp, Virgo season is almost over, and I forgot to tell y’all to stay protected in this season. Now granted that this season is almost over but that doesn’t mean you have to avoid doing protection work. Keep in mind protection work isn’t always casting up some spell it could be blocking, muting trigger words, not engaging in fights, avoiding things, place, and people who affect your peace. Trusting your gut and intuition can help you save some time and energy away from things that may not serve you. This season has been tricky to navigate, and it was supposed to be peaceful but for some it isn’t.

Because cutting out the nouns can be hard when we have routine in how we do certain things with people. Let’s just say going into hermit mode wasn’t so easy for some and while for some hermit mode was an excuse to use, to not face accountability. Because if you have been dealing with emotional setbacks, drama, fallouts, and uneasiness let’s just say trying to handle a situation amicably has been the hardest. And for some that hasn’t been easy because when you have unfinished business it tends to spill over in your personal affairs.

I know I’m late with this information, but the girls have been out here casting and trying to cause spiritual blocks for me all over some man I don’t want. Like sweetie he doesn’t even want you so settle down, why you got all this animosity over someone whose use sex as an coping mechanism for hidden trauma. That’s so third grade, if women could stand together toxicity like this wouldn’t wreak havoc on the collective. Baby one things I’m not gone do is fight over a man that said he don’t want me or even care about me. Now if he treats me right and feel like you trying to poach him or something I might act a little ignorant every now and again.

Shit the girls be acting like a good man is easy to fine. So, when you see a nigga that keep up mess baby you treat that nigga like a throw away it’s another thing for me to be a damn fool, but when you know ima damn fool Houston we have problem. How did we get here, screams! We suppose to be talking about protecting yourself. Okay I’m back but make sure you not spiritually consenting to be emotional violated and to be taken advantage of. I have seen a lot of people fall off the wagon because they’ve chose drama or didn’t know how to manage spirituality and practicality.

In the spiritual sense it caused some to go off and do magic with people they had no business with even on a personal level. Because some of the girls be using dark magic ain’t nothing about them spiritual child they just spirits and let them lower spirts use them. Some found out the hard way when they felt throwed off, depressed, aura open, chakra blockages, and veil leakages. Me thinking to myself like the hell is this fool doing, have y’all not seen the craft. There are plenty of people online who offer classes to show you how you open them portals and close them portals. Magic isn’t always about what you can get from it all the time sometimes it’s what it can get from you as well. Especially when you don’t know the realm of user guidelines.

Just because so and so did it doesn’t mean that it’s for you. Sometimes you’re protected different, the person you see causing magical harm rarely at time get they karma and your guides be disappointed in you. Why you think you’re your suffrage is different from them, and it seems like they always get away with s***. Boy, they be suffering in silence that pride be too loud for them to admit they made a mistake so instead of showing you they don’t know how to fix it. They’ll rather let you believe that what you are doing is okay because what’s better being in misery having someone who is there right along with them.

Sometimes some people don’t want you around because you’re a nice person or have some radiant light about you it’s because they don’t want to suffer alone. True story you don’t know how many times as a child I got lied on because they knew I wouldn’t snitch so; they took my silence as loyalty when it really created resentment. In my head I say TO HELL WITH SHIT IN A BRITISH ACCENT at least five times a day. It keeps me sane and grounded at the same time because that old hoe which was me. She put up with too much shit and it made me believe that what I was asking for was too much.

And at once upon a time, it made me feel like the things I ask for now was worth a million dollars. Child, all I really ask for is discretion, peace, loyalty, respect, and reciprocity. I had to learn that if someone couldn’t give me what I needed they weren’t bad people they just weren’t my people. No matter if they could’ve, it isn’t my job to dictate how someone is supposed to love me, support me, or show up for me. Baby that isn’t love that’s abuse and many people fail to recognize this. Whether it is enteral or external, you making someone love you or understand you is a violating their free will.

All ima say is this blog started out one way and ended up another way just go along with until it makes sense. I titled it welp so there is no way you knew what you were getting. tata


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