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5 of Cups

Grief can be a tricky thing because one day we can be ok and the next day we can find ourselves tumbling down hill to a place of unwanted and unprocessed emotions. But what do you do? Do you stay stuck in them or avoid them with vices?

If you notice the picture, you see a woman in a body of water representing the 5 of cups and in the image you see the cups every where which is the imagery of her emotions.

But they all lead to what she is in and that is being grounded in her typical fluctuating emotions. You see her being consoled by animal which if you are going through a tough time studies show that animals and dogs can be greats companions. For me this picture speaks many volumes.

The things she doesn’t say, speaks the most to me because naturally when we are hurting all we want is someone to notice. Not to do anything but just be attentive in the moment. Sometimes there is a place for people to do something and in other times you just want that friend like that lady in the video laying in the rain with her friend.

Not a question asked but just let me be in this moment with you. But what happens when pain is the only emotion a person feels and they don’t know how to move on from it. Do you stay in the battle contemplating the same pain or walk away because you’ve had enough?

The sun is out and people aren’t just feeling this new year and new world era. One for me because its hot ass, hell I didn’t even go to grocery store because I’m not fina square up with the damn sun. She got it because she be can be an energetic life force, but at the same time her strength can even drain the weakest and strongest. Even if she doesn’t want too, it isn’t the same with our emotions and the things we do to our body or allow other people to especially with their projections and false reality.

Because if we go back to the imagery of her pain, she had a chandelier in the middle of woods so she has a light even her darkest hour. But at the same time if someone isn’t understanding of the human emotions, they wouldn’t know how to help her save herself. Normally in tarot you usually see two cups in the back and three in front with someone staring at them. Because usually we lose our focus when we stay focused on the things that no longer serve us. In a world where self-healing is highlighted it can be dangerous for people who don’t know how to help people navigate certain wounds.

Because we can find ourselves in the negatives of number 6 where we can become forceful and end up trying to take away someone’s power unconsciously. This is why I don’t let everybody pray for me and let everybody prediction hold value over my life.

Because sometimes they may see your pain as weakness and by them trying to help you become strength, they can also devalue you in the process.

If you see in the picture, she has her loyal spirit animal so if something or someone is validating those emotions, she will stay loyal to the pain because she has someone to share that pain with. Been there done that and don’t want to go back, but I understand the value of trauma bonded relationships. Because in normal tarot you see there, they have people waiting on them to notice them or their emotions that we don’t face at the time.

Because staying in one pain sometimes can be greater than experiencing the new. This is why you see so many people collective wise going off opening up wounds or joining forces with people who mean them no good. Cause instead of facing the matter of situation they opt out of the chance to get to know the core value of the reason why they do what they do. Even if it hurts you.

I said the number 2 years was going to highlight our inner narcissism and that all starts with how we cope and deal with our emotional matters. Think about it the collective of people has been having conflict resolution problems because we have those who act like their problems are greater than others. When the truth of the matter we all have them and not so fond of dealing with them. So, we find ourselves aligning with emotions that aren’t going to serve us in the next 5 to ten years. Because the pain we face today is usually suppressed with something we feel that is good at the time until it brings us a heap of new pain.

It’s funny how that whole cycle of life can be created and destroyed within minutes, but still be lived out in eternity and our day to day lives. I had to learn the hard way that it was okay to cry, to succumb to the pain, to feel weak, to be strong, to grow, to say stuck, and then have the courage to move on emotionally to my needs. Without it being validate by pain and outside influences who feel they have control over my emotions.

Isn’t funny how we all can’t wait to be grown to do what makes us happy but we never do it because it’s always dictated off of what our parents did or did not do. I know I just got an ah ha from somebody. And I don’t mean going against the grain to piss a parent off, but the little things we were curious about that brung us pain. Because we fail to recognize that we are sovereign ruler over our minds, bodies, and heart no matter how somebody else may feel.

So, if you see me cussing somebody out it’s because they be trying to be slick and when they waste that oil on them and slide into some bullshit I be like that’s what you ass get. Like every black mama that told them to stop doing shit but they so hard headed and did it anyway. Chile, whew that’s a little personal let me get back on track.

But I wrote all this to say are you aware of your emotions and how they have a greater impact on you and those around you. Because I remember I told y’all a little while ago that those suffer with some form of mental illness or slight symptom can be the manipulator or the manipulatee. And I know that ain’t a word but go with it. We live in world we are supposed to keep track of everybody but ourselves and at this moment I’m navigating murky waters.

I think when retrograde leaves this time I’m going to throw a party to see it ass leave why because retrograde ain’t been bad for me it’s this one person that I been cut the cord on. Child, every time a certain time come around, he wants to do all this DAMN heart chakra work. And this nigga stay trying to pull me back with him and it makes me so aggressive. Because not only could the nigga deliver on the things, I need now this nigga want me to go down an emotional rabbit hole with him.

Mufasa's push is what I am doing right now, sorry “THOUGHT YOU HAD A FRIEND”! I know that’s mean, but child if y’all only knew the hardships I truly experienced you would say that’s nice. Because I know some people who are way worse than me when it comes to wanting revenge. Because once you go off getting revenge you have to adhere to the emotions before and after the situation. Cause society tell us that it’s going to make us feel good in the moment, but if that pain resurfaces all the things you did is going to come bubbling to the surface. To face the same problems, same emotions, and situations again. Karmic right.

So, flow through your emotions make peace with the things you can’t change, do the work, stay to the course, follow your path, and recover who you really are while you’re in pain. I don’t know a person who has overcame hardships with ease, especially when it’s a battle between the mind and the heart.


Artist for the picture of the 5 of cups is:

Everything is me baby!

Signed Somebodies Future Baby Mama,

Also I would like to add in a healthy co-parenting dynamic if the relationship don’t work out because I don’t need the stress of cussing you out everyday. We breaking ancestral bondage not creating it. Now again ima tell y’all…..


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