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2 Years of Constant Betrayal


It's sad how a rape victim this day and age don’t get to be a rape victim in a sense that shit has been come so desensitized and glorified in a sense that it should be studied. How someone can have money or power that it seems as if they misdealing's get swept up under the rug. And the other sad part is how women who sit around and know this shit happens, but succumb other people to a life style that causes them pain. Since COVID happened there have been a lot of people being sex trafficked, raped, and sold all for money and the victims whom have experienced this has pushed other victims to go through this. They don't stop and think about their consequences they just have become a prisoner to their trauma that they think this is okay for others to go through this.

In the black community we are supposed to shut the FUCK AND GO on by our day and just exist because we don’t want to speak fear in other people. But you beat your daughters, call them fast, teach them no self-defense, and tell them to close their legs because it’s rapist out here. Well, stop housing them, feeding, and clothing them and start teaching people the value of consent. Ever since COVID has happened I have had the unthinkable happen to me all the meanwhile where I'm supposed to be safe has tuned into a fucking nightmare. Outside of my mom starting a sex trafficking ring, my dad being a sellout, his alleged wife stealing my money, being set up for robbery because people broke, and my coke head ass sister trying to fit in with fucking high rollers who is ruining everybody life's. All because mommy and daddy didn’t come to the rescue.

You guys know I have been honest with you guys on my walk with healing, growing, and spirituality but when your family and fake ass friends become a threat to your sanity is where I draw the line. I have never known so many people who hearts are filled with hate that they will do anything for money even allow they own to be set up because they have yet found what makes them beautiful. People think because I go viral or my content is always flooding your timelines that I possible sold my soul or fucked to get on when it is the complete opposite. Nope just an entitled as narcissistic ass little boy whose mama didn’t love him enough decided to go off try to ruin someone’s life all with a lie. And it didn’t make it any worsier because if you sit down with any of my family members, they tell you a bunch of lies to go with it but what about that court case though?

I mean it’s sick how your family whom has profited every dime off your name turn around and be so ungrateful like you have never done anything for them. But the moment I want to address my trauma I'm null and void but all you have to be a fucking celebrity with a little piece of change they’ll push any agenda in this house. I mean it’s quite disgusting how they’ll go along with anything and cry themselves to sleep and when guilt hits I'm supposed to feel sorry for motherfuckers who did fucked up shit to me. How sway isn’t the world we live in so beautiful at this time as I say this with the upmost sarcasm? To allowing my fellow Youtubers in this house where I reside to cast black magic every hour of the night, paying for death magic, getting secret insurance policies on me, and oh and the good thing that narcissistic parents do turn your kids against you. YES!

So, some days I don’t have energy to get on here and give y’all the spill, but I been working on my goals to get out of here. It's funny how outsiders do more for you than your own people and I'm okay with because you guys have told me plenty of days how I brighten up your day. Which is perfectly cool with me. So, the days I spend counteracting magical attacks, and setting up booby traps for a bitch because they keep allowing people in my space, and working to get this money so we can go. Is crazy how repetitive this shit is and people say nothing. You may ask why haven’t you left, well when your family decides to make deals with devils and not deliver on them, they cast you out to the pigs' den like you’re the one who need to be sacrificed. But the devils don’t even want me they want them because the devil know I have nothing to give his sorry ass. He can’t control them so what the fuck he gone do with me. Stare at him, I ain’t Persephone! Forced to fall in love with someone who I don’t want, I ain’t taking one for the team. All the hell and black magic they summoned better be enough.

After flagging all the fake pages of Phuck Yo Anxiety, people asking y’all for donation on my behalf lying, and stealing my damn content all the time is quite inhumane to me. I bet they won't post this in the WhatsApp group pretending to be me today. They just expect me to be quiet and sit on the sideline and wait until they think I'm deserving of my shit. Girl, this why I be causing hell in the spirit realm now. I been on a quest to find out if it is possible to reincarnate into a family full of enemies. Because these people have done the most and it is quite disgusting. They are never satisfied, pretend to be me, started doing tarot, grouping up with bitches and niggas who don’t like me, and smearing my name. Like sweetie didn’t I help you land that baller with that secret baby you got that you be depressed over that you can’t post on social media.

Well, technically I didn’t help them half of these people were clients and my family pretended that we had such as great relationship so, they went behind my back trash talking me begging for money and making it seems as if I'm not good enough to work with them. Like what the fuck do they do besides beg, lie, and fuck. Nothing these niggas ain’t nobody. So, the fact that I'm asking for every dime they have stolen back and finally having the courage, proof, and honesty to stand up I'm the enemy. It wouldn’t surprise me if a bitch wasn’t down to the voodoo man right now with a think piece saying I am the problem. Because my parents had one fucking job was to protect their own instead of feeding them to the fucking wolves. So, I may act like everything is okay but deep down inside I be ready to fucking go because they want try to throw the whole, she’s crazy on me. Aht, aht, it's not going to work when y’all have an active court case.

To be honest I think the justice system is shit because these people haven’t really done anything to benefit me yet, it hasn’t been a ruling. But ever since this case has started I have been rapped, tortured, lied, magically attacked, stole from, and the whole nine, and I ask where is my protection. So, I got to do a little coke, pretend to me a victim all the time, and let you boss me around to get saving. Ew, my independence doesn’t like that.

Even women whom have been sexually assaulted sit around and push these agendas for men to get away with this, and I know it may seem trashy to say this but I don’t support every woman with a vagina. They just flesh bags with a pussy and need to purchase a dick with that masculine ass shit. I know this is a lot to digest but if your rapist just happens to fall off the face of the earth, I hope you get the peace you deserve finally. And if your abuser is kin or you were set up in form of trafficking may your soul rest easy because a lot of people got what's coming to them. And to you bitches who be playing on rape victims' heart only to get them set up, y’all are a different type of breed of stupid. I hope you know no peace in any lifetime.




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